Lions and Tigers and Ruth, oh my!

Settle in cruisers we are in for some serious views today! We are going to see animals that you’ve only dreamed of! If this event has taught me anything, it’s that i need to sew faster! Some of our animals are coming in twos and perhaps threes! But hey, I have to adjust the mosquito netting and check for scorpions in everyones boots- very busy!

First stop- and a little child shall lead them: Myra– show us how it’s done! Image

Surely this much fashion sense much be genetic- I just know it is!

My new friend Annika looks gorgeous in a cowled snake, leopard, gator hybrid- watch the tall grass for her! Welcome to the safari tour Annika!!!


Rawr! Says Maria and you’d better listen! Velosewer is definitely taking the Queen of the Jungle title- her makes just get stronger and stronger! Image

You know what happens when you make one member of the family a top? You to make everybody one. Thats why I am too selfish to sew for others- but Elle C– she gives and gives! Check out Jaspar….meandjasper

I was hoping to get pictures of some rare beasts on this trip and oh, have I got a rarity for you! Look, up by that rock formation- it’s the rarely sighted vintage Ruth out for a stroll. Normally her plummage is more sedate than this trek would allow, but we have seen her soft, cheetah underbelly today!Image


Another reluctant debutante comes to us from Sewing For Fun and I think this tunic is seriously that! There are major details to see on this- and perhaps even a follow up! I’d better get to sewing soon, myself!

Lizzy– you know I had to use this shot! I’m so proud of you- a leopard print Pendrall! Psst- did I mention that leopard is a gateway print?Image

Oh, Shel– come out, come out and play! Ah, there you are! Extra points for the shoes, by the way!Image

Now since Animals are people too, do you think that teenage zebras are embarrassed by their parents? ‘Gees Mom, no one eats gazelle anymore…it’s soo 80’s….’ Some things are universal, right? Please go see Pella‘s hat- I love it!! I may have a child just to embarrass in this hat! Image

A mighty cat was wrestled into submission last week by Heather– check out this gorgeous Vogue 8827…purr, purr8347908285_e5df7c0567_o

Alright ladies it’s time for the Jungle January Dance off! Beck will be performing the Dylan classic ‘Leopard skin Pillbox hat’ for your enjoyment! My money is on Shelly….

photo credits: Kaddidlehopper, Sew Ruth, Sewing for fun, Sew Busy Lizzy, MY Sewcial World, Velosewer, Cuckoo Chanel, Pattern Pandemonium, Elle C Sews, Sewspicious Minds

38 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Ruth, oh my!

  1. sewbussted says:

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw Maria’s dress last night. Wow!!! And I told Ruth that there’s a bad girl hiding inside her and it wants so badly to escape. Now that I think about it, there’s a method to your madness, you’re doing your utmost best to help everyone bring out their inner wild woman! A modern day Mother Teresa ;-)!!!!!!! of sorts. This is such fun.


  2. mrsmole says:

    You have started a wild rampage of wild jungle women!!! I love it. This weekend I was in Las Vegas and I swear every woman standing in line to enter a club had heard about your jungle January…they were displaying their finest and shortest animal print dresses to catch the eye of admiring males of their species.


  3. Rare and vintage am I? I thought I was young and common (especially in that print).
    Great ideas and work everyone – isn’t it interesting to see all the different interpretations?


  4. It’s so fab that’s everyone is gettting on the bandwagon (how could they not though, with this theme?), my dress is done but there’s a problem – I have an insane amount of animal/animal print fabric, we need Jungle June and Jungle July as well.


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