Am I suited for Adulthood? Vogue 8442

Fabricmart– you are a friend to me! How I love the sight of a box on the porch. it makes me giddy, as you know. But also full of trepidation- the free bundles are my favorite form of textile roulette. Will it be lovely animal print? Will it be a matching lining for an ordered treasure? Lace? Almost always I get something I am as excited about as what I ordered.ย  Except this last time. Yes, I am about to kiss a gift horse full on the mouth, I am. Grey…..wool……suiting……with pinstripes? Um, what do you do with that? Do they have any idea who they are sending this to? Is it a joke? I ordered a box of my usual fiesta de tacky and they send me Gregory Peck wear????the-man-in-the-grey-flannel-suit-03

Cosmic joke. Sure I have the option of wearing business attire to work, but lets be honest, an elastic waist totally rocks on any given day. Sure, I love to dress up, but the thoughtless ease of my lovely brown scrubs is just so perfect at 6:30 in the morning! But I digress. I pondered and I thought about it and asked myself: how can I Anniefy this mature fabric? Hmm…lets all think on it. peck

Solution:ย  Vogue 84428442

I’m in love. Seriously- this ticked all the boxes. Comfortable, vaguely stylish, work appropriate. Do you hear this, Mother? I have an adult outfit!!IMG_4098

My only issues were fixable. I have no idea why it calls for a center front seam or even a zipper?! I left both off. Next time I will know better and not have a back center seam either. It’s not so fitted that it made a difference. What do you think? Just ignore all of that smut behind me- I swear it’s all religious tomes and higher thought!!IMG_4086

These pics are after work- so ignore the wrinkles, it was a long days! We trained an ortho office and I was bobbing up and down alot. Like you do when training, right?IMG_4091

Funny- well, to me at least. The sleeves are a little stiff at the cuffs and the buttons were a lovely metal Mr B picked out- every time I came thru my office door- they would hit the door frame on one side and CLANK!!! I know, thats not how ladies walk about- barrelling thru entrances like bulls. I need to insinuate myself into rooms- like Gigi’s aunt taught her! Now The Peck and the shape of this having me thinking noir, Susan Haywood ‘You can’t break me, Coppers!’ thoughts, so here’s my noir pose. Probably more effective without 2 Disney world potatoheads behind me, but hey, you get the idea! noir

photo credits: meadhawg, google images,pattern review, all images remain the property of their original owners.

85 thoughts on “Am I suited for Adulthood? Vogue 8442

  1. mrsmole says:

    You can afford to have ONE grown up dress! I’d change those buttons with covered ones for a more formal look and less clanging when you come through a door but otherwise, the embroidery looks just right and is enough to say, “I have style”.


  2. You look great! And look how grown-up. hehe. But really, love your dress and the detail. it kinda made me tear up…you aren’t hanging up your gaudy spurs are you? I mean, you can play in both worlds, right? Add touches of color and pizazz like on this dress? Don’t go non-grown-up Anne!


  3. Minnie Me says:

    Wow! I laughed and gasped when I saw your dress (ended up nearly choking). This is wonderful- I don’t think it’s ‘grown -up” I think it’s witty and almost an internationally recognised one finger salute to society’s expectations of what is suitable work wear! Too philosophical? Then you just rock in this outfit.!


  4. Connie Abbitt says:

    I myself would never have come up with this perfect solution for gray striped suiting! Love the embroidery. I salute your creativity, to say nothing of your decorating skills!


  5. You used it well, the pinstripe. Maybe fabricmart thought it was time for you to step out of your colourfull comfort zone ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s a very pretty dress, you look great in it!


  6. Well, look at you! In pinstripes, no less! I’ve never seen this pattern – kind of rocks a Lilly P dress I adore ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job – and the applique adds your special touch to it and livens it up a bit.

    I can see this in knits for a super easy throw on ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job – and it actually suits you (no pun intended) ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Great dress and yes very grown up, very practical and very comfortable… ticks all the right boxes for me as well. As as for the buttons clanging on the door… nothing like making a grand entrance and that’s one way to make heads turn LOL. Also love the applique as a little extra special touch ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Patti says:

    Nice dress. I love the spots of color. But, really …. You talk about potato heads when you have Mary Poppins and Bert on the shelf!?


  9. It looks great! Good idea about the covered buttons but maybe you could do a cufflink type thing with the sleeves and change them out? Two buttons with heavy thread or thin cotton yarn to attach them….. In any event I like the adult look and the nice mid dark grey sure shows off your coloring and hair to full advantage


  10. I love fabric with the appliques, very swank! I would assume zipper was for ease of gettng in and out of fitted dress, but when you look at the pattern pics, the dresses are not fitted at all. so dunno. Suggestion: Mr. potato head applique covering back of dress. hey??


  11. Great solution for that fabric. The floral applique is a nice touch, makes it a bit more flashy. I’ve got some similar fabric in my stash. I always thought I’d make a skirt, but after seeing your dress, I’m rethinking the skirt idea. Always look forward to your fun posts.
    Have a great week!


  12. Well, you absolutely successfully went from Peckish to Anniefied. The buttons totally rock, and they also have the added bonus of announcing your arrival into any room. Genius. I think you’re right about leaving the back seam out next time. It should work fine. You look great, woman, especially with the Potato Heads.


  13. Oh give me a grey pinstripe any day! and your flower motif is a nice girly touch on a masculine fabric. Great shape and sleeves and I love that they make an entrance.

    I have a Mr Potato Head who has Woody and Buzz Lightyear costumes!


  14. Girl, that dress is the bomb. Er…da bomb? You did a beautiful job…the applique certainly adds a lovely touch, too.

    My only time getting the bundle (so far) there was nothing I was excited about, so even though you weren’t enamored with this yardage, I think you still did pretty dang good!

    p.s. If you receive any future loathed gray wool suiting, feel free to think of your northern neighbor who is slightly cold intolerant. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. Love your pinstripe dress. I have the pattern stashed and plan to make it this spring/summer. I was a bit concerned b/c of the drawing that the sleeves might be too wide and flappy, but I can see that isn’t a problem.


  16. I do like the neckline on that dress – I’ve got my own pinstripe sassy dress that I need to iron and photograph. Let’s call it flattery instead of imitation. ๐Ÿ™‚ I started it after you posted this.


  17. Consistency…hobgoblin of little minds…mutter, mutter. It’s a woman’s prerogative to shift her style focus whenever and however she likes, and especially when it looks this good! And it goes great with religious tomes and higher thoughts. I love how this piece looks very you and yet is a little bit of a departure at the same time.


  18. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    I love a good pinstripe!! I’m amazed that you made that. Growing up I thought clothes just showed up in stores, I never understood that people actually sewed them. The appliquรฉs are great as well. Well played, ma’am


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