Wearable Wednesday…. Tsumori Chisato

We’re in Paris, Baby! ts1

Ok I’m going to filter out some of this collection and focus on my favorite recurring theme from it.ts11

Ready for some fashion? Well let’s get cracking!


-Swag bags included drawn butter and limited edition bibs…..


The designer took her inspiration from art, nature and the Red Lobster spring menu…..ts14

I love this jacket- what do you think? ts8

Group on coupons for Al’s Bayside Shanty Bar and Tiki Lounge for the best comment on this next one: ts9

This collection is so not about keeping Kosher, it’s about succulence.


I love the shoes in this collection. I also love the subtle shell shoulders….ts13

Wallis Simpson had a Cartier brooch very similar to this one.


Oh, no! They make high/low pants, too?! ts16

Now I really do what you to see the rest of this collection- it’s crazy, colorful fun- go look at Style.com and then maybe go have some thermidor…….

photo credits: Style.com

63 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…. Tsumori Chisato

  1. Oh, um, wow! It’s funny as I’ve been busy de-80s-fying over on my blog and ol’ Chisato, ummm, well, has not! Not a fan of the 80s boxy and weird shapes and I’m mildly confused by the crustacean references all over the clothes.

    However, I am a sucker for velvet, and that royal blue velvet is so rich and supple looking, it makes me want to pet it.


  2. mrsmole says:

    Holy Colorful Crustaceans! High-low pants or should we call them mullet legs? Love that jacket too and didn’t the designer slip up a bit as he could have made those gloves into claws for a cool effect. All the shoes are cute and the bright sunglasses too…are these girls ready for summer walking on the boardwalk or what?


  3. It makes me want to stock up on drawn butter and lemons! I love the first look though…And the terrierists would love that lobster brooch turned into a pull toy.
    I always tie bows on my lobster tails. Such a fine way to honor them before I pull the little boiled sucker apart. 😉
    Mullet pants..HAHAHA!


  4. That blue velvet is gorge and I love the lobster motif very Schaparelli- not the 3D one tho! Yes little black jacket – sweet. Bits of this very wearable – except perhaps the scaly pants. All in all nice one!


  5. Leigh Ann says:

    The shoes on the third model look like fish faces ! All these seafood images creep me out, landlocked denizen of the plains that I am. I quite like the red shoes, though. And the blue velvet is lovely material. Why all the lobsters, I wonder? What an odd thing to choose.


  6. Strangely, I actually want to like something here but it’s all just too weird. The lobsters don’t bother me. I already have a few arthropods in my closet. It’s the overall shapes and weird little details.

    The fabrics are nice though. I so want to touch the blue velvet.


  7. jadesabre9 says:

    Clearly the sunglasses were necessary for all the pinchy ornamentation. Maybe we are seeing some future uniforms for a high-class seafood restaurant …


  8. Jenny says:

    Oh, wow–those are actual lobsters. I just–wow. . . This show was sponsored by Maine’s tourism board, yes?

    Also, the shoes in picture #9 are freaking ADORABLE!


  9. Well, the designer clearly has a ‘thing’ for lobsters…! I love the print on the dress with the giant lobster brooch – that’s really pretty. As for the turquoise topped “dress”…it looks like ‘OMG – we need a 12th look! Quick, what scraps do we have left!!!” Kind of a bad Project Runway moment…;)

    The ‘high-low’ pants? NO, NO, NO! I’m sorry, but I am SO over the high/low thing anyway. The ‘cardigans aren’t bad…but the high low tops? Trust me – if I want something covering my backside, I’m also going to want it covering my frontside as well 😉


  10. Oh…and that quilted blue velvety linebacker jacket kind of thing? Sure…because I’m ALWAYS trying to look much larger and bulkier than I really am. It’s a great look for the city – I can throw any number of weapons in those sleeves and still have room for sandwiches, drinks…even a small folding table…!


  11. SewSavory says:

    I love the shoes. I LOVE the shoes!! Especially the spectators with the red laces. Gimme!

    The best I can say is the use of color is divine. I like a good lobster, but not on my chest. 🙂 Most of the designs would amplify my already ample hippage.

    I love your Wearable Wednesdays. Thanks for the effort!


  12. That royal blue velvet is to die for. GORGEOUS! And I love sparkly lobsters. Made a lobster dress myself last year (in boring red and white cotton) perhaps I should pick one of the lobsters to bling up….hmmm I like this idea! Thank you for providing inspiration.


  13. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    Hahaha, Red Lobster spring menu…. I’m fascinated by the shape of the first black dress. How do they do that?? It’s something Ursula from Little Mermaid should rock.


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