Jungle January Struts!

If you know me well, you know I couldn’t have gone the entire month without throwing some Brian Setzer at you..enjoy!

In the stylish Florida Loft, Coco has brought us  Vogue 1315 and I love it!! She’s entering the bonus round by the way!Image

Ever have gusset envy? I do now! Check out this subtle animal print inspired wiggle dress- our 2nd animal ode to Gertie this week! Go Sewing for Fun! img_3358

The Garment Farmer is all Renfrewed up and proving that dogs and cats can get along- sartorially. See, Bruderlein? Image

Lisa, I am coming over to molest your fabric stash- you keep turning up the heat with these jackets!!!blue 1 good copy

Inge put out a call for help deciding what her first (I hope) pattern would be- we said jacket! She said Vest. Well, it’s an awesome vest!! junglejanuary3

Country Girl Couture slithers up next with a gorgeous Alma. Belt! Adding the danger of snake and the sweetness of a bow belt is a fab contrast- love it! Image

And know I bring you the rare Killer giraffe! Amanda brings fierce and adorable together as only a herbivore can! Tiger 3 Giraffe Crescent Skirt

Shanni has taken what she refers to as ‘hideous jungle print’ and made a gorgeous portrait blouse- seriously, I want this fabric! Go see her blog! 8394732851_d5a4e9153b

Can you guess who’s back this is? Well, go see! It’s pattern tester and jungle aficionado Velosewer!


Well, this has been a gorgeous group, don’t you think? It’s time for me to get cracking on my lacy/ leopard make- Elton,  lets sing us out!

photo credits: Garment Farmer, Google images, Country Girl Couture, Cocos Loft, youtube, Bimble and Pimble, Shanni Loves, Sew on and Sew on, IngeMaakt, Sewing For Fun

38 thoughts on “Jungle January Struts!

  1. becki says:

    So many Steamy hot garments! The jungle sure has been roaring and rumbling! I must get sewing or the month will be over. You all have been such and inspiration!


  2. Oh my, some more real winners here! I must somehow steal that bowtie belt. And who doesn’t want to be serenaded by a stray cat?? I am about 3/4’s of the way through my Jungle January entry (trench style coat). And every so often, I make “eeeeeee” noises, because I’m so excited. It’s my first coat, ever!! And made 250% better due to animal print fabric 🙂


  3. This has been just the best start to a year, looking at all these ‘wild-women’ in their element…there really are a lot of brilliant sewers out there who can rumble in the jungle during January…J


  4. I want to thank you for this challenge!! I would of never thought to make anything like this if it wasn’t for all the awesomeness I’ve been seeing! I love the way it turned out and I will never look at animal print the same! Call me a jungle junkie now!


  5. I found your blog via Chris Lucas’s – and immediately spotted both Brian Setzer AND animal print in the same post!!! Truly the most wonderful things in the world. I’ve actually inadvertently joined in with Jungle January – my first make of 2013 was a zebra-print sweater dress. It’s lovely seeing all these wonderful makes and fabulous prints together.


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