Zebras and Felted Wool- only in the Jungle!


This morning I’m delighted to give you to links with hints about both- ADVENTURE!

Penny has given us a tale of daring animal do! As she crosses swords with classic tailoring and whimsical zebras! I made the same pattern last year and really need to do another- I love hers- it’s almost an outfit. Heehee… Here’s the teaser: img_9658

That’s all you get- I insist that you rush over and check it out!

Next up- we get warm and cozy and wooly and felted and oh, you need to see it- the front is so cool! bak1

Sew for Fun finished up an amazingly cozy Jacket- our first animal UFO- Flannery particularly likes the cat toy pull ties!

Ladies, I thank you both for such diverse and wearable entries to the petting zoo! We are so on trend it’s scary- look what i found in the tall grass of the UK Daily Mail yesterday- two of the chicks from Smash. Don’t ask me about the plot- I only watched it once because’ Lesbian Spank Inferno’ Steve from Couplings was on it. But it lost me early- but I digress- look at their Jungle January style! Surely they are lurkers here, no doubt! article-0-16C907F0000005DC-337_638x861

Not sure why Justin Bieber switched shoes with her, but ok…..

photo images- Penny Librarian, Sewing for Fun, UK Daily MAil, little me

21 thoughts on “Zebras and Felted Wool- only in the Jungle!

  1. Yikes, unfortunate about the shoes. I thought ‘wow’…and then scrolled down and my face made a little squishy movement. But if I could look that good – in any dress-shoes combo – I’d take it!! 😉


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