The Jungle never really leaves our hearts….

Sniff…sniff….I’m going to miss an inbox full of furry, frenzied joy. Please tell me that you will go on and stretch your gorgeous selves in public places inviting envy and compliments bedecked in the finest homages to the animal kingdom! No. I know that you all will! I feel it!

Now, lets press on, thru the dense underbrush to our first jungle denison- Pella– who is back and bringin’ us the slither! img_1109

This morning I saw something stripey and fab on the RedThreadz blog- klm_006
I have blouse envy!
Dilly enters our 2fer’ club with her newest bit of wonderfulness! As a side thought- can i live on your balcomy- that view is gorgeous! 8432097301_44a565ed21_b

Taracat used her puma-like skills to get in on the tail end of our cruise- I would have saved her a seat, she knows it! p1200592-b

Get out your binoculars! I have been gleefully stalking a rare tufted zebra over at Happyrainydaysblog!At last! I see it! image-91

Katy has a fav blog title and a fab top- go see! IMG_3547

Has anyone seen a crazy gypsy? She is camouflaged against the foliage! DSC03896

Surprise! Beajay is back- go see her front! I couldn’t resist….DSCN2488

What is that thing where you don’t like something, but you can’t get it out of your head? No, not Taylor Swift- animal print for our Ruth! Look, she is back! Heehee! Now who doubts my evil powers! DSCN3370

After a hard day of animal watching- I like to kick back and read a library book- Penny?img_0225

Giraffe-tastic? Why yes, yes she is! …and a bit devyne….untitled

Check out some zebra a-go-go! Go see how to own such fabness for your very own at Craftastherapy! craft-as-therapy-pockets-a-gogo-and-sewing-space-010

Hmm….what can I say about animals in the wild- they are unpredictable!Children- that is no beret! I cannot ruin the surprise- go see….panties-in-the-wild

We have fierce zebra action in this post- By Hand London gives us some ruffles to admire! IMG_1363-copy

I’m longing for tropical weather when I see Anna– much paw print coolness! 8430560299_0617edd92a

A Perfect Nose in a leathery knit is a very lovely thing! img_8069

Sarah combined floral and leopard- I love mixed prints! 01_31_13 004

I just knew we couldn’t make it back to base camp without seeing this young lady again! I had a feeling! Velo– take a bow!!!jungle-wrap-open
Psst- I still don’t feel quite finished…..

Photo credits: google images, youtube, All Photos remain the property of their original owners

33 thoughts on “The Jungle never really leaves our hearts….

  1. Oh my gracious! You are correct, we were NOT done. These are terrific! A giraffe jacket with a pink lining? YES! That is what I’m talking about. And that pink ruffled skirt is too fabulous.

    I’m also super-thrilled you chose The Lion King as musical interlude instead of Tarzan Boy from the last post. You know how something is SO bad, that it’s good?? Ya, well that’s not one of them. (It may accidentally get erased somehow…..) πŸ™‚


  2. Ah! πŸ™‚ I got lost in the thicket somewhere, but I finally caught up with you guys! Thank you so much, what a great way to brighten up January! Absolutely adore the black and pink zebra skirt – I clearly have zebra fever…


  3. Tempest Devyne says:

    Wey hey, I made the jeep…and though panting and flushed am glad to be amongst such wonderful company. Are we going to draw straws to decide who’s going to tell @lbreton she’s still wearing her knickers on her head? No? Oh ok, I suspect they’ll keep the mosquitos at bay.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ANNE FOR JUNGLE JANUARY! The posts and amount of genius/silliness all around the sewing community has been a joy to see. I’ll be back (haha) tomorrow with a cup of tea and a notepad to work through all the posts and make sure I’m following the sewists new to me that I might not have discovered without Jungle January.

    My linky is not working at the mo btw, I’m wondering if it’s Typepad being all uppity again, it’s been playing up all day…but if peeps want see close-ups of the giraffe hoodie I’m at

    Thank you again, it’s been a blast! Seriously brightened up my January πŸ™‚


  4. Yay, I got to join in with the other creatures of the jungle! What good company! Jungle january has been an inspiration. I feel I dipped my toe lightly into jungle fever but next time I’m sure I’ll be more WILD, and boy there will be a next time! Thanks for the fun Anne x


  5. Yet again these sewistas have excelled themselves with their sewing prowess, so inspiring.
    I would like to give you a well deserved round of applause, hug, tousle your hair – whatever floats!!, for making January which lets face it is a depressing month( well in this hemisphere anyway)! a brighter and more warm and fuzzy place. Enjoyed every post, terrific fun! well done!


  6. Thank you so much for Jungle January! You have really brightened up a miserable month. I’ve loved reading the posts and discovering some fabulous new peeps to follow. And I can’t wait to see what else you have for us….


  7. Ahh the end. ..and they all lived happily ever after (until next year). Guess you’re going to have to back to sewing yourself now instead of sorting through everyone else’s! Thanks Anne. You’ve made it fun


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