Wearable Wednesday Jean Paul Gaultier


I know you are couture, but I wanted to look at this loveliness. jp2

Maybe not every aspect of it, but most of it. I love this jacket- I want it to be attached to that matching skirty-business. jp3

Where is Iman- she could wear the stuffing out of this next one! jp4

Again, please get a valet to carry that coat so that I can see the dress better. Better yet- pass me the trench coat an I’ll keep it for you. jp5

Hmm…. I’m torn. It could be the dramatic crotch kerchief effect- something isn’t my favorite with this one. jp6

Hey there, fancy-pants! jp7

Hey there, needs some pants! jp8

Hmm….you know what this would be good for? jp9

wait for it….


Couture Daycare!!!

photo credits: style.com

50 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Jean Paul Gaultier

  1. mrsmole says:

    Holy hula hoops, Anne! That collection just knocked my socks off, even the purple peasant top/crotch kerchief one…I pictured Cher wearing it back when she had her show with Sonny. The hairstyles all ratted up and sprayed with half a can of Aqua Net hair spray just brought back good memories of the 60’s. The earrings, shoes and models just oozed class and the luciousness of the fabrics just beg to be touched! The hoop skirt/pup tent dress would be perfect for Angelina Jolie’s growing brood, too.


  2. The purple immediately made me go, “Ooooo!” then, “No, wait”. So… maybe those same fabrics arranged just a wee bit differently. The “crotch kerchief” isn’t so bad but I don’t do bare shoulders, and the skirt looks too slim for me. It needs to be flared out a little bit.


  3. At first, I was distracted by the purple toe shoes in the ‘needs some pants’ pic, but then I saw the dress with the kids under it and was stunned speechless. I kind of like the brown boulder holder for some reason though…


  4. Stripes and coats… I will take one of each. I NEVER expected the brood under the skirt. Sometimes I sit and wonder “who the heck thought of that and what were they drinking?” I guess it is a different take on the old woman who lived in a shoe…


  5. I loved the first fw looks and then…well it got to looking like something Cher would wear in Vegas, just NMS. The kids under the dress??? Didn’t anyone flash back to A Christmas Carol when the Ghost of Christmas Present flashes two waifs from under his robes…
    Ignorance and Want


  6. LOL at the last picture! “Couture Day Care”….it’s the latest in chi-chi-chic! Did those little tots walk the runway with her or cluster under there when she ended? Too funny!

    Interesting fabrics and treatments, though…that dress with the trench over it is beautifully done. I’m like you – wish we could see the whole thing! Trench looks rather interesting, too, with that waist detail.

    Fun post!


  7. Hang on a minute there…..did they make those poor children crawl hunchbacked all the way down the runway and back before the big reveal or was it a big magic trick, them being catapulted up through the stage Destiny’s Child at the Superbowl stylee moments before she hitched her skirt up? I need to know these things before I commit to my couture.In other matters, I want that brown silk and lace panelled maxi and blouse. WANT.


  8. Wow, I feel sexy just LOOKING at these dresses. Wonder what would happen if I put them on? (With the obvious exception of the last dress….think it’s supposed to be funny). The first six of these are so beautiful!


  9. In my books, Gaultier can do no wrong. I have always loved his fearless, timeless rock and roll style – love love loooove this collection šŸ™‚ Except the dress that had babies… I’ll pass on that style LOL.


  10. redsilvia says:

    I don’t think Jean Paul understands what children are for? Hmm.

    The coats over long fancy dresses smacks a bit of the walk of shame, only with nicer hair and makeup not smeared all over their faces. Some lovely things there – if only I’d married better…


  11. Well, it’s an interesting collection which goes from pretty fabulous downhill to weird. I wonder if dhe gave birth to those children in that very dress and they have lived there ever since.

    I almost feel a nursery rhyme coming on…


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