Its a Jungle in here!

DVF- eat your heart out- I have a wrap dress with major animal appeal from our girl at Wonderfully Made! I love her styling on this one! Image

Dance time!!!

Katie, you are giving us all a run for our money- this is leopard-lovely and the boots…I sigh! kadid

This weekend on Pattern Review I saw this gorgeous Vogue 1270 on Erin and knew that you must see it too! Welcome to the jungle Erin! Vogue1270-11

Now I’ve heard the snickering and the whispering of ‘can’t attend her own party? What is she Jay Gatsby?!’ Lord, I love how literary sewists are- there’s nothing like a Great Gatsby burn, right? Well, here I am in Vogue 8681….ooh sepia! rose2

No Fair! Why does she get 2 pictures? Cuz it’s MY BLOG!!! I’m thinking about more fabric shopping in this picture…and James Mcavoy is pushing my cart….IMG_3678

Look, look deep inside Karin‘s tote bag! It’s ready to pounce! What a great Mom to make this fabulous bag!IMG_8973

Are you familiar with Eyelash Fur? It’s usually what follows a sloppy dachshund kiss…no, it’s better! Check out Norie and her gorgeous vest!vest-22851

Velo, do you leave the house except to find more enviable prints? I’m smitten with your style this month (and last month, truth be told)….P1060659

Jilly Be is refrewing’ out of her comfort zone with some saucy big cats-IMG_2397

Macstabby is quite retro-tastic in her cheetah bow belt- I love it with yellow, don’t you? 0111

photo credits: Google images, youtube, wonderfully made,Erin,

54 thoughts on “Its a Jungle in here!

  1. Kat H says:

    So many more adorable jungle creations! Love your new dress. πŸ™‚ And I may just have to “borrow” that idea from Macstabby for an animal print belt – so cute!


  2. punkmik says:

    this is so fun! and all gorgeous makes! I totally missed out on it! But great idea and it really has caused a stir! everyone is loving the animal prints!


  3. Your dress is just great! The creativity and talents of each and everyone sharing in your Jungle January have just blown me away. Thanks for perking up January for many!!


  4. The sepia jungle dress is a winner. I wouldn’t have picked the colour for you, but its so flattering to your colouring, both with the toning accessories and the purple.


  5. This is the most beautiful jungle ever!! Thanks for encouraging all of this gorgeousness.
    I love your dress, and the styling is to meow for. Love the cardi and tights, and the McAvoy fantasy face. πŸ™‚


  6. Oooooh, some more good ones this round! I have to say I love your leopard print dress and the way you paired it with the fuchsia sweater and tights! Animal Print + Pink = Always the Correct Answer πŸ™‚ (Still working on mine, only some embellishing to go).


  7. Ack. Now I want blue leopard. You’re a terrible enabler. Or an excellent one, depending on your point of view. And I love your own styling, I was wearing pink cardi with leopard skirt a couple of days ago!


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