Wearable Wednesday…..Celine

Wrap, wrap. cel1

Are you going to say it? c2

Come on. Say it.ce2

I know you see them. Don’t kid me. ce3

Hey, where did they go? ce4

Oh, they have friends!ce5

I swear I can’t remember a thing about this collection. I’m so distracted.ce6

It’s so odd that they gave these models pedicures so close to runway time. Or are they orthopaedic? I shouldn’t mock the dreaded ‘model bunion’. Its a scourge. cel7


I can’t take this- their spa slipper/Muppet feet are killing me!!!!!


photo credits: style.com

71 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…..Celine

  1. Wait. I don’t get it. Was this an episode of Project Runway? Quick ribbons tied around shoulders right before the models walked out….and darn it, somebody forgot the shoes, so the models are all in (expensive) slippers? Rats. Hate it when everything goes awry. There are glimpses there of something that might be interesting, but then the overall GAK look just washes over it.

    Edit, people. These aren’t supposed to look like student projects. Make it work, make it FASHION!

    Just my two cents.


    • …and what the heck is up with the bags? The models carrying “purses” look like they got handed 3 fabric sacks and told to ‘carry it like a real purse’…! I guess the arm ‘bracelet’s’ would keep one’s wrists from getting bruised – a real bonus considering how thin the models are. And I’m guessing these models were saying (in response to comments on the dresses) “Yeah, but we had the most comfortable footwear, so there!”

      What I would like to know is how long this designer had to put this together and how much $$$ did some hapless investor shell out to make this happen?


  2. sewbussted says:

    I always look forward to the Wednesday chuckle!! The shoes in this collection would not be something I would ever covet. I do like the cream silk wrap top that is paired with pants. Not a complete loss:)


  3. mrsmole says:

    Obviously this is a collection of nightwear or post-op gowns with the latest in sterilizable footwear for bunion removal recovery time. Or this is what cleaning ladies will be wearing as they could carry lots of cleaning rags in those 3 sectioned purses. HIDEOUS!


  4. 1. That’s a wrap? 2. Ummm- is her arm tied down? 3. You could dust mop in those furry slippers? 4. I am tying leather around all of 3 my girls wrists tomorrow and their job will be to report on what people say (could be interesting!)


  5. omg, dreadful shoes, or were they slippers? some of the ideas in the clothes are ok, but agreed, can’t focus on the clothes when those “shoes” are in the picture!


  6. Blimey…I have an open mind but this is wrong in so many ways! Not least the rip off price tag, which there will doubtless be when they hit the shops…do they think we came down with the last rainfall? (No idea what that means but my grandmother used to say it…and it sounds scathing).


  7. Maybe an ode to Big Foot? I love it when a collection makes me laugh and with those slippers, who wouldn’t laugh. Maybe they got the early morning runway spot and it was a kindness to all those hung over critics and fashionistas? And for the record, some of these clothes are pretty darn ill fitting. I love the neck on the white sleeveless blouse with black pants, but the black short jacket is just plain ugly.


  8. Kerry says:

    I’m assuming that these fine creations are all tied in the back. Looks remarkably like what I was given to wear for my ultrasound last week. Slippers are a little more chi-chi though


  9. Is it just me? All I can think of is how these “shoes” would look after getting out of the Lamborghini and stepping in a puddle or a steaming pile of dog ……….. Oh never mind,


  10. Leigh Ann says:

    The clothes don’t seem to fit well, and they’re all lopsided and wrinkled. Maybe they’re supposed to be? I don’t know, they look like something I would make. But not on purpose.


  11. OK I confess… I didn’t even notice the footwear til about the fifth one; I was too focused on the pretty pretty fabrics ^_^ What a shame they ruined such a pretty collection with such a ridiculous styling choice!


  12. Lets twist again……..
    There again, cream high neck top and yellow shoes are my pick too. Top, not very original, but ok, shoes…. well, I’m typing this with my feet on a hot water bottle, should I criticise?


  13. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Are those shoes really mink?? That’s just wrong in itself, but where are you going to wear them? You can’t wear them outside because they would get dirty in five minutes. Unless you put plastic baggies around them while you walked into the restaurant (oh please let it be Olive Garden….) and then took them off really quick when the host/ess asks you how many in your party or if you have a reservation. (Does Red Lobster take reservations?)

    I commend designers for trying new things, so the chest wraps are kind of interesting. If only they didn’t look like a bra-stuffing attempt gone awry. And speaking of trying new things, didn’t they try to make $2000 silk pajama pants a trend a few years ago and it flopped? And that one outfit looks like they forgot to put the dress over the lining before sending the model out there.

    But I think Celine is one of the biggest selling labels in Europe, so maybe we’ll be seeing more of these looks soon…


  14. Oh my. Oh my. I’m a little lost for words. Something has to be truly tacky for me to find it so. I have the style sense of a 7 year old ice skating drag queen. I’m all about the bright colours and the sparkles and the fake fur but this… um.


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