Deep, Deep in the Jungle Wilds!


Today we trek deep into the heart of Jungle January- as always I remind you, please take small children by the hand and keep your arms and legs inside of the tour vehicle- things are getting wild up ahead!


The above is Mccalls 6659- ‘Adjustments may be necessary…’ Yes definitely- and Sew Exhausted raised the jammie bar with an amazing piped cheetah ensemble- go there- it is fierce and frisky! Floral- we don’t need no stinkin’ florals today!


Ever see a cat in cheetah print? You probably can’t because of such a high level of camouflage- but I Konnie K‘ brings us our 2nd animal wardrobe enhancement this week- tho Karma was more pleased me thinks.


I saw this gorgeous top on We Sew Retro by Michelle, Le Belle and just had to email her about adding it to our Zoo fest- she was most gracious- check her out- it’s called Slither!

Velo just popped up by the watering hole in a gorgeous make- lets sneak up on her…Image

Nope- you have to go to her blog to see the front- I’m a tease!


If you look to the left side of the vehicle you can catch a glimpse of an Amity Leopard– a rare and lovely beast indeed!

Theresa reminds us today that it is always the year of the dog- please remeber that, cats!


Now let’s have a quick look at the Jungle January Mood Board on Pinterest for a little graphic inspiration while our safari driver prepares our picnic lunch:






Alright cruisers, gather your binoculars and sunshades, we aren’t done yet- there is more up ahead!

photo credits: Sew Exhausted, little me, google images, amity originals, Konnie Kapow, pinterest, Michelle, le belle; camp runamuck

19 thoughts on “Deep, Deep in the Jungle Wilds!

  1. houseofpinheiro says:

    oh my procrastination for this project is driving me crazy. I got so many ideas and no perfect fabric. Wonder if that one I twitted would be fine or I would get more controversy like my kimono tee. LOL Im loving this posts x


  2. sewbussted says:

    I love these good girl designs that give a hint of the bad girl that lurks inside!!!!! After all, there’s a little bad girl in all of us! Too fun.


  3. Are you going to do a big reveal at the end? I’m thinking you should do a photo shoot at Hollywild. šŸ˜‰ I always feel like I’m taking my life in my own hands when I go there. Bears and lions in chicken wire cages….


  4. I can’t figure out if you’re teasing or enticing us! I’m gently slithering your way. The turquoise and whatever animal print that is is actually fab. OK, I’m going to have to go away and learn my animal prints now – Happy?


  5. These are fab! I’ve got all my pieces cut out in front of me and I am ready to get started in a minute. What will it be… know one knows! (including me, I like to be surprised!)


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