…and as we come to the end of our journey….

No, we aren’t done yet! Children, the spirit of the predator will always live within our hearts….whenever a spirited bolt is picked up and placed in a buggy, whenever Married to the Mob is shown on TBS-mttm2

Velo will be there! In a stunning array of feline fancies!butterick-5608-view-d


Chesneykat will liven up a room with her tunics!015

Shelley will post like a very stylish Lady-beast! 20130128-111339

Jenny will be there and she will strut!!tumblr_inline_mhb1q5bmOj1qz4rgp

A Quirky Peach will dazzle you!017

Dawn will think she is doing a Burda Challenge, but really, she is in a survival of the fittest mode! b_012012_110_2[4]

The village of Exhausted children will dance and strut! hollyjunglefinal


I will be there and so will you, hopefully! We aren’t done yet! I believe we still have another party stranded on an oasis- stay tuned as Mutual Of Omaha brings you our wrap-up cruise and the very 1st Annie awards!!

photo credits: google images, youtube, All photos remain properly of their original owners.

36 thoughts on “…and as we come to the end of our journey….

  1. More terrific stuff!, thank goodness it was squeezed in on time! The last day….snif, snif… 😦 I enjoyed it so much. Thanks, Anne, for all your hard work in bringing it to us!


  2. Ahhh! Is January over already! I have to say, I’ve enjoyed this so much, I didn’t even think about the wintery blahs not once, which is rare for me! Not only were the pics great but your commentary was wonderful! Thanks


  3. This was such a fun and creative way to start the New Year – thanks for taking the time to pull it together, and joining up so many lovely sewers together with a common theme! Everyday, without fail, many joined in and it was so entertaining to see all the different jungley prints from around the globe. A huge pat-on-the-back to you, Anne, for making this happen and helping many of us step out into the wilds…J


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