Psst! Hey- look over here! There’s a Pattern Pyramid Touching down at Gjeometry’s place!! The grail pattern Butterick 4699 is still in the pile, too, so hurray!


Oooooooh!  Yes, indeed.  Pattern Pyramid arrived yesterday from the lovely and talented Amanda at Symon Sez, so exciting!  This pattern pyramid was originally started by the charismatic bundle of joy, Anne at Pretty Grievances.  It has been quite the world traveller, visiting various continents and countries, enjoying cocktails, romps on the beach, did some shopping and even bought some cute souvenirs for the little pyramids, at home.pyramidsThe Pyramid began with Velosewer, as the first winner.  It then went on to The Material Lady and next to Mrs. Mole at Fit for a Queen.  After this, Pattern Pyramid enjoyed it’s journey to Tulle and Tweed and straight on to my predecessor, the previously mentioned Symon Sez.  Fabulous!

Now, I also wanted to participate in Sew Grateful Weekhosted by My Happy Sewing Place, where bloggers can take the time to thank their readership and other…

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  1. Woot! You mention something and BAM, PrttynPnk is on it! 🙂 Yes, Pattern Pyramid arrived all safe and sound. Thank you for re-blogging Anne, Queen of all things pyramidal and jungley.


  2. (And, yes, it is dancing, mostly. Combined with the seizure like activity and multiple passing out and coming to stages, brought on by bowing repeatedly…..In my country, this is considered a very high form of respect.)


  3. Awesome! I love tracking where these pyramids have been, so am very happy to see a post that provides the history! I’ve just recently won & passed on pyramid, so don’t wish to enter, just wish to say, Yay!


  4. Hi Anne. A comment has appeared on my blog from your account asking me to reply to an email account Bmoviemouse? Is this from you? Or is it as I suspect a bit of hackery! Hope you’ve recovered from the fever of the jungle x Katy


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