Whats new Pussycats? We’re at the half-way mark!


Sewing is about taking risks right? Well, I think tempered with what you love and what you enjoy- I’ve hoped that everyone who made a contribution to my month  of fur-bearing fashion enjoyed and got much wear out of their creations..while maybe getting some new ideas for playing with prints. I’m so pleased and honored with all wonderful things you have let me show off for you- so please enjoy Tom and his hips while I show you even more!

Rachel stuns with all her work- she really styles this beautifully- I love it!


Redsilvia updated the classic buttondown in much wonderfulness! Gorgeous print…hmm, it looks good with redhair….


Foxy Loxy!! Retro with Cynthia– foxes totally count- especially if it’s a rare fox wearing a pussybow!


Tigergirl lives up to her name with this self-drafted amazingness- and the pictures of her stash made me tear up a little bit…..


The Meryl Streep of Jungle January is our Velosewer! I can’t wait to see what else she may have planned! Ring-a-ding-ding!


Have you met the artist formerly known as Blogless Anna?Well, look up to the trees- she has made the birds sing with this Japanese pattern book top! 8387814007_f07b8d30b3

My friend Chris from All Seamed up brings us a tropical zebra hybrid that is too pretty!! You must be careful in the jungle wearing cake- could get dangerous!


Gracious, what a gorgeous bunch!


Well, Flannery wishes to remind you to stop and smell the artificial flowers and don’t forget to forge your name in posterity on the Jungle January Flickr Group!

photo credits: Dapper Duds, Velosewer, Chris Lucas, House of Pinheiro, Adventures with tigergirl, Sil’s Fab Knitblog, Blogless Anna, Google Images, little me

42 thoughts on “Whats new Pussycats? We’re at the half-way mark!

  1. Wow! This is the best group yet. I especially love Tigergirl’s dress. That print is definitely something I would wear and the simple style dress really shows it off well.


  2. I am so enjoying this parade – oh I wish that it wasn’t half over – maybe a ferocious February and Moggie March……….. So much fabric – so little time.


  3. I am becoming slightly suspicious of what you may have unleashed…
    Culpability rests solely with you: I hope you appreciate this when it comes to civil action against you when women in animal print garments start ruling the world. (Actually, we’ve ruled the world forever, it’s just that the men don’t realise that) – that’s the clever bit!)


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