Snazzy Snakes and some Good Karma!

Hello Safari Cruisers! Do you know what scares me more than snakes? Sewing with them! Lisa has no issues on this score- my chin did a drop when  I saw this jacket- no- I will say no more- you must see it for yourself! Is it not snakey- fab? Oh, it is! I want to steal it!!! Thank you Lisa!!! Jacket pocket

Now, also in the garden of Eden this day is day 2 of the family pairings- Elle C Sews has no shame, folks! None at all! God bless her! For the record, my little Liesl has a very low undercarriage and gets rashy- so she appreciates a well-constructed and stylish ensemble…also some children’s benedryl, buts another story! Karma- show us your stuff! Look at that belly!!!!junglejanuary4

Not to be outdone- the family Kadiddlehopper is here to show us what they can do with a little stretchy python, too! All those choices- we may get to see her family on a few more safari days- I hope! 8361018017_305e565a93

Now as soon as we park the safari car- run right over there and see what the adorable Myra and Mama came up with !!!

Well, until next time- enjoy the dance! jungle book

photo credits: meadhawg, elleC Sews, Sew on and Sew on, Kadiddlehopper

26 thoughts on “Snazzy Snakes and some Good Karma!

  1. sewbussted says:

    Wow, what a group, a smokin’ hot jacket, a great mother and daughter team and then cuteness thrown in to make us say, “ahhh!!!”


  2. Oh that is a wonderful jacket! I’m so envious. She sure won’t want to shed that one any time soon. 😉 I put up my one feeble animal thing. I keep looking at some wild stretch knit leopard print at the fabric store but as yet I haven’t laid any cash out for the skin. Stella would be oh so jealous of Karma’s new top. I am not sowing her the pic. And Karma herself, adorable. Makes me want to reach right through the screen and give her a pet and a treat.


  3. I’m in such great company. Gorgeous jacket and adorable pup!! Thanks for the love. There will definitely be more jungle love coming up. I’ve got a lot of fabric to sew. 🙂


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