Wearable Wednesday Anja Gockel

Welcome to Berlin!AN1

These have a bit of an Olympic flag thing going on….An2

Tough Boucle, baby! an3

Oh, no! I’m starting to respond positively to the high/low hem! Help me! an4

She’s so angry, but I really want to examine her blouse closely- do you think she would hit me? an5

Is that a no-sew fleece shrug? How wonderfully inventive! an6

Ok, this skirt has made up for the shrug for me. an7

Ascot has got to tighten up the dress code on black and white day…..an8

This print reminds me of when the magic school bus teaches us about infections. an9

photo credits: style.com

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anja Gockel

  1. Love the boucle, and heck, the tats too! Some interesting construction and fabrics although I’m not sure they all work together. The white and black number, just kind of silly.


  2. I like the angry woman’s outfit. But look! Isn’t the model in the previous picture wearing the same skirt pulled up over her boobs?

    I think I also like the magic school bus outfit but I want a closer look at the print.

    And I third the Oscar critique suggestion.


  3. Well, gosh…I can’t decide on this one. There were some kind of neat looks…then BOOM…The Magic School Bus lady jumps in…or the knee length skirt with boring blouse appears. (blouse pretty on its own, but kind of a dowdy little pairing, IMO)

    I’m OVER the high-low hems – especially those high in front; low in back things…! Actually, now I’m just kind of irritated at the entire collection, so pooh!

    Loved your commentary, as always! I’ve sure seen some interesting collections, thanks to you 🙂


    • I suppose I’m just a fashion stick-in-the-mud because I can’t get used to high-low or crooked hems and I hate fussy, drapey things around the neckline. I have always liked classic looks.


  4. mrsmole says:

    The zig-zag skirt is cool along with the colors…who knew that teal went with purple? Some of them are just wacky but wearable. Love to know what that off the shoulder poncho costs…1.5 yds of fabric? Always a treat on Wednesdays to share these models and their clothes and now their tattoos…oh my!


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