It’s the Annie Awards- Spotted Carpet Event!!!!

Shameless, just shameless gall to name your own award, but the award is to show off/thank/promote some of the best of Jungle January and just have one more round of joyous feral fellowship, so as the ‘Animal Awards’ sounded too unlyrical, Ladies and Gentleman- the’ Annies’ were born!IMG_3958

Look at this gorgeous trophy- that would only get lost in the mail, so a gorgeous certificate will be winging its way to each winners home the enhance and motivate the sewing areas of each recipient! I will guard and cherish it for you in my lair until my ungrateful nieces and nephews find it after my death and wonder, ‘WTF?!’ Of course, while going thru the bulk of my husband and I’s things, they will say that an awful lot…….IMG_3970

This event will be sprinkled over several posts- because of its epic richness- and feature the speckled carpet interviews of some of our participants and of course, a nostalgic ‘Look Back in Leopard’ ……..

Lets go not-so-live to see our hostess. It’s me! Tell us Anne, what are you wearing?jj1

Thats a good question- it’s Simplicity 2281 and it of course rocks some spots! Next time I will use a less slinky fabric (pun intended) it needs a little more body, I think . I also kind of hate the string tie closure in the back. It’s hospital gowny…..hook and eye next time. IMG_3930

But enough about little me! I’m so pleased to be on the spotted carpet today to greet some of our friends in ferociousness! We’re trying to keep security out of these shots, but of course, we travels with an entourage on par with a Beyonce or other regal dignitary. If you are curious, Flannery our spokesmodel cat could not make it today, prior engagement, but she promises to check her twitter at least once. Bitch. vicki

Oh, here comes one of our guests! VickiKate, care to comment on the celebrity who’s animal style you most admire? ‘Ha, Lady GaGa because that woman has no boundaries and no shame when it comes to her wardrobe. Not that I’d wear any of it, I just love that she has the confidence to do it!’ Thanks Sweetie! Go find a seat for the show-Laura

Laura also joins us today, she of the wonderful style tips and An Affair to Remember Welcome Laura….so, Wilma or Betty- who would rock a zebra stole better? Wilma, definitely. All the very best bombshells have red hair and an hourglass figure like hers. Plus Betty already gets enough attention from being married to a man so much shorter than her.


Hello, Maria! Glad you could make it today- may I ask- what is your spirit animal? I’m definitely a lion, through and through. I think we should have known that one- thank you for being here- please enjoy the buffet…it’s vegetarian!

Who do we have here? Why it’s Katie! katie

Do you have any thoughts on our favorite print genre? Animal Print (always capitalized) has been a favorite of mine since I was small. Growing up in the 80s, neon and animal went hand in hand. In fact, if I may reminisce for a moment, I recall a much loved tiered skirt with attached suspenders that my mother made me. It was in three colors of neon leopard – hot pink, acid green and luminescent yellow. I loved it so much, I later copied it myself in a more sedate green and black print, but it just wasn’t the same without the jungle goodness. Since I have long been a lover of leopard, a connoisseur of cheetah and a sucker for snakeprint, this challenge was a given for me to participate in. It was also such a pleasure to begin the process of indoctrinating my daughter into the sisterhood. Wha- HEY! You get out of here! This event is for serious style mavens only! SECURITY!!!! I knew we shouldn’t have had this outside! Anyone can just walk up!? Just NO! kim

We will reconvene tomorrow semi-live for more action and less riff-raff!!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, all images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “It’s the Annie Awards- Spotted Carpet Event!!!!

  1. Lol. Awesome! I love that dress on you, very flattering! And, Great choices for the recipients of your award. And the award itself is simply stunning. Is it real gold? I’m assuming it is, of course.


  2. Love love loving your dress. Looks fab on you, Great spotted carpet interviews and that award is the best – the Oscars should get you to redesign that alien looking eunuch that is currently given!


  3. Aww so bummed I didn’t get to enter for Jungle January what with a serious bout of flu, work commitments and a groaning sewing schedule January was written off for me 😦 What I wouldn’t give for an Annie! Your dress is lovely on you btw


  4. What a fabulous dress – and where DID you find such a perfect statuette for the Annies? Love it, and can’t wait to read more of the interviews. And please, do call in more security – the riff-raff can be soooo tiresome!


    • My husband and I tore up a craft store planning that- I know the staff thought we were crazy! ‘They’re out of leopards!’ ‘Ok, so the lion is holding a seam ripper in his mouth and vaulting the spool pyramid, while buttons reign down like fire….’ ‘Seriously Sweetie, I think this giraffe has a classy look to it- I want it to say refined edginess….’ Clean up in aisle 4?!


  5. Anne I love your dress! This is the first time I’ve seen yours and you’ve shared so many others during Jungle January. Oh and I love the trophy and just had a visualisation of someone picking it up and going “WTF” hahahaha

    I can relate to what you mean about the ties at the back of your dress… plus when you’ve got long hair they can be a pain in the but to do up and your hair usually gets tangled… next thing you know you turn your head to take a peak at some wild beastly animal striding by and you end up swiftly turn your head back because you almost ripped out some hair and you think to yourself… well that’ll teach me for looking at that gorgeous wild beast when I shouldn’t have been LOL.


  6. carol456 says:

    I want your dress. I love it. I thought of you today as I was cutting out another animal print garment. Like you, I’ve been a sucker for animal print since I was a kid, even though where I grew up only the ‘common’ girls (as my mother called them) wore animal prints. You can take the girl out of the suburbs …


  7. That statue is purrr-fect! Love it. I also love the fabric you used for your dress, lace and animal print in one, it is ferociously pretty. Okay, that is enough puns. It is beautiful fabric.


  8. Kat H says:

    I am marveling at the awesomeness of your trophy. Love love love! Giraffe and thread spools and buttons, you are a true genius of crafty goodness.


  9. Of all your makes, this is my favorite – evah! And so flattering. (Though thanks for not showing the apron strings.)
    I’m already making my plans for next year just because of your irrestible statuette.


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