Wellington Pattern Pryamid Arrival

Upon these noble shores a package has arrived from the most Noble of Magpies! Gees I love winning stuff! It totally appeals to my spoiled rotten nature! babypeggyphoto3

Check out the loot! DSC08431

Pretty snazzy,eh? My mind is spinning. I know, I KNOW I’m supposed to pick one and then let everyone else get a chance to win, but…..I’m lousy with numbers….I took 2. DSC08434

But I’m selfish. It’s how I roll. I have it on best authority that it IS all about me. I asked my Mom. She said so.


Here is what I’ve added: DSC08436

Ok, so you know what you got to do, right? You need to let me know in the comments in haiku or free verse just which of these you would like to cherish as your very own and then a winner will be chosen by cartoon blue birds on the final day of the festival of St Eustaces and I shall forward the loot to thee. Thats January 26th by my Etruscan calendar. Standard Pyramid rules do apply- you must have a blog (for posting your own leg of the journey) and you must leave me a thoughtful, flattering comment about me or the patterns you are eager to embrace as your very own.

On your mark? Go!

photo credits: little me, google images

28 thoughts on “Wellington Pattern Pryamid Arrival

  1. There was a wee girl from Scotland
    Who loved stripey dresses and skirts and
    She’d seen the green butterick
    And it made her stutter (ick)
    So she tried to win it in short hand?

    Ooh dear, sorry about that!


  2. I think I am blacklisted from Pattern Pyramids given that the one I sent hasn’t arrived yet! One set of ladies sewing patterns floating around the ether is more than enough, my confidence has gone! – either that or a team of postal workers are fashioning them from brown paper, bubble wrap and parcel tape as we speak!

    That little Butterick pattern you added is calling me tho…


  3. sewbussted says:

    Count me out of the pyrimid, I just had to comment on your vintage pictures. I know it’s a little over the top, but I find that outfit very inspiring!


  4. EEEEE! So pleased it has arrived and been put to good use! And you can rest assured – the Very Easy Vogue you took wasn’t included in my initial post, I threw it in when I was packing it up when I came across a half dozen more that needed new homes. I split the extras between the two parcels and I must admit, I did take your size and style into account when doing the dividing. So actually, you DID only take one from the pyramid! And given that all three extras I threw in were for you to decide what to do, you could argue that you actually put 4 new patterns in the pyramid! YOU ARE SO GENEROUS!


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