Laura was sweet enough to write a fabulous style post for Jungle January- please enjoy her tips and tricks for puttin’ the purr in your promenade!

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Anne from Pretty Grievances has asked me to provide some input on Jungle January, so I went with my animal instinct and said “YES” of course! Anne is encouraging her followers and friends to get a little wild and find the purr-fect animal print for their lifestyle.

I too have succumbed to the jungle fever and thought about all the animal print in my wardrobe and how I wear it.

To keep this post from getting too long, I have not included anything reptilian. Only warm-blooded animal prints made it into this post…well not actually warm-blooded animals (no animals were harmed in the creating of these looks)…just prints inspired by warm blood animals.

As much as I love animal prints, I’m not quite brave enough to do a full on look in one and find that although I have a fair few purr-fect prints at my disposal, they are all…

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