A Drawing of Wellington Proportion!

As promised, this morning with all the ritual, ceremony and pomposity you have come to expect from the ‘Grievances, a name was drawn from the many, many deserving commentors on my Wellington Pattern Pyramid drawing post.

Lets see if we can get her on the line….as you can see, my secretary is as excited as I am about our drawing! telephone

Sew Exhausted– you are our winner!! Do you understand the rules of your new and very special obligation? sweatertop1

Upon receiving the loot, you are to make your personal selections, blog it and let the mayhem and bribery begin!!! I shall refer you back to the amazing origins of this fine tradition in sewing and community- the original!  Lovely Karen started a huge phenomenon that has given us all much joy. So please email me with your address and be on the porch in 4-5 days.

…..Hey, isn’t that a snake skin print? Gorgeous work, ma’am! We totally approve. brooks

photo credits: Sew Exhausted, google images

15 thoughts on “A Drawing of Wellington Proportion!

  1. I won! I won! I won! *Fist pump!* I am thrilled to have the illustrious Wellington Pattern Pyramid come calling! Oh decisions decisions! I am seated on the front porch already in anticipation! 🙂


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