Swinton Sighting!!!!

Children of the Swinton, do you smell stylishness? Tempest has had my Swinton senses on full alert this week with her Bowie updates and yes, we have been rewarded! The heavens parted over the V&A last night and we have a new shot of the Tildanian! tilda

I’m loving her in this tailored look- she is is of course sporting the Haider Ackermann. Thank you, Mr Bowie for ending our Swinton drought!!


photo credits: google images. All images remain the property of their original sources

24 thoughts on “Swinton Sighting!!!!

  1. Tempest Devyne says:

    I just like to watch I Am Love on repeat when things get bad and we haz no Tilda. Love those trousers. They’re good but she makes them better. Thanks for the shout out too!


  2. She is the female to his male and they could swap gender! I remember the first time i seen her, she reminded me of Bowie and they so can both wear clothes. I could see him wearing this outfit. love….love….love


  3. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    A friend of mine went to NYC recently and said she saw Swinton in a box. I thought she was referring to maybe a homeless woman who resembled Swinton, but then I saw this thing the other night that she’s actually doing some performance art by sleeping in a glass box for seven hours a day as part of an exhibit…


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