Wearable Wednesday…Temperley London

Hmm- not so sure about the bustal cross-te1 it’s a little Capote at the Met….te2Psst- I want to see more of this dress- nix the cardy!te3A Swing trench- oh, I like!te4OOh- te5No Alice! Not you too! Not a jumpsuit?! Arrgh!te6Ok, I forgive you, but watch it! te7

photo credits: Style.com

99 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…Temperley London

  1. Wow, the only one I don’t like is the last one. LOVE the trench coat. I’m already plotting how to duplicate it……And if you have to have jumpsuits, that one is a beauty.
    Of course if I wore it I would probably look like a short fluffy skunk, but it looks stunning on the model


  2. Kerry says:

    Well, we know this designer will never amount to anything. The clothes are beautiful and the models look fed and happy. Epic fashion fail


  3. I love all of these, would even venture to say they are my style. The colours are fantastic, colourful without being bright and in your face. Yup, even like the jumpsuit. Come On!! 1 piece dressing without having to wear a dress?? That’s a ‘yes’. The only criticism is the little olive piece of fabric horizontally across the women’s bust in the first pic. I don’t get it, it does not flatter.


  4. Trench and the fabric from the last jumpsuit are super-duper. Hardly a jumpsuit though..is there not a better name for something this gorgeous? Might make it more appealing to wear….


  5. I like Temperly stuff. Came across that jumpsuit looking up recent versions after acquiring a burda pattern for it XD The same mag also has a pattern for the brown jersey dress. Totally doable with a William Morris template methinks..


  6. I’ll give the jumpsuit love! Though I think the last silky beauty is my favourite….though that could be a wide legged jumpsuit. Just pinned it on my sewing inspirations board on Pinterest with dreams of possibly making a paisley jumpsuity Bowiesque one. Love the second dress too, looks not unlike a dress Marion Cotillard wore in Midnight in Paris I drooled about last year.


  7. A wearable Wednesday that features wearable stuff? I’m not sure how I feel if I can’t trust your sarcasm… 🙂 At least the jumpsuit gives me faith that you will continue to find hilarity for us

    But there really are some lovely things in this! I am particularly fond of that dress obscured by the long cardi, it has some lovely features to it!


  8. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    Five years later — I really love the ’20s styles, especially the flapper dress in the second photo. But not even Myrna Loy in the Thin Man could get away with that dress and a Crocodile Dundee hat and elbow-length black gloves that belong on a mad scientist from a horror movie.

    The jumpsuit has something off, I can’t quite tell what it is. Maybe that it’s belted right below her chest and then from there on down it looks like something a stiltwalker would be wearing. And those black gloves again!! They’re very distracting.


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