Wearable Wednesday….Betsey Johnson

You know I love me some Betsey- do you? This collection is bright, but not totally dazzling me- it followed a fun retrospective of her career that I liked a bit more than what we’re seeing here. Children of the couture, this is really paining me. I feel so disloyal. Ok, lets get it over with. Sigh. bj1Ok, go ahead, say it….this all has more attitude than innovation- I like the coat tho- very chenille bedspread. bj4hmm- Betsey, I always want to be in your corner, and I’d love to lunch with you, but….is that quilted? bj2

Um….huh. Shoes look comfortable.


This looks cheap. There. I said it. I feel cleansed.

bj5Too many pop pieces, perhaps. Please take those bootys off, please….bj6There is a fine line between whimsy and whoopsy.bj7Please explain in the comments. bet2

No. I’ve changed my mind. Don’t tell me. bet3

My internal fuddy-duddy is having a stroke. I see underboob. bet6

Will Rogers, I think I can introduce you to an animal that you will not like. bet4

Ok, I was trying to be nice- but now you are just TRYING to drive me away with this Steven Tyler rummage sale inspiration. bj10Now this is just hurtful. bj9Ok, I need to you to title this last picture……GO! bet7

photo credits: style.com

110 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday….Betsey Johnson

  1. Sorry, I just can’t title that.
    Where they sharks? (You know what I mean) Don’t think I will be using these as inspiration.
    (Although a young client has just given me some of that see through plastic to make a cape. Oh God, I am old)


  2. Marsha says:

    I like some of the fabrics, but the way it’s put together just looks cheap and whorish (and not even high-class call girl). I can look like a cheap tramp for a lot less money, thank you.


  3. I can just hear their fathers roaring at them “you’re not going out dressed like that, young lady, you’ll catch your death!”. Although the quilty girls can be very smug on that score!


  4. Okay, I am, perhaps, about to reveal a bit too much about myself but I keep going back to the orange skirt, pink bra, pink and green jacket and pink boots outfit. I finally figured out that that’s a picture of the Virgin Mary on the skirt. You know… forget the rest of the outfit. I just want the skirt. Except with a different picture. A pink giraffe maybe? (No I have not been drinking.)


  5. mrsmole says:

    Hookers, hats and all designed for Helena Bonham Carter…surely this qualifies Betsy a free pass into the dementia clinic! Nothing can account for this hot mess and there is no reason to put Our Lady of Guadalupe in with such crap.


  6. My first exposure to Betsy was through my YM magazine when I was maybe 14 (I felt so cool having a teenager magazine). It was at a time when all the bright colours were very fashionable so she didn’t seem quite as crazy as any of that.

    On the plus side, it’s the first time I’ve seen models that seem to be enjoying their work. Which kind of highlights the fact they are told to look vaguely angry on other shoots and happy here. They are capable of expression.

    Shark bust cups are a targeted way to loose weight. The shark eats your boob and you have less boobs.

    Title? Um, my prom dress if it was entirely pink. My shoes were that colour.


  7. My personal fave moment of this collection was the paper plate with a raccoon face on it glued to the handbag. Especially with the floppy tail on the end that in this exact photo looks like something a bit inappropriate to my somewhat dirty mind. πŸ˜‰ Especially if you didn’t have that model’s tall torso….I’m just sayin’.

    Also? I think those ARE bedspreads at the top, because they recycled the plastic bag they came in to make the jacket a little farther down. Gotta give ’em props for that….I guess?


  8. Love all the previous comments. Thanks for the giggles everyone. All I can add is that, there is no doubt its Betsy Johnson, but maybe its just the self aggrandizing necklace on every model that makes me say that. or is it the pink with animal print, with the lace, with the boots, with the belts, with the hair, with the….


  9. sewbussted says:

    Are those teeth across the chest on the little pink, I’m not sure what it is, outfit? I have loved Betsy since I was a teenager, but this collection just isn’t hitting on any cylinder for me. Love your commentary though πŸ™‚


  10. Okay, now where is the real Betsey Johnson collection because I’m guessing they let the models pick and choose clothes from old trunks left at the venue over the years.
    I like the first one though, that model must have picked first.


  11. redsilvia says:

    Oh my. I LOVE Betsey Johnson but that just isn’t pretty. The good part is she’s still designing after bankruptcy closed all the shops (my fave one on Post in SF is long gone). So yay for being still around. She’s 70, does cartwheels and the splits and is a kick ass lady. If I need to wear a barbie on my head and shark bite boobie holders to have her spirit I guess I will. Too many good memories of my misspent youth wearing Betsey’s clothes. One more good thing, retail is $99 to $249 so they’re not expensive….Virgin Mary skirt anyone?

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


      • redsilvia says:

        There were some cute things in the entire collection, but I guess I don’t know who she’s designing for. At that price point it’s “Junior” but the aesthetic is so different from the what I see juniors wearing, I wonder if this line will fly. Fingers crossed and we’ll hope for better next collection.


  12. Leigh Ann says:

    Wow. I love me some animal print, but that’s all a bit much. I want that suitcase, though. If you’ll distract her, I’ll grab it.


  13. OMG- All on the same runway at the same time? Everything is over the top- Sharks on her “ahem” breasts? And the raccoon tail flopping about. I’ll take the animal print suitcase?


  14. Oh I know exactly what has happened here – the models have covered themselves in double sided tape and the Golden Girls have thrown the contents of their laundry basket at them as they ran past!


  15. Shark boobs! I need those to save an outfit of mine. My favorite in this parade of horrors is the raccoon backpack and tail outfit. I think the models head is on back to front ..


  16. Betsey Johnson has always been a little wild, but this collection makes me wonder if she has had a psychotic break. I went to Style and looked at her older collections, they are no way near as out there as this one. Have they changed her meds, or has she stopped taking them?

    I will take the gold saddle shoes though.


  17. Ok…I’ve always suspected Betsey Johnson wasn’t a real designer…now this is living proof. Rummage sale streetwalkers from Jersey Shore, maybe? (No offense to anyone from the Garden State!).

    Another example of too much financial backing and not enough…backing, fronting or taste.

    Please do NOT let this mess come any further South than West Virginia.


  18. tempestdevyne says:

    I’ve been coming to the conclusion in the last few years that I like what Betsey wears herself more than what she puts on the runway. The last straw was seeing her stuff in JC Penney’s and desperately wanting to any of it to buy something, because come on, it’s Betsey, but it all being so blerrrrgh. I really really want to like this lot too but in the main part I’m failing. I would wear the orange Our Lady of Guadalupe skirt, the black fur trimmed green lemon squeezer/teapots print suit and the final dress (though on its own, even for me that’s too matchy-matchy) which is obviously titled: “erm Barbie, don’t know how to mention this, but you’ve got a little something stuck on your butt” outfit.


  19. I distictly remember liking Betsey Johnson at times… but this collection — well, it’s just horrible πŸ˜€
    The last picture looks very teen-“goth”-princess to me… the barbie hat is quite something
    And the raccoon, I don’t even-


  20. Lying in bed feeling vile this has really cheered me up.
    The underboob cardigan, the racoon dinnerplate furry penis necklace/bag, the barbie doing basic instinct hat, all hilarious.

    ONE nice point… I would totally own those gold and black brogues,


  21. Kat H says:

    Sometimes I find myself wondering what the models themselves think when they’re shown what they’re to wear. How would you hide your reaction when you’re showing a splayed-legged Barbie hat and told you’re going to be wearing it and having your photo taken and spread over the world? Or biting-shark boob covers? Perhaps that’s one of the sides of the “modelling is hard” arguments – you need to be awesome at controlling your reactions as well??

    (I’m liking a lot of the socks in this collection though. πŸ™‚


  22. I dunno, I think there is something very dated about Betsy’s stuff. I loved, loved, loved her fashions in the ’90’s, but, they don’t seem to have grown at all. And I don’t necessarily mean grown “up” necessarily, just grown in general.


  23. We may never be friends again, but actually, I really like that last dress and the boots. Although I wouldn’t wear them together. Actually, I was just wondering what to make for this year’s ball dress and was seriously considering pink leopard. This is making me think I’m on the right track.


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