Wearable Wednesday…Lena Hoschek

Lena, will you be my best friend? I will give you the snowball out of my lunch…. l1

I am feeling an overwhelming pull of slavish devotion to this collection- not felt so strongly since 8th grade. l2

I want this designer to think that I am cool and I want to hang out at her house. l3

Lena, I will do all of your social studies homework….l4

I won’t tell on you if you pull the fire alarm or smoke a cigarette with Eva Deller. l5

But if you aren’t my best friend, Lena- I just know that I will die. I just know it. l6

So, if you would just think about it, ok? Cuz you are sooo cool. l7

Um, ok, sometimes you make bad decisions, like smoking with Eva and the suspender skirt, but…..l8

I think I’ve found my new Betsey Johnson!l9

Do you want to hang out with us, too? But remember, she is MY best friend and she likes me the most. l10

We are going to go to the mall and flirt with 11th grade boys and try on wigs….l11

Ok, but don’t bring Eva Deller. I hate her. She is slut. l13


photo credits: style.com

87 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…Lena Hoschek

  1. I absolutely love this collection. And your commentary on this one might be your best yet. Can I hang out at the mall too? My mom might make me bring one of my lame little brothers, but we could “lose” him at Radio Shack or distract him off with a Cinnabon or something.


  2. My goodness, there are several outfits here I would actually wear and I am seriously ready to kill for those lace up red boots. I’ll give the laddered hosiery a miss, though. I’m even considering knocking some of these outfits off …


  3. I want to hang out!!! And I am lusting after the red boots… and dress #2 with the dots… and oh that “heidi” blouse is to die for…Can I PLEASE be a part of your clique? Oh pretty pretty please? I will do EVERYONE”S homework and score the cigarettes!!


  4. I think the white dress with the swishy skirt would be a fantastic wedding gown for someone looking for something a bit off the beaten path. πŸ™‚ And I really like the plaid dress. I’m such a sucker for plaid though….. πŸ˜‰


  5. Who knew I could keep my torn tights and re-wear them instead of binning them? The clothes are pretty though – some really nice detailing to emulate in my me-made items


  6. Love this collection! There are some great pieces in there. Scary thing, I can just see Daughter No2 in loads of those, & holey tights are not a problem, that’s what she looks like when she comes home from school some days! Hmm, now which one to knock off first…..


  7. mrsmole says:

    Gorgeous clothes, cool fabrics and wonderful shoes/boots…what a rebel Lena is! Doesn’t she know to get noticed and a collection sold you have to be hung over and spend the night dumpster diving behind fabric stores for your collection to be noteworthy on the runway? I’m with CG Couture on the white dress being perfect for a wedding but she could ditch the Sonya Henie Norwegian braids. Thanks for such divine eye candy!


  8. All I could think about was a place I worked at back in the day. If you had a run in their hosiery, it was a given that someone would walk up and rip the rest of them to shreds. I had mine torn right off my legs more than once. It was a very fun and crazy place to work. I still miss it. If your slip showed under your skirt or dress it was pulled off you as well, usually while you were assisting a customer, from behind a counter, so the customer couldn’t see what was happening. Of course. We were nothing if not professional.

    Oh the clothes. Lovely, ladylike and edgy. Love them. Nice pick Annie!


  9. starryfishathome says:

    I want at least half of this collection! I really want the red boots. Of course I would have to fight my daughter off, as I’m sure she’d want them as well. Not the suspender dress of course.


  10. Oh that little white dress with the peter pan collar and cape is gorgeous. All lovely. I’m not cool enough to hang out with you guys – there’s no point in kidding myself – so I’ll just stand and look in the window at you all. ;(


  11. I really like your commentary on these! Made me laugh. Lol. I can’t say the same for the outfits. I seem to be outnumbered (sorry folks!), as most of you enjoyed them 😦 But the only ones I actually like are the suspender skirt (didn’t seem to be a big hit) and the green velvet top with the super pointy collar and puffy sleeves (I actually quite like this one, again, didn’t seem to win any popularity contest here, lol. I won’t say anything more. My mother always told me if I have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. πŸ™‚


  12. (I think the last model is trying to smuggle a Schnitzer’s Rye (ala Seinfeld) under her dress….). Ok, so NOW, I won’t say anything more. But, really, we all know that had to be said πŸ™‚ Without the rye, this would be a beautiful dress!


  13. I really like the peasant blouse and goth skirt of number 6, really really like the dress in number 2, and am madly truly deeply in love with the red lace up boots and want to run away with them. Where do I find those boots!!!!


  14. Yeah well I saw Lena kissing your boyfriend! She might design fabulous clothes but she’s sneaky. BTW – just noticed I’ve had a hole in my black tights all day – how fashionable am I?


  15. Am snorting with mirth at the great comments! ( v. attractive). Just realised how very British I sounded with ‘laddered tights’ instead of ‘ripped hosiery’ !!! Lol! Love it!! And LOVE Wearable Wednesday!! (Can I be in your gang now, please?)


  16. WANT that plaid beauty! And love that short black circle skirt with the embroidered peasant blouse simply for it’s little red satin lining – GORGEOUS! Seriously going to reconsider throwing out my laddered tights now….mind you, I used to keep them anyway to wear in front of my father-in-law who used to develop a nervous twitch trying not to draw attention to the ladders he had a pathological hate for.


  17. I like the ‘bad girl meets girly girl’ aesthetic of these looks. I can’t help but love the 90’s grunge throwback of ripped tights and black boots. I really like the olive jacket dress with black detailing on the skirt. Or maybe I just have combat boot envy πŸ˜›


  18. nicebuttsdrivemenuts says:

    I also like the holey fishnets ‘bad girl meets girly girl’ looks. And forgive me for using all caps, BUT WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THAT BELT IN THE SECOND-TO-LAST PHOTO?? I’m a guy, but I did read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, and that’s exactly what I picture a tampon belt to look like… Or is that an under-the-crotch zipper? Even worse…


    • I’m concerned that it is some sort of demonic zipper placement! I think raggy fishnets are supposed to give us street cred- ‘oh I’m not wearing them to look like ______, I’ve had these forever- look at the holes!’


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