An Easter Parade with Helena ‘Bonnet’ Carter


I love Easter, because you can get major amounts of chocolate in small pocket-sized quantities for discrete snacking. I’m still working on how to discretely nibble the ears of a 4 LB dark chocolate bunny while I work, but I will conquer that hurdle eventually. Perhaps a holster……hmm. I digress. I also love that Easter brings out the hats. Hats just aren’t worn enough anymore. So, I thought a little hat viewage would be a nice thing while we eat our peeps and such. The ‘Grievances proudly presents a post I like to think of as: Stuff on Helena Bonham Carters Head!!! Yay! Fanfair and confetti flair! Helena+Bonham+Carter+W+Magazine+Golden+Globe+qeUcod4qlJTx


Squeal- Look at that silly furry thing with ears! No, not him, on her head! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Tim+Burton+Helena+Bonham+GD-sF6VydqVx

While I was researching, it got to be sort of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ event. Sometimes I’d think there was something on her head, but it was really just her head. Helena+Bonham+Carter+QVC+Red+Carpet+Style+34j3CU5XYKBx

So tricky! I’m almost ashamed at how much I love a mini top hat. Helena+Bonham+Carter+Philips+British+Academy+GXa-_izWjQtx

No, Helena, don’t look regretful- I love this one! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Paloma+Faith+seen+attending+8KDzhwiGrNqx

I think this one dispenses little cinnamon bears!


I tease, but I truly do love her style- she is just amazing- when dressed up. Helena+Bonham+Carter+Jameson+Empire+Awards+KqTltch0pfdx

Top hat again! Oh, I burn with envy! Why can’t I wear these to work? Stupid rules! I could attach a headset phone to it and write it off! Helena+Bonham+Carter+Investitures+Buckingham+30Inke7tPfwx

Please tell me that an animatronic frog lives in this!!Helena+Bonham+Carter+Harry+Potter+Deathly+ggSuzvsRUQux

Your thoughts? Did she kill a flamenco dancer and claim this prize? Helena+Bonham+Carter+Eleventh+Annual+AFI+Awards+7RtV3qQOmZPx

-Feathers and velvet- I love you! I forgive you your foiblous footwear choices! Helena+Bonham+Carter+BAFTA+Britannia+Awards+OF1RskhEOyPx

I think this one is a drama in 2 parts! Helena+Bonham+Carter+83rd+Academy+Awards+Nominations+6IfiJmg0EK7x

Helena, you are so creative- you find the most attractive things to put on your head! My favorite attempts involve you trying to wear Colin Firth… Helena+Bonham+Carter+Weinstein+Company+DeLeon+EuxMZR9jEm4l

photo credits: zimbio, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners

64 thoughts on “An Easter Parade with Helena ‘Bonnet’ Carter

  1. Most of them I can get – alright alright – may not be my thing but – well Helena was always left of centre – but the Swan ….. got to think – what came first – the chicken or the egg. This one kind of morphs into one!


  2. I love hats… And rules? Rules are made to broken! I miss hats and wish more people would wear them. So I could! I’m thinking if you started wearing them to work you could start a trend… It would spread and then everyone would be wearing hats a la Helena… And then I could wear hats!


  3. She can always be counted on for extremely quirky and fun style – that’s for sure – and her headwear is no exception! Perfect choice for an Easter hat fiesta πŸ™‚

    LOVED her with Colin Firth in The King’s Speech – exceptional πŸ™‚


  4. Now who wouldn’t wear Colin Firth given half the chance?

    Hats, fascinators, hatinators, head dresses and other-decorative-stuff-you-stick-on-your head are fantastic and should totally make a comeback.


  5. Thank you for featuring one of my personal favorites in the style department. If I had to be locked into a room and I could pick a handful of interesting people, she would be on my short list. Viggo Mortensen is also on that list.


  6. I want the entire red plaid ensemble, tiny top hat and all! I think part of why she’s able to pull this stuff off is that she’s got amazing hair–perfect curls, gorgeous color, just the right amount of length…it just makes all the little doodads she puts on her head work.

    The swan cracked me up though–I wonder whether it’s laying an egg there or pooping?


  7. I ❀ HBC!!
    I love how unapologetic she is about her style. She isn't going to changer for anyone. And she's ready to act in one of Tim's movies at all times!! πŸ™‚
    I just watched Big Fish yesterday. One of my faves.


  8. Thank you for the lovely Easter parade.

    I love Helena, she is an original in a world of clones. Like someone else we all know and love. The Swinton. Hmm, they are both British. I smells me a trend.


  9. I have always LOVED Helena! She’s beautiful and true to her own style regardless of what the fashion killers say, and I wish I has all the Vivienne Westwood in my closet that she does….


  10. HBC is why I’m glad I’m British! She’s marvellous. Absolutely the very best of old fashioned eccentricity with a healthy dollop of “I don’t give a crap!” I think it helps that she’s gorgeous…but it’s an attitude we could all embrace more. That and adorable little top hats. Or Colin Firth. Or CF in a little top hat…….or is that over-share?


  11. I love her because she is so anti red carpet, stylist perfect Hollywood. She seems to have so much confidence and fun. She’s kind of like Diane Keaton in her playful, crazy fashion sense. And it looks like she may eat a cheese burger every now and then.


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