The Annie Awards! Semi-live and semi-ferocious!

Faithful Feral Followers, our January ran by at cheetah speed and brought new friends,  new undertakings and many great makes from across the animal- loving Sewcialist universe! I have to admit that I didn’t think that my silliness would catch on and I expected to be alone at the primal inn a good bit, but many saw the opportunity to wrestle or relish the untamed and I think that we are all the better for it. Sniff, sniff. I hate to see it end, but will it really end? NO!  It cannot! Wherever there is spotted or stripey textiles, we will be there! In our hearts, on our heads and even on our knickers- the show will go on! On New Years Eve when we turn the calendar to 2014, remember to get your cat on- because January is Jungle time!!!!Mary-Pickford-silent-mo

Now, as promised, it’s time to award some of our players and reflect once more in our Special Awards segment! YAY!!!!  Wait- who’s this? Why its Byrdie Couture in an amazing Minoru! Not late- because animal print never goes out of style!Minoru3

Isn’t that right, Bolts, Bobbins and Blunders?img_0585

I’m so pleased that this lady joined the party, too- it’s Cation Designs in a twirl-worthy leopard dress! IMG_8637

Now I know there is another awards show tonight, right Tempest? But now we are getting down to the most important one! Yes! The Official, First ever Awards for Excellent in Animal Print…..The Annie Awards!!!IMG_3958

Now, due to the nature of shipping and security around our award statuette, all winners will be awarded a custom certificate declaring to the world that they have the best taste of all!DACHSHUND UN by Australian artist Bennett Miller in Sydney

My International award selection panel led by myself, 3 dachshunds and a Mole have laboured intensely to select these names- they do not sum up the whole of our event, merely some of our notables- all are honored for their work and I thank you- each and every one of you for your inspiration, your style, your willingness and your indulgence! I’ve had a ball seeing this grow from my foolish idea to wooly-mammoth sized  online foolishness!

In no particular order, because all of our participants were  FABULOUS:

For Excellence in Accessories Coco, Sewing For Fun and Bobbins and Whimsy

For Amazing Outerwear: Lisa, Valerie, Tempest

Keeping the yard safe and stylish: Elle C Sews, Twice!

Raised in the Wild-Style: Kat , Myra

Most Meetings at the Watering Hole: Maria

Gorgeous things requiring discretion: Sewforward

Playing against type: We have a tie! The crowd goes wild!!  Lizzy, Ruth

Why don’t I own this dress?! Award Heather, Chris, Wonderfully Made Leonie P

Living up to their name and then some!: Tigergirl, Taracat

Earning  warm-blooded Envy: Country Girl Couture, Norie

I still don’t know how you did that, but I want it: Pella, Happyrainydaysblog

Bows and Beasties: Trumbelina, Cynthia

Most ready to hibernate: Sew Exhaustedpeggy cow

Phew! I’m exhausted! Now I must ready for that other award show and lesser carpet event.

**Winners- if I do not already have your address, thru various fabric stalking activities, please email me at  bmoviemouse(at)gmail(dot)com and a gorgeous certificate suitable for framing will be sent your way!!!mermaids

Again, as I and my amazing team here at Grievances Central thank you and wave goodbye until next time….remember- It’s better in the Wild!

Photo credits: All images remain the property of their original owners, google images, meadhawg, Dachsund UN- by Bennett Miller- musueum  of Contemporary art in Sydney

32 thoughts on “The Annie Awards! Semi-live and semi-ferocious!

  1. I didn’t get in on your Jungle January Challenge this year, (I’m crying about that now), but I did follow along and was able to see all the junglelish styles from all around the world. I must tell you that I really enjoyed it from afar, and plan on joining in next year. Thanks for sponsoring it!


  2. Cheryl B. says:

    This blog has been so much fun to read! All the garments are gorgeous and well done. I have really enjoyed seeing all of them. Thank you


  3. Wow! Thank you! Thank you! I will wear my Jungle January Bra with jungle pride – but all who see me will be unawares that a jungle print lurks under my blouse!

    This was the best sew a-long EVER! So many talented sewists and beautiful garments – can’t wait ’til next January 😉


  4. Kat H says:

    You are fabulous, as always! Love it all. 🙂

    (I am also eyeing up animal prints quite a lot more after seeing all the fabulous makes from Jungle January. Hmmmm…. leopard and giraffe are quite gorgeous, really!)

    Thanks for hosting such an inspiring (and fun!) month. 🙂


  5. Oooh! Thank you for including me! 🙂 It was a lot of fun to make something up and see what others had made…not to mention my son had a little song/dance about “Jungle January”–I think he might have even been more excited about it than I was! Assuming that’s even possible. 😉


  6. Oh WOW Annie… how exciting to see my name up there… I graciously accept with pride!!! Oh I didn’t prepare a speech… I wasn’t expecting this….. oh dear the tears are rolling down my cheeks as I walk up and accept my wonderful award. Can I please say a few words (that’s what they do don’t they?) I would like thank my fabric, my sewing machine, my overlocker, my scissors, my cutting table, my pattern, oh and my dog “Zoe” for sitting by my side through every stitch, my wonderful husband who bought me my new sewing machine for xmas, my comfortable chair that cushions my rump for hours on end (heehee), my threads, my… oh I could go on and on as there’s so many wonderful sewing notions and friends and family I’d love to thank…. my heart is pounding as I ROAR with pride… oh and most of all I’d love to thank my wonderful host ANNIE for hosting this amazing event and believing in me and supporting and encouraging me to believe in myself… without Annie none of this would be possible… bless you Annie… big round of ROARS & GROWLS for the most amazing host ever!!! hahahaha cracking up roaring now… gotta go as the jungle is calling and I can see a handsome wild beast walking…mmm stalking my way…. rrrroooaaarrrr…. sew long oh and thank you sew much for my award 🙂


  7. What??? I won an award? You like me, you really like me!
    First of all, I must thank my supporting cast, most importantly, my Spanx, without which my dress would never be the coveted and much admired dress that it is.

    Actually, this dress was worn today, and in future syndication, it will live on as an animal print classic.
    Thank you, thank you so much. And thank you to Anne, the incredible director/producer and hostess of this awards show.


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