We ain’t out of the wilds yet, Lord Greystoke!


Fabulous Free Pattern Friday was particularly cat-tastic this week! Did you see Rhonda and her moose assistant? Go see more and make your own! 010

Lets keep the cold weather wear up, shall we? Burr and Meow from Gjeometry! I should be tipping my hat to you- this is amazing- look at  those sleeve details!  camel-coat-and-hat-2

I love a stylish winter- check out Valerie in a most cozy cat…er, coat…IMG_6854

Nope, you can’t come inside yet! Penny Librarian has a fleecy beastie to share with us that looks tres snuggly! Just as an aside, the word rump makes me giggle. Just saying….img_0159

Now to a warmer climate for some of our best multiple posters! Velo cropped out a gazelle in this pic, but we already knew she was dangerous! burda-7828-front

Ahem- a puma has stepped onto the path- best be ready to rumble! I love a predator in Mary Janes! Hmm…potential biography title….8417339469_275725b2f8

More tropical maxi wonderfulness from the loft that has Coco! doesn’t this cheer yopu after all those cold weather shots? New Look 6936 Maxi (4)

During my daily animal photo-hunt, I came across miss LeonieP on Pattern Review- a little glitzy animal print for us! sparklycloseup

Whats that LeonieP? You have more to share? Oh, yes you do! I love this dress so much!!! Mixed prints and animals make me doubly giddy! Who is the cub? Twstdrsdbleprnt

Sarah is scarfing it up over at her blog- check out these 2:1_27_13 001

and-I think she may be holding out on us with a cardy make, too! Jungle January 001

Trumbelina questioned the indulgence of buying her fabric- I’m glad she did- look how cool! M6512_Front_Jacket

Oh, and now we need to dance!!

Hmm…maybe I see one more….who’s that up ahead? I think I see a rare ruffled creature…a Badger! JJ-Charlotte-1

photo credits: google images, Rhonda Buss, Coco’s Loft, Cleverthinking, Penny Librarian, Gjeometry, Pattern Review, LeonieP, Sarah, Trumbelina, Scruffy Badger, youtube

27 thoughts on “We ain’t out of the wilds yet, Lord Greystoke!

  1. I’m thrilled to be featured on your blog. I’m about to start making in a jungle print dress. Do you realize what you’ve started (or enabled..) ? worldwide Jungle mania!


  2. Ooooh, another terrific round! And, thank you so much for posting my coat and for the kind words about it 🙂 (I blush…). And I must extend my appreciation to you for spearheading this fun event and for putting all your hard work into organizing all of us animals in the jungle, right here on your website. Kudos!!


  3. sewbussted says:

    I think Velo has found her inner wild woman!! She is on fire! January needs to end soon or her entire wardrobe is going to be lost in the jungle 😉
    What a fun month this has been. Thanks for doing this and all the effort you have put into it.


  4. The jackets look fantastic… makes me jealous that it doesn’t get hot enough here to wear one of those little beasts here in the wild wild west! We sure do have a lot of talented sewers and so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂


  5. Those are all lovely. Trumbelina’s is my favorite but LeoniP’s is making me think… Maybe I should try mixing prints – something I have never done, except for “companion prints.”


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