Jungle January- a Family Affair!


This morning I am thrilled to bring you 2 Moms and their stylish offspring all decked out in animal prints. One is literal  and one is figurative!

Have you met Cari? She hosts the brilliant Cari Homemaker Deserves a cocktail and indeed she does! She not only took the animal challenge but gave us two pieces to enjoy. This is little Gwen-

Gwen skirt back

I know you want to see more- but I insist that you trot over to her blog to see it – it’s adorable and I am envious! Go! Go!  No! Wait- finish reading this, then Go!   I’ll let you see Mom, tho-  dig the red accessories it is love- just love for me. I love her  post! My skirt, best shot

Thank you Cari and  Gwen- I think your January is off to a purringly fabulous start! bambi mother

You know I’m totally thrilled to get to use these Disney Mother/Child shots- indulge me, you know I’m a mouse dork! mrs jumbo

Hmm, I can’t find a picture of Simba- any help out there? Ah, thank you Kat! tiger_statue

Now Kat wasn’t sure that this counted as animal print, but I believe it does- don’t you? Animal print has a whimsy element for me and this nails it! I bring you, Kat and Drake– in a Zoo Tribute combo! Go see the rest of the post– Kat used a vintage pattern and it’s a winner! shorts_front

Ladies, and younger gentleman, I thank you for your efforts- you all look amazing. You have Flannery’s approval.


photo credits: Kat, Cari, google images, Disnerd Adventures

36 thoughts on “Jungle January- a Family Affair!

  1. Adorable! That’s all I can say – adorable.

    I don’t have any animal prints in my stash. They’re not really my cup o’ tea. I have been known to sew bugs though, and once, dinosaurs.


  2. Very nice indeed – I am off to check out their blogs (now that I have read yours) – I’m intrigued – but got to say the crowning glory goes to Flannery – aw shuck (shuffle of feet) he is sooo cute!


  3. Too adorable! I love matching ensembles for mom and nugget.
    I just bought a pair of leopard print heels at Target yesterday; they won’t match the belt I make, but who cares. LEOPARD.
    How old is Flannery? He is just sooo wee! He looks like my Mr. Bojangles looked before he grew up and got chubbly.


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