Wearable Wednesday Anja Gockel

Welcome to Berlin!AN1

These have a bit of an Olympic flag thing going on….An2

Tough Boucle, baby! an3

Oh, no! I’m starting to respond positively to the high/low hem! Help me! an4

She’s so angry, but I really want to examine her blouse closely- do you think she would hit me? an5

Is that a no-sew fleece shrug? How wonderfully inventive! an6

Ok, this skirt has made up for the shrug for me. an7

Ascot has got to tighten up the dress code on black and white day…..an8

This print reminds me of when the magic school bus teaches us about infections. an9

photo credits: style.com

The Annie Awards! Semi-live and semi-ferocious!

Faithful Feral Followers, our January ran by at cheetah speed and brought new friends,  new undertakings and many great makes from across the animal- loving Sewcialist universe! I have to admit that I didn’t think that my silliness would catch on and I expected to be alone at the primal inn a good bit, but many saw the opportunity to wrestle or relish the untamed and I think that we are all the better for it. Sniff, sniff. I hate to see it end, but will it really end? NO!  It cannot! Wherever there is spotted or stripey textiles, we will be there! In our hearts, on our heads and even on our knickers- the show will go on! On New Years Eve when we turn the calendar to 2014, remember to get your cat on- because January is Jungle time!!!!Mary-Pickford-silent-mo

Now, as promised, it’s time to award some of our players and reflect once more in our Special Awards segment! YAY!!!!  Wait- who’s this? Why its Byrdie Couture in an amazing Minoru! Not late- because animal print never goes out of style!Minoru3

Isn’t that right, Bolts, Bobbins and Blunders?img_0585

I’m so pleased that this lady joined the party, too- it’s Cation Designs in a twirl-worthy leopard dress! IMG_8637

Now I know there is another awards show tonight, right Tempest? But now we are getting down to the most important one! Yes! The Official, First ever Awards for Excellent in Animal Print…..The Annie Awards!!!IMG_3958

Now, due to the nature of shipping and security around our award statuette, all winners will be awarded a custom certificate declaring to the world that they have the best taste of all!DACHSHUND UN by Australian artist Bennett Miller in Sydney

My International award selection panel led by myself, 3 dachshunds and a Mole have laboured intensely to select these names- they do not sum up the whole of our event, merely some of our notables- all are honored for their work and I thank you- each and every one of you for your inspiration, your style, your willingness and your indulgence! I’ve had a ball seeing this grow from my foolish idea to wooly-mammoth sized  online foolishness!

In no particular order, because all of our participants were  FABULOUS:

For Excellence in Accessories Coco, Sewing For Fun and Bobbins and Whimsy

For Amazing Outerwear: Lisa, Valerie, Tempest

Keeping the yard safe and stylish: Elle C Sews, Twice!

Raised in the Wild-Style: Kat , Myra

Most Meetings at the Watering Hole: Maria

Gorgeous things requiring discretion: Sewforward

Playing against type: We have a tie! The crowd goes wild!!  Lizzy, Ruth

Why don’t I own this dress?! Award Heather, Chris, Wonderfully Made Leonie P

Living up to their name and then some!: Tigergirl, Taracat

Earning  warm-blooded Envy: Country Girl Couture, Norie

I still don’t know how you did that, but I want it: Pella, Happyrainydaysblog

Bows and Beasties: Trumbelina, Cynthia

Most ready to hibernate: Sew Exhaustedpeggy cow

Phew! I’m exhausted! Now I must ready for that other award show and lesser carpet event.

**Winners- if I do not already have your address, thru various fabric stalking activities, please email me at  bmoviemouse(at)gmail(dot)com and a gorgeous certificate suitable for framing will be sent your way!!!mermaids

Again, as I and my amazing team here at Grievances Central thank you and wave goodbye until next time….remember- It’s better in the Wild!

Photo credits: All images remain the property of their original owners, google images, meadhawg, Dachsund UN- by Bennett Miller- musueum  of Contemporary art in Sydney

Wearable Wednesday…..Anne Sofie Madsen

God I miss Game of Thrones.a1

…even Prince Joffrey. a2

What do you think the White Walkers really are?a3

What do you think the 3-eyed crow signifies? a4

Ever pull your Ken dolls arms off and put them on the wrong arms? a5

Ever wonder what the pope would look like with a beard? a6

But back to Game of Thrones- I think Little Finger is kind of cute. a7

I think I’ve had too much caffeine this morning, but I think these models look much angrier than usual.

photo credits: style.com

Another Saber-toothed Sunday at the Spotted Carpet!

Whoo! We are having a blast here at the Spotted Carpet as more and more of our favorites pop in to celebrate the call of the fashionable wild!

Coco!!! Over here! Who are you wearing? Why it’s Grainline Studios Scout Tee in a very desirable print! 2-IMG_0111

Coco, do you follow any celebs as fashion inspirations? none. Do not follow. My mother rocked in her zebra print capris in 1954!  Gee, I’d planned to ask you if you will play again next year, but you have never left the habitat, have you? well, you’re talking to the girl who bought a giraffe-print swing minidress in Filene’s Basement in 1967… God bless your work, Ma’am!!

Well, look who has emerged from her Oscar viewing to join us briefly between shorts and cartoons- it’s Tempesttempest jungle january 1

So, while we have you- If your fabric stash were a tree, what kind of tree would it be? A lava-tree. Sorry, you can’t ask me a tree question and not expect me to resort to toilet humour. Seriously though, a truffula tree from the Lorax….very colourful, quite furry and all over the place (well, until the Once-ler turns up and helps me with some stash-busting)

Those amazing animals- just accessories or full-on textile dominance? Why? Full on textile dominance….I’m a firm believer in matchy matchiness. If you’re going to wear something most women shy away from you might as well go for it. You only live once and what if you get to 82 and suddenly realise how many years you wasted not wearing that snakeskin/leopard print/faux giraffe ensemble. 

Here’s Chris in my favorite Tiramisu- the zebra one! How about a question or two? IMG_0549

What does animal print mean to you? How does it make you feel  and how did this challenge move or change your destiny? Oh I’d have to be a tiger as animal print makes feel sleek and sexy 

What is your spirit animal and do you follow  its grain? Again I’d go with the wild tiger and underneath this facade there’s a wild sleek and sexy woman lurking about inside and in the dark of the night she lets loose LOL

Who’s next? Oh, it’s little me! Well tell us, Anne, how  do you feel about exotic animal prints? Really, they just aren’t for me. I prefer subtle solid colors. Sewing is about expressing ones maturity and reserve thru needle and thread. Its not for foolishness! IMG_1027

Jess– I just bought this pattern and I hope I can look half as ferocious as you do!!8417339159_3da20489ef

 Would you do this again next year? Do you have a plan?
Yes, I would!  I think I’m leaning toward a more reptilian print next year, but we’ll see what opportunities this year of minimal fabric purchasing brings!   Yay! I look forward to seeing your sassy slithering!
Do you think Di Caprio would have been nominated if his character had worn more snake skin? Most absolutely.  Especially if they were skin tight snake skin leather pants.  My thoughts exactly!
Here comes Cari looking quite classy!
My Skirt front
What does animal print mean to you? How does it make you feel  and how did this challenge move or change your destiny? I can’t believe that with my long-standing love of vintage styles, I’ve almost totally managed to miss out on animal print up to now. Now that I’ve taken the plunge, I’m hooked. There will be plenty more in my wardrobe, so long as Guinevere doesn’t get to the fabrics first and claim them for her own. I think she’d be happy if her entire wardrobe was nothing but animal prints to mix and match, whether I thought they matched or not. I’m loving Miss Guinevere more and more!
Do you have an animal print celebrity style icon? I may have been oblivious to animal print up to now, but on the last day of January, I got to go see Muse live in concert. I could swear the drummer was wearing a pink/red animal print shirt (we were about 25 or 30’ back from the stage, and he was toward the back of the stage, so maybe it was just ink-blots). I’d like to think I can admire his getting into the spirit of Jungle January, because, yes, the on-line sewing community is just that cool that he chose that shirt just because of us.  I’m sure that he did!
Now I have to send you via ‘spotted carpet remote to see Lisa at Sew on and Sew on- she has the spotted fever and it’s wonderful!
Shel-Shel is wearing a lovely bit of sass today!
Hey, Shel-Posen or Kors?

Posen is adorable, but only Kors could come up with quotes like “That could be his drag name: Origami Rose”, in reference to our cuddly, beloved, real-women-loving Ven Budhu……And these treasures:

Now, here’s one of my favorite people working leopard as only she can. Be inspired to bring a little animal into your everyday as she does!


In Rachel Pally….

dita von teese rachel

In Jean-Charles de Castelbaja….Dita-von-Teese-Jean-Charles-de-Castelbajac-dress-chs2

Or just running an errand or two…dita-von-teese

photo credits: google images, Meadhawg, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, all images remain the property of their original owners.

More from the Spotted Carpet Awards venue!

Welcome back to the spotted carpet, everyone! As your host I’d like to take a moment to mention that at the end of our preshow event the awards will be given out and if you are one of the most honored winners, please email me with your address- your custom certificate will be mailed to your home or that of your agent!IMG_0653

I missed this gorgeous apron from Sharon and invited her to share it and tell us who her Spirit animal is: When my daughter was little, we used to read a lot of Winnie the Pooh and one day my husband said ‘You’re just like Rabbit’. Unfortunately I think he’s right! I would prefer if my spirit animal was something way cooler like a jaguar. Shar L

Sew Ruth! Welcome to the show!DSCN3368

Having you here is an honor- would you like to answer a question for us? What does animal print mean to you? How does it make you feel and how did this challenge move or change your destiny?

Trash; trashy and traumatized. You may be hearing from my lawyers…

Um, Ok. How about another? Would you do this again next year? Do you have a plan?

Currently I’m in re-hab and taking it one day at a time.

Ok, well, thanks. Enjoy the open bar and free gift bag……Can I get someone else up to the podium….please? Oh, thank goodnees! Someone is treating this formal event with the respect it deserves!I love this top!! 8388905024_2c2aab3500

Welcome Anna! Care to share a thought about your stash? If your stash were a tree, what kind would it be? An unusually fast growing grafted peach tree – one graft for knits (let’s call those white peaches) the other for cottons/linens (yellow peaches). Why peach? The peach season is in full swing at the moment here in Australia and I can’t get enough of them – kind of like fabric really! Maureen-OSullivan-Jane

Yoohoo!!! Beajay! Over here- behind Jane! No, no, you can’t ignore us!!!DSCN2492

Got a minute? We’d like to get your opinion- Posen of Korrs? Is this food?? Or maybe beers? I guess I am incriminating myself again!

Do you think Di Caprio would have been nominated if his character had worn more snake skin? I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me.

Lizzy, Hi, Welcome! Are you shopping differently now that you have been on safari?
I don’t run in terror from the animal print section. Does that count?
I think the print sections should welcome you with open arms and sheathed claws now!Pendrell 4

Oh, look! The girls from Giambattista Valli have some couture beasties to show us: _ARC0986_450x675




Alright, until tomorrow- as Jane Russell said, “No bows, Honey, just 8 bars and off!”

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, Style.com, all photos remain property of their original sources

Wearable Wednesday Jean Paul Gaultier


I know you are couture, but I wanted to look at this loveliness. jp2

Maybe not every aspect of it, but most of it. I love this jacket- I want it to be attached to that matching skirty-business. jp3

Where is Iman- she could wear the stuffing out of this next one! jp4

Again, please get a valet to carry that coat so that I can see the dress better. Better yet- pass me the trench coat an I’ll keep it for you. jp5

Hmm…. I’m torn. It could be the dramatic crotch kerchief effect- something isn’t my favorite with this one. jp6

Hey there, fancy-pants! jp7

Hey there, needs some pants! jp8

Hmm….you know what this would be good for? jp9

wait for it….


Couture Daycare!!!

photo credits: style.com

It’s the Annie Awards- Spotted Carpet Event!!!!

Shameless, just shameless gall to name your own award, but the award is to show off/thank/promote some of the best of Jungle January and just have one more round of joyous feral fellowship, so as the ‘Animal Awards’ sounded too unlyrical, Ladies and Gentleman- the’ Annies’ were born!IMG_3958

Look at this gorgeous trophy- that would only get lost in the mail, so a gorgeous certificate will be winging its way to each winners home the enhance and motivate the sewing areas of each recipient! I will guard and cherish it for you in my lair until my ungrateful nieces and nephews find it after my death and wonder, ‘WTF?!’ Of course, while going thru the bulk of my husband and I’s things, they will say that an awful lot…….IMG_3970

This event will be sprinkled over several posts- because of its epic richness- and feature the speckled carpet interviews of some of our participants and of course, a nostalgic ‘Look Back in Leopard’ ……..

Lets go not-so-live to see our hostess. It’s me! Tell us Anne, what are you wearing?jj1

Thats a good question- it’s Simplicity 2281 and it of course rocks some spots! Next time I will use a less slinky fabric (pun intended) it needs a little more body, I think . I also kind of hate the string tie closure in the back. It’s hospital gowny…..hook and eye next time. IMG_3930

But enough about little me! I’m so pleased to be on the spotted carpet today to greet some of our friends in ferociousness! We’re trying to keep security out of these shots, but of course, we travels with an entourage on par with a Beyonce or other regal dignitary. If you are curious, Flannery our spokesmodel cat could not make it today, prior engagement, but she promises to check her twitter at least once. Bitch. vicki

Oh, here comes one of our guests! VickiKate, care to comment on the celebrity who’s animal style you most admire? ‘Ha, Lady GaGa because that woman has no boundaries and no shame when it comes to her wardrobe. Not that I’d wear any of it, I just love that she has the confidence to do it!’ Thanks Sweetie! Go find a seat for the show-Laura

Laura also joins us today, she of the wonderful style tips and An Affair to Remember Welcome Laura….so, Wilma or Betty- who would rock a zebra stole better? Wilma, definitely. All the very best bombshells have red hair and an hourglass figure like hers. Plus Betty already gets enough attention from being married to a man so much shorter than her.


Hello, Maria! Glad you could make it today- may I ask- what is your spirit animal? I’m definitely a lion, through and through. I think we should have known that one- thank you for being here- please enjoy the buffet…it’s vegetarian!

Who do we have here? Why it’s Katie! katie

Do you have any thoughts on our favorite print genre? Animal Print (always capitalized) has been a favorite of mine since I was small. Growing up in the 80s, neon and animal went hand in hand. In fact, if I may reminisce for a moment, I recall a much loved tiered skirt with attached suspenders that my mother made me. It was in three colors of neon leopard – hot pink, acid green and luminescent yellow. I loved it so much, I later copied it myself in a more sedate green and black print, but it just wasn’t the same without the jungle goodness. Since I have long been a lover of leopard, a connoisseur of cheetah and a sucker for snakeprint, this challenge was a given for me to participate in. It was also such a pleasure to begin the process of indoctrinating my daughter into the sisterhood. Wha- HEY! You get out of here! This event is for serious style mavens only! SECURITY!!!! I knew we shouldn’t have had this outside! Anyone can just walk up!? Just NO! kim

We will reconvene tomorrow semi-live for more action and less riff-raff!!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, all images remain the property of their original owners.

Psst! Hey- look over here! There’s a Pattern Pyramid Touching down at Gjeometry’s place!! The grail pattern Butterick 4699 is still in the pile, too, so hurray!


Oooooooh!  Yes, indeed.  Pattern Pyramid arrived yesterday from the lovely and talented Amanda at Symon Sez, so exciting!  This pattern pyramid was originally started by the charismatic bundle of joy, Anne at Pretty Grievances.  It has been quite the world traveller, visiting various continents and countries, enjoying cocktails, romps on the beach, did some shopping and even bought some cute souvenirs for the little pyramids, at home.pyramidsThe Pyramid began with Velosewer, as the first winner.  It then went on to The Material Lady and next to Mrs. Mole at Fit for a Queen.  After this, Pattern Pyramid enjoyed it’s journey to Tulle and Tweed and straight on to my predecessor, the previously mentioned Symon Sez.  Fabulous!

Now, I also wanted to participate in Sew Grateful Weekhosted by My Happy Sewing Place, where bloggers can take the time to thank their readership and other…

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Wearable Wednesday…Lena Hoschek

Lena, will you be my best friend? I will give you the snowball out of my lunch…. l1

I am feeling an overwhelming pull of slavish devotion to this collection- not felt so strongly since 8th grade. l2

I want this designer to think that I am cool and I want to hang out at her house. l3

Lena, I will do all of your social studies homework….l4

I won’t tell on you if you pull the fire alarm or smoke a cigarette with Eva Deller. l5

But if you aren’t my best friend, Lena- I just know that I will die. I just know it. l6

So, if you would just think about it, ok? Cuz you are sooo cool. l7

Um, ok, sometimes you make bad decisions, like smoking with Eva and the suspender skirt, but…..l8

I think I’ve found my new Betsey Johnson!l9

Do you want to hang out with us, too? But remember, she is MY best friend and she likes me the most. l10

We are going to go to the mall and flirt with 11th grade boys and try on wigs….l11

Ok, but don’t bring Eva Deller. I hate her. She is slut. l13


photo credits: style.com