Wearable Wednesday AltewaiSaome

Today we are in Stockholmaw1

and we like zippers.aw2

We are also perhaps waterproof…aw3

We may be wearing the latest in camping gear….aw4

We may be working as Darth Vaders clerical staff….aw5

Ah, the zip is a stride adjustment…literally. aw6

Gees, such a thick fabric and yet we can see hipbone and nipples….aw7

Maybe these are the designers Sewing Dare pants……aw9

photo credits: style.com

59 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday AltewaiSaome

  1. I woudn’t wear anything of this (well maybe that big knitted cropped sweater) but the use of zippers as a design feature is something I’m thinking about giving a try after seeing this!


  2. That Velcro strip on the third one is a bit disconcerting, flashers’ frock perhaps!? The first dress and the second skirt are doable.
    Now were are those oyster shells so I can stick them on my ears?, ’cause a girls not dressed without them!


  3. There are pieces that well, I need to be nice so let’s just say that I’ll just look the other way. But…there are a few great ideas here as well. I really like the zips on the sleeves! My mind is racing:)
    Great post as usual.


  4. mrsmole says:

    Love the sleeve zippers but what are those leg gators doing over pointy toed shoes? Expecting to be splattered with mud? The first dress is just so sad.


  5. Well, one thing I do like is that the collection does go together, and I rather like a few of the pieces, the zip sweater, and that camping gear outfit. None of those dull uninteresting colors will show horse slobber, so they get points for being barnwear.
    I suspect though, they might be a bit pricey for that, wouldn’t you think? If it sheds rain, I bet it sheds dog,cat and horsehair though…..;)


  6. With all these sturdy textiles, it’s comforting to note that the photographer thoughtfully provided fans to cool the models’ heads. But then, maybe that’s why all those zips are there — ventilation potential galore!


  7. Shar says:

    Sturdy is a great word for this collection! To me the sleeve zips make it look like the model is missing part of her arms (like in that old magic trick where they divide a person’s body into boxes). I do think something could be done with the dresses in look number 1 and number 6.


  8. The only thing I like about this collection is the color scheme…I happen to like both the teal and the black, though I probably wouldn’t have paired them together. And what’s up with the gigantic dryer in the background?


  9. Where’s the tent? Storm Troopers? Umbrellas? I’m confused. And those superfluous things on her legs above the …pumps? Why? I think you’re exactly right…they’re either on an extended camping trip (with very low provisions as evidenced by the body parts showing…) or they’re part of the next Star Wars cast.

    Fun post and yet another designer I can cross off my ‘must have’ list…! Thanks as usual for brightening my Wednesday morning!


  10. I like these designs: I am intrigued with the shapes, design lines and – those zippers! Lots of elements, that I (or is it me?) as a home sewist could incorporate into my own garments. Thanks for the peek inside the runway.


  11. That zipper dress would come in handy after a big dinner. The problem with this post is after I stopped laughing and went back for a good look I started to like all of it!


  12. But Stockholm’s cold….and when it’s not cold it’s wet – perfectly suited these clothes are for very northern hemisphere (Yoda). Having said that – a brush through the hair wouldn’t go amiss.

    Thanks for the show.


  13. Hmmmm, can’t see myself in any of these. Not wearing them, but maybe ‘in’ them as a tent, as you suggest! Why is the fabric so thick and waterproof? Does it rain that much in Stockholm? Although I do love the shoes in the first pic.


  14. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    Darth Vader’s clerical staff!! I’m dyin’ ovah he-ah….
    As someone would throw out there on Prunway, it looks a little “just graduated from fashion school”. I’m loving the corset legwarmer things, though.
    I’m reading a book by a Swedish author (The Nightmare by Lars Kepler) and for the last few chapters I have left I am now going to picture the police force wearing these outfits…


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