Wearable Wednesday…Thakoon Addition

These pockets- aren’t they nifty? That may be the last time this collection excites me. I feel as excited about these as the model does. Look at her enthusiasm! It’s bursting from her! th1

…it’s textural, right? Her knees are warm on open-topped car trips, thats good, tight? th2

Not sure about the hem business, but the cheetah jacket has interest. th3

Shoes. yes, please. I like the blouse a bit too. I think I’ve done this inadvertently. th4

Huh. She seems disgusted. Maybe she keeps trying to tuck it in. th5

Is that one piece? I feel the need to pull her up by the shoulder pads. th6

Ooh- pleating! Also a hem like opera curtains! th7

Im afraid of what this may look like from the back. Is she holding it down at the sides?th8

I wouldn’t have combed my hair for this outfit either. th9

Underwhelmed. Please change my mind in the comments.

photo credits: style.com

91 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…Thakoon Addition

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    Okay, okay, I confess, I kind of like the black dress. The model’s facial expressions crack me up–she’s so obviously thinking “you’ve got to be kidding.”


  2. mrsmole says:

    It’s like someone was on vacation and left the staff to throw together something from what they wore into work that day and from raiding their mother’s closet. That fur knee warmer was the best thing on the runway, at least you will remember it…like Heidi Klum says “it was a snooze-fest”. If Michael Kors saw this he would vote it out because it does not fulfill his “commercial criteria”…it isn’t even a cohesive collection.


  3. thesewinglab says:

    “I wouldn’t have combed my hair for this outfit either.”
    Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! That totally cracked me up.
    Yeah, these outfits are bad. I am afraid to inform you that I won’t be changing your mind.


  4. Hmmm, can’t really change your mind. It’s not good. (BUT, I do like that black velvet dress. Pleats, hem, pockets and all, I would totally wear it – burn the shoes though).


      • They do. But looks can be deceiving. I bought a pair of patent pink Sam and Libby shoes in a very similar style to those. Like Penny Loafers. And, well, again, shiny patent pink! Can’t go wrong, right? Wrong. They are THE most uncomfortable shoes I have ever tried to wear. Couldn’t even make it through the whole day!! Bad, bad Sam and Libby shoes. 😛


  5. Who is their target audience for this? I’m pretty sure I had the facial expressions and hairstyle of that model when I was nursing really young kids who hadn’t yet learned to sleep through the night. Can’t say I dressed like that though, all that black and fur would have been really hard to get baby spit-up out of.


  6. I barely looked at the clothes. I kept thinking the poor model looked like death warmed over… or like she was rode hard and put away wet. (I know- slightly inappropriate- my apologies) … ~Laurie


  7. I think I’m wearing my grumpy pants (English pants not trousers) today because I cant find anything constructive to say about any of these. Usually tere’s one diamond. But I find these are just horrible. And it makes me sad.


  8. redsilvia says:

    I think she’s just hungry. Bless her heart.

    I do like the black and white ensemble (but obvs the blouse would have to be fixed). That is all.


  9. I like the black velvet dress and the cut of the trousers on the last one, worn with a white blouse and a heel and I think these look quite chic! This model is concave in the chest area-what’s that about?! This may be a bit out there but I like women to have boobs!


  10. jennymoulden says:

    There is absolutely nothing I can say that will change your mind. I hope the model got paid a handsome sum for this gig!! :p


  11. The clothes are limp because the models legs have turned to plastic .. look she’s got no knees.. she is about to melt into a puddle of melted doll and disappear ..


  12. Masha says:

    Throughout the whole thing, I kept thinking … Is this a guy?… No boobs, shape of her (?) legs, hands (!), and neck (!!). Then the whole collection can be viewed from a different perspective…. Sorry, maybe it is just me….


  13. Nothing there for me. I like the color of the first one. And the pockets. Those are kinda cool but a bit too low. Also, I’m trying to get away from loose fitting pants.

    The model’s expressions are interesting. I sense some hidden drama there. Are they auditioning for a role in an episode of Castle?


  14. I was (or am) a little afraid to post this, but here goes: I like this collection. Sure the model isn’t too happy, but what model is happy – my gosh! The poor girl probably hasn’t had a decent meal since she was 11 years old.

    The clothes I find inspirational because I could actually recreate many of the elements in the clothes (unlike so many other designers) and the fabrics – didn’t some one write it look like fabric from a hotel room? Sure the fabrics don’t photograph so well, I bet the fabrics are draping, soft to the touch and so wonderful next to the skin. Comfort people! Comfort! Who doesn’t want to look great in fashionable well fitting clothes and be comfortable, too.

    And the shoes . . . I Iike the shoes. My days of wearing heels have come and gone so I am always intrigued when designer actually shows a model wearing shoes a real middle aged woman like me would wear!

    Oh and one more note: those pockets are in pant pattern in the March Burda Style. I just finished the pants and still need to blog about them.


  15. I’m confused. This is fashionable, chic and something that I’d want to buy? I cannot change your mind about anything, not even the barn coat, and I live where fur around the knees is a good thing in winter!


  16. starryfishathome says:

    I can’t understand why she looks so miserable, is there someone out of shot with an automatic rifle aimed at her? The clothes don’t fit her at all, and they are terrible!


  17. Jenny says:

    I don’t understand. Is the angry and dejected model supposed to be making the close seem less dejected by comparison? I feel like that pink blouse has potential, but would look better on someone with some shape to her.


  18. ellecsews says:

    It is really sad when I can’t find anything positive to say about any of it. I’m not even tempted to break into the workroom to steal any of the leftover fabric. Or shoes. Or accessories. Sad. And kind of depressing.


  19. It kills me to go along with the crowd, but I have to concur with the fact that this collection is uninspiring and unflattering to anyone. I mean, who wants to pay this much to look like a janitor?!


  20. Most of it looks like it was made for size 18 and slapped on the size 0. Either that or the model was a size 18 and she went on a starvation diet while the collection was being made. Hence the droopiness of the clothes and the model.


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