A Fairly Feral First Week!

While Flannery carefully  takes down the Christmas tree,DSC05480

I will share some other fabulous felinage with you: Outfit

Behold! Beajay in a fabulous top- those shoes are workin’ for me totally, Ma’am!  This young puma powerhouse is already plotting her second animal make! Holy Siegfried and Roy, Batman! Check out her blog for a full review of the Style Arc Creative Cate top- and then bookmark it- she’s wonderful!!

Meanwhile, in Florida:3-IMG_2503

Do you think I could fit that wall hanging in this cheetah bag? If I sneak into Coco’s Loft, I might try! Look at how adorable! Another animal print mix- with an Amy Butler sling bag- I LOVE IT! Read up on her adventures- you will be glad you did!

Now! I know there are folks out there still not so sure about ‘the wearin’ o’ the pelt prints’, so I will entice  you with a few more inspiring images lifted from  from my Jungle January Mood Board:

Alex Mabille couture..60728294945032044_1guK8Jzi_c

Betsey Johnson39688040435683005_UZvKBVxa_c


Dolce & Gabbanadolce

Give in Ruth…..bend to purring peer pressure!

oh, one more brilliant thing: Jungle January has a flickr group! In my old age I’d like to look back and reflect on how well-dressed my friends were, so please- join and post your cougarous thoughts, leopard longings and finished fabulosity!

Flickr- Jungle January

photo credits: meadhawg, Beajay,Coco, google images, pinterest

38 thoughts on “A Fairly Feral First Week!

  1. Jenny says:

    Oooooh–I like the feathers!
    Hmmm. . . how can I work feathers into a normal outfit. . . ? Methinks a boa is probably not an option.


  2. mrsmole says:

    The Betsy Johnson one looks like a green snake has wrapped itself around her neck and crawled down her arms into her jumpsuit! What is that plastic giant purple Nasturtium necklace doing? Did she just come from out of the Garden of Eden?


  3. M says:

    Oh my GAWD that betsey johnson jumpsuit, I’m DYING. I need it in my life. Maybe I can make a jumpsuit out of my stretch lace zebraaaaa!

    no, i think Im totally committed to making a tube dress. It just makes the most sense.


  4. Gosh, I swear I read somewhere that the designers were looking at a more subtle animal print for the new year…as subtle as a pink leopard mixing it up with a seafoam cheetah. Grrrrrrrr.


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