We Spoke of Was and Where…..Burda 7127

In 1984 cable came to Somerset, New Jersey. life as I knew it was about to change.  Up until MTV appeared, I had led a sheltered life at a small religious private school. My older siblings didn’t have the same musical taste as I did and I was left with just the music approved by my schools rigorous views of hellfire and damnation. By my 16th birthday, I had seen Amy Grant in concert 3 times. Seriously. 220px-Straight_Ahead

I rushed home to catch an hour of newish music and try desperately to grasp some cool points. I dropped my trapper keeper and le sports sac in front of the family room tv and hunkered down. Oh, crap.  MTV was showing creaky old crap from the vintage vault. Whatever. I rolled my eyes and thought about shaker knit sweaters  and Matthew Broderick for a few minutes. Then it happened. I saw him. He was magnificent and a little scary. He was singing right to me. From the past. It was an old concert clip of Bowie singing ‘Changes’.ziggy-stardust1

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

(Turn and face the strain)
Don’t tell t hem to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the strain)
Where’s your shame
You’ve left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can’t trace time

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I’m going through…..

Ok, it didn’t hurt that I misunderstood the lyrics as ‘turn and face the strange‘  and felt like he was giving me license to not only make art, but in my small way..BE ART! Not fitting in to my tiny surroundings no longer seemed like such a bad thing. It seemed like the goal. Bowie was a gateway drug. I hopped from him to Marc Bolan, to Iggy to Warhol, to the New York Dolls, to Lou Reed- my favorite singer/songwriter of all. 128774870566671220_8ejaIxu1_c

Now I have to admit after al of this that glam rock is not a style that I lean toward, what I lean toward is the stylishness of it all. The sublime crazy- the insane but perfect tailoring and the inability to be pigeonholed with one look. Bowie has swaggered thru so many periods and still been BOWIE. For me the message is, enjoy trends, but be you above all and don’t apologize for the you that you were picked to be. It’s all beyond some, but they don’t matter anyway.dbman1

Thank you Tempest for giving us all an opportunity to reflect on some amazing music and some serious style.Bowie3

I chose to homage ‘The Man Who Sold the World’. The husband doesn’t know its also a little tribute to his love of science fiction- he loves Robert Heinlein. I also loved that its release was very close to my own. 1971. The American album cover featured a generic cartoon- instead of David in what might very well have been one of Angie’s frocks. I’m alot less edgy in this one than he was! Burda 7127 just felt right for this. European and stylish. 7127

The little sleeve details sold me on this- it elevates the basic shape a bit. Bowie 4

On a side note, I love this dress- my Mother referred to this dress as ‘the brown one that you aren’t going to like’ while I was making it. But hey, that just made it perfect for this salute to my angst, right? Nobody understands me! I’m a rebel! Well, a ‘Rebel, Rebel’, if you will……envy my savage footwear!bowie6

One more after we let down the puppy gate: bowie5

photo credits: google images, pinterest, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original source.

100 thoughts on “We Spoke of Was and Where…..Burda 7127

  1. Wheeee! Love your tribute to Bowie and your beautiful Brown Dress That You Are Not Going To Like. I capitlized it as a tribute to your mother :). Nice photo shoot on the settee, as well, although it certainly is made at least 50% better with the addition of canines. I’m not as familiar with this Bowie album as I am of some of the others, so will have to look into it, and, I’m sure enjoy some great music and fabulous design and style.

    I am also a Lou Reed fan. Have been a fan of Velvet Underground for 3405983059824 years now and unlikely to change any time soon. And a huge Andy Warhol fan as well. Happy to see them mentioned. 🙂

    Wear your Brown One with pride, my dear! And celebrate your own style in, well, style!!


  2. Yay! Me too, I love VU and Bowie.. brilliant stuff.

    I do, usually play it all regularly… but I am slightly obsessed with Talking Heads at the moment. So that’s what this bird is playing right now.

    Anyways, the dress. I love.. Very nice. Have you been wearing it a lot no do dramatically?!

    Bundana x


  3. ellecsews says:

    Bowie is godlike. I heard something very very scary this week. Do you want to hear it? Of course you do. Here it comes. Bowie is only ten years younger than the new pope. Isn’t that awful?


  4. I like your dress, I like your taste in music, and it appears we have a similar upbringing. Amy Grant, Sandi Patty, Second Chapter of Acts. These days, I shudder to think of it.


  5. What a great flashback! The 70s was such a great time in my life. Ah to be a teenager in the 70s – all satin and platforms (and that was the boys!!). Love the dress. I think brown is such a sophisticated colour – but maybe that is just me.


  6. This be fierce! And the photobomb from puppy adds a certain something something…

    I discovered the radness of Bowie only a few years back and so many kinds of awesome. In fact, my original derby name was Ziggy Starpunch but I just didn’t feel I was rad enough to pull it off.


  7. mrsmole says:

    How glam you are in that dress and the setting is perfect too…cards splayed out, doggies roaming and a look of “I just don’t care” on your face…too chic my dear!


  8. This is awesome. Period.
    So excited that we are going to see his exhibit at the V &A while we are in London.
    I’ve loved him since they played Blue Jean on constant repeat on MuchMusic (Canada’s version of MTV) in the 80s.
    Love your offering to the challenge. Let’s Dance.


  9. Terrific post in homage to DB, my earliest memories of him were the posters in my brothers’ rooms – I have four older brothers (I’m the only girl and youngest) so to me, he was a guys pop star -. I liked Tina Charles – Ohh…I love to love…. Anyway, I thought him a bit outre then along came The Thin White Duke phase and it was love at first sight! The clothes, the moves, the tunes and gorgeous! I still think Sound and Vision is the best pop intro EVER!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane….

    Now for that dress, I utterly love it; the fabric, the design and you in it; reminds me of an Ossie Clark – Celia Britwell, which may well be what (who) Bowie is wearing on the album cover, they were a massive collaboration in the 70’s.

    I’m ordering that pattern btw!


  10. Carolyn says:

    Honestly, I never got past “cable came to Somerset, NJ” seriously you grew up in Somerset?! That’s where I live now and you wouldn’t recognize the place. It’s changed so much in the last 20 years! Okay, I cant wait to see pictures of you standing up in the dress!


  11. Tempest Devyne says:

    Oh you pretty thing, don’t you know you make your mamma….quite proud actually 😉

    It cracks me up that your Mum likes the dress. So misunderstood 🙂 love the richness of this fabric and the detailing in the sleeve. And the photoshoot with and without puppies. The dress Bowie’s wearing on the cover is a favourite of mine. It was made by a British designer Michael Fish who also made a fab white peplum short dress Jagger wore in concert over trousers. I like Bowie’s better. He went for it, wavy hair and all.

    Thank you so much for taking part in the Bowie Sew Along and for making it your own! Together we can be ourselves and be art 🙂


  12. These more fitted makes that have been popping up lately really really suit you. Clearly you need to stop listening to Ma & listen to us 🙂 I suspect your mother when to the same School of Straight Talk as my mum “why on earth did you let the hairdresser do that to your hair Lizzy? I really don’t like it like that at all”. Real confidence builders!!! LOL


  13. So lovely! Even if my mom doesn’t see or comment on what I’m making or wearing, I can still hear her (imaginary) opinions. I try not to be so much influenced by them, but it’s hard.

    My isolation was more profound than yours: my family lived in a spot that cable didn’t/couldn’t reach until I was off to college! I’m still not sure I’ve caught up on that era. What a fabulous photo of Bowie, though.

    Can’t wait to see a full-length shot of the dress on PR. Although you look very glamorous settled there on the settee.


  14. Kerry says:

    I saw Lou Reed in concert in Vancouver 1972. (Also TRex stop drooling Anne) It was almost as amazing as your post! Really like the brown dress on you, and love the aloofness of the pose. Until the spiders from Mars stormed in…..hahahaha Thanks for the most entertaining entry.


  15. great story, I saw so many great bands here in the SF bay area, a couple of highlights are Queen and Led Zeppelin (not at the same show) A big teenage disappoint was that my parents put their foot down and would NOT permit me to go with my boyfriend to see Lou Reed at the Fillmore in San Francisco. terrible tragedy for my teenage self !


  16. That dress looks fabulous on you! Love the color, too…even if it IS ‘brown’…I don’t see you hating it 🙂 Fun look back at one of music’s real pioneers – David Bowie (LOVED ‘Changes’!) Love Amy Grant also 🙂

    Rock & rebel on!


  17. Fashion! Turn to the left
    Fashion! Turn to the right
    Oooh, fashion!
    We are the goon squad
    And we’re coming to town

    Get outa the way ’cause Anne’s in a spectacular dress that she kept secret from us and looks excellent in.


  18. It looks fabulous, and very glam, particularly in your couch shot. I am sort of glad you didn’t go for a homage sewing project of the onsie in the earlier photo though, I think that would be a tricky look to translate off the stage.


  19. Give me stylish rebellion sewing anytime. That sort of rebellion sewing stirs me to sew with complete focus.
    This style is beautiful and the sleeve and waist detailing would have had me at ‘hello’. Cool print too.


  20. Oh, this looks great on you! I love it! And I love your story, too! I had a very similar upbringing… although MTV was also evil! I’m a huge fan of the glam, and I listen to T. Rex’s “Electric Warrior” almost every night that I’m home alone sewing! 🙂


  21. Lovely lovely dress and what does Mother know – I really really like the colours and the print and the pattern and the style and and and. Tis all good, frankly. Very good.

    PS I too love the glam of Bowie. Rock on the 70s (mostly!)


  22. GREAT dress Anne, and even more awesome story. Hopefully this doesn’t make me sound too stalkerish 🙂 but I love getting glimpses into peoples’ “past lives.” Love the puppy pics too, as always!


  23. senjiva says:

    Are you kidding! I want to kiss this entire post! Your dress is really lovely and your homage to Bowie is spot-on. I’m glad you were saved from an unrealized life populated by Amy Grant and Jim Brickman.


  24. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    I seriously loved this!! It’s great when you get so inspired by music and fashion and art. Although I’m jealous because we couldn’t get cable until 1988 so I feel like I missed so much…. Ooo aaa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fah fah fah fah fashion


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