It’s the Annie Awards- Spotted Carpet Event!!!!

Shameless, just shameless gall to name your own award, but the award is to show off/thank/promote some of the best of Jungle January and just have one more round of joyous feral fellowship, so as the ‘Animal Awards’ sounded too unlyrical, Ladies and Gentleman- the’ Annies’ were born!IMG_3958

Look at this gorgeous trophy- that would only get lost in the mail, so a gorgeous certificate will be winging its way to each winners home the enhance and motivate the sewing areas of each recipient! I will guard and cherish it for you in my lair until my ungrateful nieces and nephews find it after my death and wonder, ‘WTF?!’ Of course, while going thru the bulk of my husband and I’s things, they will say that an awful lot…….IMG_3970

This event will be sprinkled over several posts- because of its epic richness- and feature the speckled carpet interviews of some of our participants and of course, a nostalgic ‘Look Back in Leopard’ ……..

Lets go not-so-live to see our hostess. It’s me! Tell us Anne, what are you wearing?jj1

Thats a good question- it’s Simplicity 2281 and it of course rocks some spots! Next time I will use a less slinky fabric (pun intended) it needs a little more body, I think . I also kind of hate the string tie closure in the back. It’s hospital gowny…..hook and eye next time. IMG_3930

But enough about little me! I’m so pleased to be on the spotted carpet today to greet some of our friends in ferociousness! We’re trying to keep security out of these shots, but of course, we travels with an entourage on par with a Beyonce or other regal dignitary. If you are curious, Flannery our spokesmodel cat could not make it today, prior engagement, but she promises to check her twitter at least once. Bitch. vicki

Oh, here comes one of our guests! VickiKate, care to comment on the celebrity who’s animal style you most admire? ‘Ha, Lady GaGa because that woman has no boundaries and no shame when it comes to her wardrobe. Not that I’d wear any of it, I just love that she has the confidence to do it!’ Thanks Sweetie! Go find a seat for the show-Laura

Laura also joins us today, she of the wonderful style tips and An Affair to Remember Welcome Laura….so, Wilma or Betty- who would rock a zebra stole better? Wilma, definitely. All the very best bombshells have red hair and an hourglass figure like hers. Plus Betty already gets enough attention from being married to a man so much shorter than her.


Hello, Maria! Glad you could make it today- may I ask- what is your spirit animal? I’m definitely a lion, through and through. I think we should have known that one- thank you for being here- please enjoy the buffet…it’s vegetarian!

Who do we have here? Why it’s Katie! katie

Do you have any thoughts on our favorite print genre? Animal Print (always capitalized) has been a favorite of mine since I was small. Growing up in the 80s, neon and animal went hand in hand. In fact, if I may reminisce for a moment, I recall a much loved tiered skirt with attached suspenders that my mother made me. It was in three colors of neon leopard – hot pink, acid green and luminescent yellow. I loved it so much, I later copied it myself in a more sedate green and black print, but it just wasn’t the same without the jungle goodness. Since I have long been a lover of leopard, a connoisseur of cheetah and a sucker for snakeprint, this challenge was a given for me to participate in. It was also such a pleasure to begin the process of indoctrinating my daughter into the sisterhood. Wha- HEY! You get out of here! This event is for serious style mavens only! SECURITY!!!! I knew we shouldn’t have had this outside! Anyone can just walk up!? Just NO! kim

We will reconvene tomorrow semi-live for more action and less riff-raff!!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, all images remain the property of their original owners.

Psst! Hey- look over here! There’s a Pattern Pyramid Touching down at Gjeometry’s place!! The grail pattern Butterick 4699 is still in the pile, too, so hurray!


Oooooooh!  Yes, indeed.  Pattern Pyramid arrived yesterday from the lovely and talented Amanda at Symon Sez, so exciting!  This pattern pyramid was originally started by the charismatic bundle of joy, Anne at Pretty Grievances.  It has been quite the world traveller, visiting various continents and countries, enjoying cocktails, romps on the beach, did some shopping and even bought some cute souvenirs for the little pyramids, at home.pyramidsThe Pyramid began with Velosewer, as the first winner.  It then went on to The Material Lady and next to Mrs. Mole at Fit for a Queen.  After this, Pattern Pyramid enjoyed it’s journey to Tulle and Tweed and straight on to my predecessor, the previously mentioned Symon Sez.  Fabulous!

Now, I also wanted to participate in Sew Grateful Weekhosted by My Happy Sewing Place, where bloggers can take the time to thank their readership and other…

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Wearable Wednesday…Lena Hoschek

Lena, will you be my best friend? I will give you the snowball out of my lunch…. l1

I am feeling an overwhelming pull of slavish devotion to this collection- not felt so strongly since 8th grade. l2

I want this designer to think that I am cool and I want to hang out at her house. l3

Lena, I will do all of your social studies homework….l4

I won’t tell on you if you pull the fire alarm or smoke a cigarette with Eva Deller. l5

But if you aren’t my best friend, Lena- I just know that I will die. I just know it. l6

So, if you would just think about it, ok? Cuz you are sooo cool. l7

Um, ok, sometimes you make bad decisions, like smoking with Eva and the suspender skirt, but…..l8

I think I’ve found my new Betsey Johnson!l9

Do you want to hang out with us, too? But remember, she is MY best friend and she likes me the most. l10

We are going to go to the mall and flirt with 11th grade boys and try on wigs….l11

Ok, but don’t bring Eva Deller. I hate her. She is slut. l13


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Swap, Drop and Roll!

Look at her! It’s all her fault! I’ve covered up her eyes to protect her innocence but she has none! This is the face of a sinister fabric enabler!! Who happens to be my best friend. Isn’t that always the way? de1

This creative gal has been involved in 2 fabric based project lines that have ended up sending a lot…no, A LOT of fabulous fabric to little me. When she wants to free herself from the shackles of clutter I reply with a simple ‘GIMME! GIMME!‘ All my sheer frisky blouses? Her cast off remnants! I am blessed and cursed from a stash standpoint. So if you follow this logic it’s also her fault that I have 900 camisoles and tanks- you can’t run about like Kate Moss in sheer tops, can you? But I digress- my friend has moved on to a very distracting project lately! 65143_10151319699716413_1019185382_n

Now that I have placed blame, the next step in fabric rehab is admitting that you have a problem. Ok, I do. I need more room for fabric. So some of my less wise purchases need to go. Enter the Amazing  Kat and Anne with their little plan:swapbutton180

Now I own no ugliness. Just some bad ideas. You can’t buy for you what is other people’s color palettes no matter what Pantone tells you to do! If you’ve ever said, ‘um sure, I could use it, I guess’ you have been the victim of a textile or craft dump. Why would a cosmopolitan gal like I own rickrack otherwise? colonial

So prepare to shop my stash-

Ok, first up is a roll of unknown origin and quantity of a pink flat eyelet trim. It needs a home that will give it a nice project! DSC08449

2nd offering: 1 and a smidge yards of a 45 inch striped spandex print. This was a fabricmart freebie, but it just isn’t my thing, you knows?  Gone!  DSC08447

How about a lovely assortment of chenille rickrack? Stop calling me a hoarder! It was a gift! Look at the models face- dreaming of chenille rickrack paradise and it can be yours too! DSC08450

Ok, this is another fabricmart freebie- I’ve seen myself in a fab retro frock in this, but alas, I know it’s hard to believe- black and white makes me look….pale! It’s 60 inches wide and 2+ yards. Crisp and prewashed- like I like my men! GONE! DSC08457

That picture is awfully glossy- here’s another to entice you-


Are you still not excited? From the land of broken plans I bring you- Simplicity 2030- the cape that never was- I was hoping for a Carrie Bradshaw winter….DSC08463

Now, this is a great piece for sure! I was thinking tropical Gertie, the color is great on me, but the placement of the repeat is just a killer. It’s right down the middle of it’s 45 inch width. 5 yards of a tropical quilty cotton to an adventurous soul!    Gone!  DSC08461

I plan to add to this as I emotionally release other fabrics, notions and patterns thru a series of therapy sessions and other purchases- so if none of this appeals to you- just you wait! Go see the pinterest board of Swappy Specialness and perhaps you will do the Swappy Swish with us!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg. All photos remain property of their original owners.

The Jungle never really leaves our hearts….

Sniff…sniff….I’m going to miss an inbox full of furry, frenzied joy. Please tell me that you will go on and stretch your gorgeous selves in public places inviting envy and compliments bedecked in the finest homages to the animal kingdom! No. I know that you all will! I feel it!

Now, lets press on, thru the dense underbrush to our first jungle denison- Pella– who is back and bringin’ us the slither! img_1109

This morning I saw something stripey and fab on the RedThreadz blog- klm_006
I have blouse envy!
Dilly enters our 2fer’ club with her newest bit of wonderfulness! As a side thought- can i live on your balcomy- that view is gorgeous! 8432097301_44a565ed21_b

Taracat used her puma-like skills to get in on the tail end of our cruise- I would have saved her a seat, she knows it! p1200592-b

Get out your binoculars! I have been gleefully stalking a rare tufted zebra over at Happyrainydaysblog!At last! I see it! image-91

Katy has a fav blog title and a fab top- go see! IMG_3547

Has anyone seen a crazy gypsy? She is camouflaged against the foliage! DSC03896

Surprise! Beajay is back- go see her front! I couldn’t resist….DSCN2488

What is that thing where you don’t like something, but you can’t get it out of your head? No, not Taylor Swift- animal print for our Ruth! Look, she is back! Heehee! Now who doubts my evil powers! DSCN3370

After a hard day of animal watching- I like to kick back and read a library book- Penny?img_0225

Giraffe-tastic? Why yes, yes she is! …and a bit devyne….untitled

Check out some zebra a-go-go! Go see how to own such fabness for your very own at Craftastherapy! craft-as-therapy-pockets-a-gogo-and-sewing-space-010

Hmm….what can I say about animals in the wild- they are unpredictable!Children- that is no beret! I cannot ruin the surprise- go see….panties-in-the-wild

We have fierce zebra action in this post- By Hand London gives us some ruffles to admire! IMG_1363-copy

I’m longing for tropical weather when I see Anna– much paw print coolness! 8430560299_0617edd92a

A Perfect Nose in a leathery knit is a very lovely thing! img_8069

Sarah combined floral and leopard- I love mixed prints! 01_31_13 004

I just knew we couldn’t make it back to base camp without seeing this young lady again! I had a feeling! Velo– take a bow!!!jungle-wrap-open
Psst- I still don’t feel quite finished…..

Photo credits: google images, youtube, All Photos remain the property of their original owners