An Easter Parade with Helena ‘Bonnet’ Carter


I love Easter, because you can get major amounts of chocolate in small pocket-sized quantities for discrete snacking. I’m still working on how to discretely nibble the ears of a 4 LB dark chocolate bunny while I work, but I will conquer that hurdle eventually. Perhaps a holster……hmm. I digress. I also love that Easter brings out the hats. Hats just aren’t worn enough anymore. So, I thought a little hat viewage would be a nice thing while we eat our peeps and such. The ‘Grievances proudly presents a post I like to think of as: Stuff on Helena Bonham Carters Head!!! Yay! Fanfair and confetti flair! Helena+Bonham+Carter+W+Magazine+Golden+Globe+qeUcod4qlJTx


Squeal- Look at that silly furry thing with ears! No, not him, on her head! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Tim+Burton+Helena+Bonham+GD-sF6VydqVx

While I was researching, it got to be sort of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ event. Sometimes I’d think there was something on her head, but it was really just her head. Helena+Bonham+Carter+QVC+Red+Carpet+Style+34j3CU5XYKBx

So tricky! I’m almost ashamed at how much I love a mini top hat. Helena+Bonham+Carter+Philips+British+Academy+GXa-_izWjQtx

No, Helena, don’t look regretful- I love this one! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Paloma+Faith+seen+attending+8KDzhwiGrNqx

I think this one dispenses little cinnamon bears!


I tease, but I truly do love her style- she is just amazing- when dressed up. Helena+Bonham+Carter+Jameson+Empire+Awards+KqTltch0pfdx

Top hat again! Oh, I burn with envy! Why can’t I wear these to work? Stupid rules! I could attach a headset phone to it and write it off! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Investitures+Buckingham+30Inke7tPfwx

Please tell me that an animatronic frog lives in this!!Helena+Bonham+Carter+Harry+Potter+Deathly+ggSuzvsRUQux

Your thoughts? Did she kill a flamenco dancer and claim this prize? Helena+Bonham+Carter+Eleventh+Annual+AFI+Awards+7RtV3qQOmZPx

-Feathers and velvet- I love you! I forgive you your foiblous footwear choices! Helena+Bonham+Carter+BAFTA+Britannia+Awards+OF1RskhEOyPx

I think this one is a drama in 2 parts! Helena+Bonham+Carter+83rd+Academy+Awards+Nominations+6IfiJmg0EK7x

Helena, you are so creative- you find the most attractive things to put on your head! My favorite attempts involve you trying to wear Colin Firth… Helena+Bonham+Carter+Weinstein+Company+DeLeon+EuxMZR9jEm4l

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Wearable Wednesday AltewaiSaome

Today we are in Stockholmaw1

and we like zippers.aw2

We are also perhaps waterproof…aw3

We may be wearing the latest in camping gear….aw4

We may be working as Darth Vaders clerical staff….aw5

Ah, the zip is a stride adjustment…literally. aw6

Gees, such a thick fabric and yet we can see hipbone and nipples….aw7

Maybe these are the designers Sewing Dare pants……aw9

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We Spoke of Was and Where…..Burda 7127

In 1984 cable came to Somerset, New Jersey. life as I knew it was about to change.  Up until MTV appeared, I had led a sheltered life at a small religious private school. My older siblings didn’t have the same musical taste as I did and I was left with just the music approved by my schools rigorous views of hellfire and damnation. By my 16th birthday, I had seen Amy Grant in concert 3 times. Seriously. 220px-Straight_Ahead

I rushed home to catch an hour of newish music and try desperately to grasp some cool points. I dropped my trapper keeper and le sports sac in front of the family room tv and hunkered down. Oh, crap.  MTV was showing creaky old crap from the vintage vault. Whatever. I rolled my eyes and thought about shaker knit sweaters  and Matthew Broderick for a few minutes. Then it happened. I saw him. He was magnificent and a little scary. He was singing right to me. From the past. It was an old concert clip of Bowie singing ‘Changes’.ziggy-stardust1

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

(Turn and face the strain)
Don’t tell t hem to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the strain)
Where’s your shame
You’ve left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can’t trace time

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I’m going through…..

Ok, it didn’t hurt that I misunderstood the lyrics as ‘turn and face the strange‘  and felt like he was giving me license to not only make art, but in my small way..BE ART! Not fitting in to my tiny surroundings no longer seemed like such a bad thing. It seemed like the goal. Bowie was a gateway drug. I hopped from him to Marc Bolan, to Iggy to Warhol, to the New York Dolls, to Lou Reed- my favorite singer/songwriter of all. 128774870566671220_8ejaIxu1_c

Now I have to admit after al of this that glam rock is not a style that I lean toward, what I lean toward is the stylishness of it all. The sublime crazy- the insane but perfect tailoring and the inability to be pigeonholed with one look. Bowie has swaggered thru so many periods and still been BOWIE. For me the message is, enjoy trends, but be you above all and don’t apologize for the you that you were picked to be. It’s all beyond some, but they don’t matter anyway.dbman1

Thank you Tempest for giving us all an opportunity to reflect on some amazing music and some serious style.Bowie3

I chose to homage ‘The Man Who Sold the World’. The husband doesn’t know its also a little tribute to his love of science fiction- he loves Robert Heinlein. I also loved that its release was very close to my own. 1971. The American album cover featured a generic cartoon- instead of David in what might very well have been one of Angie’s frocks. I’m alot less edgy in this one than he was! Burda 7127 just felt right for this. European and stylish. 7127

The little sleeve details sold me on this- it elevates the basic shape a bit. Bowie 4

On a side note, I love this dress- my Mother referred to this dress as ‘the brown one that you aren’t going to like’ while I was making it. But hey, that just made it perfect for this salute to my angst, right? Nobody understands me! I’m a rebel! Well, a ‘Rebel, Rebel’, if you will……envy my savage footwear!bowie6

One more after we let down the puppy gate: bowie5

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Swinton Sighting!!!!

Children of the Swinton, do you smell stylishness? Tempest has had my Swinton senses on full alert this week with her Bowie updates and yes, we have been rewarded! The heavens parted over the V&A last night and we have a new shot of the Tildanian! tilda

I’m loving her in this tailored look- she is is of course sporting the Haider Ackermann. Thank you, Mr Bowie for ending our Swinton drought!!


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Wearable Wednesday…Thakoon Addition

These pockets- aren’t they nifty? That may be the last time this collection excites me. I feel as excited about these as the model does. Look at her enthusiasm! It’s bursting from her! th1

…it’s textural, right? Her knees are warm on open-topped car trips, thats good, tight? th2

Not sure about the hem business, but the cheetah jacket has interest. th3

Shoes. yes, please. I like the blouse a bit too. I think I’ve done this inadvertently. th4

Huh. She seems disgusted. Maybe she keeps trying to tuck it in. th5

Is that one piece? I feel the need to pull her up by the shoulder pads. th6

Ooh- pleating! Also a hem like opera curtains! th7

Im afraid of what this may look like from the back. Is she holding it down at the sides?th8

I wouldn’t have combed my hair for this outfit either. th9

Underwhelmed. Please change my mind in the comments.

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Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

You know I have a weakness for the Sui….su1

I love all the pairing of texture and pattern….


I need a pattern suggestion for this one- I want it!


Like a frisky peacock mated with Lulu!




Grape Giraffe trench alert!!!


Do I even need to speak of my love?


To Sui, with love…..


Why am I not wearing this as I type?


One more…hmm….


Oh! I’ve fallen off my chair- I’m having to be revived by the daschies! Enjoy this while they minister to me with bonbons and glossy magazines……

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Am I suited for Adulthood? Vogue 8442

Fabricmart– you are a friend to me! How I love the sight of a box on the porch. it makes me giddy, as you know. But also full of trepidation- the free bundles are my favorite form of textile roulette. Will it be lovely animal print? Will it be a matching lining for an ordered treasure? Lace? Almost always I get something I am as excited about as what I ordered.  Except this last time. Yes, I am about to kiss a gift horse full on the mouth, I am. Grey…..wool……suiting……with pinstripes? Um, what do you do with that? Do they have any idea who they are sending this to? Is it a joke? I ordered a box of my usual fiesta de tacky and they send me Gregory Peck wear????the-man-in-the-grey-flannel-suit-03

Cosmic joke. Sure I have the option of wearing business attire to work, but lets be honest, an elastic waist totally rocks on any given day. Sure, I love to dress up, but the thoughtless ease of my lovely brown scrubs is just so perfect at 6:30 in the morning! But I digress. I pondered and I thought about it and asked myself: how can I Anniefy this mature fabric? Hmm…lets all think on it. peck

Solution:  Vogue 84428442

I’m in love. Seriously- this ticked all the boxes. Comfortable, vaguely stylish, work appropriate. Do you hear this, Mother? I have an adult outfit!!IMG_4098

My only issues were fixable. I have no idea why it calls for a center front seam or even a zipper?! I left both off. Next time I will know better and not have a back center seam either. It’s not so fitted that it made a difference. What do you think? Just ignore all of that smut behind me- I swear it’s all religious tomes and higher thought!!IMG_4086

These pics are after work- so ignore the wrinkles, it was a long days! We trained an ortho office and I was bobbing up and down alot. Like you do when training, right?IMG_4091

Funny- well, to me at least. The sleeves are a little stiff at the cuffs and the buttons were a lovely metal Mr B picked out- every time I came thru my office door- they would hit the door frame on one side and CLANK!!! I know, thats not how ladies walk about- barrelling thru entrances like bulls. I need to insinuate myself into rooms- like Gigi’s aunt taught her! Now The Peck and the shape of this having me thinking noir, Susan Haywood ‘You can’t break me, Coppers!’ thoughts, so here’s my noir pose. Probably more effective without 2 Disney world potatoheads behind me, but hey, you get the idea! noir

photo credits: meadhawg, google images,pattern review, all images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday…. Tsumori Chisato

We’re in Paris, Baby! ts1

Ok I’m going to filter out some of this collection and focus on my favorite recurring theme from it.ts11

Ready for some fashion? Well let’s get cracking!


-Swag bags included drawn butter and limited edition bibs…..


The designer took her inspiration from art, nature and the Red Lobster spring menu…..ts14

I love this jacket- what do you think? ts8

Group on coupons for Al’s Bayside Shanty Bar and Tiki Lounge for the best comment on this next one: ts9

This collection is so not about keeping Kosher, it’s about succulence.


I love the shoes in this collection. I also love the subtle shell shoulders….ts13

Wallis Simpson had a Cartier brooch very similar to this one.


Oh, no! They make high/low pants, too?! ts16

Now I really do what you to see the rest of this collection- it’s crazy, colorful fun- go look at and then maybe go have some thermidor…….

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NL 6000 or How empowering little girls will wreck your figure!


Here they come. Ringing the doorbell, stopping you at the Sam’s, slipped onto your desk by co-workers. Yes, it’s that time again and Juliette Gordon Low, I am mad at you!juliette-gordon-low-2

It was February and I wanted to be a Scruffy Badger Scout like all the cool kids-  I bought the pattern and the polka dotted (ok, sort of polka dotted) fabric for my uniform and I was really liking my dress- until YOU meddling kids showed up with your smiles promising girly empowerment, but  really just masking caloric intake! Shame on you! Now my NL 6000 is bursting at the seams and my breath smells of shame and thin mints! Oh, how evil you little moppets are! I’ve paid $3.50 a box to send you to sleepaway camp and now I can’t afford my much needed trip to a fat camp for me! I’m three more boxes away from looking like the First Lady- and I don’t mean the one who loves Jason Wu!?FS93_GS_1

Ah me, here goes nothing-cookie1

I chose View A and I really enjoyed making the pleats- can you see them around the peanut butter patties? That by the way is my new nickname for my hips.   I had to alter the pattern to my usual 18ish. Hey New Look? Where are the patterns for the dainty plussers?cookie2

Don’t make me put these cookies down and fire off an angry letter- cuz I just might!! Ok, maybe I’ll just finish this sleeve of thin mints first- I don’t want them to dry out. Or be eaten by the camera man. That would suck, too.cookie3

This is lined in an ivory batiste and I didn’t take into account that it might take up some of my ease space- yup, thats what happened, it’s that darned thick, thick batiste taking up all my oxygen room!IMG_4043

‘She looked like she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say ‘when’ – P G Wodehouse.   I think that about sums it up. I think I will put my little frock in the closet until the weather warms up and I am out of cookies!!  I do love this look, I know I will wear it to death later in the year after I perhaps burn off a couple of hundred samoas walking the puffy-pups.cookie4

Aw, Juliette, I can’t stay mad at you- you’re just too cuddly! *Unsubstantiated Bonus Jules GL trivia: Samoas, the best cookie by far was named after Jule’s South Pacific Islander love toy Fetu- her first viewing of the prototype cookie made her weep and exclaim, ‘The rich caramel color, it is so like my Fetu…  yummy…..’.. * 74c1cf37c200b0faf90262faca04ab88

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, all photos remain the property of their original sources

* This is of course folk lore and cann ot be used in earning your Girl Scout History badge.

Sometimes I feel like quite the Sewcialist…..


Sometimes while I recline on my velvet perch and survey my little kingdom of textiles and dachsies, I think to myself, ‘Is there anyone else out there like me?’ Of course this leads to many troubling questions about people stealing my favorite accessories and possibly wearing them better than I do, but that really isn’t possible, is it Bruderlein?DSC08017

No, of course not. But my heart does warm at the knowledge that all along the interwebs like little fireflies dance a world of tiny sewists who create and chat and share and hug and they are my favorite party……The Sewcialists. These are our peeps- our family of sparks that unites us and inspires us. People like Leila who came up with the brilliant name and organized us into a thing. A Beautiful thing. A Sewcial thing.Dial_vidthumb

What are we? Well, Sewcialists are people who enjoy sewing and using social media to engage with others who enjoy sewing too.

Now here is where it gets interesting! We have a little competition going on: As with all fine things, we need an emblem, a badge a flag to wave and proclaim us united! Want to be the amazing artiste who creates the emblem that the world will come to recognize as a defining moment in Sewcial history??? Ok, no pressure. Let me get your juices flowing with a list of the dandy prizes:

  • A 1 year subscription to Make magazine generously offered by our official sponsor Make
  • A $100 cash prize
  • A custom ipad sleeve
  • The lifelong adoration of the Sewcialist community! Think of the bragging rights! immortality!

 What the design competition for our emblem/badge/icon requires:

  • Relates to sewing and the social nature of sewcialists
  • Is modern, simple, recognizable and memorable
  • Is useable in black & white as well as in color

Deadline is Saturday 20th of April 2013 and submissions can be made to:


Just want to change the world with your vote? That’s cool, too!

April 24 until May 8: The jury members will open up general voting on the designs that made it to the final round.

  • Voting will happen via comments on the jury blog posts  (you can do it here! Come on, you love to comment! Don’t get shy now!)
  • Every sewcialist has one vote per jury-blog
  • One person can vote multiple times (as long as it’s on different jury-blogs) on different designs, or on the same design.

Hey, feel free to share this contest with your friends. It’s open to all. The fine print can be found at

photo credits: google images,, little me