A Sewing Surprises Reveal Post!


The SparklySupernova knows how to get my attention- in March she announced a swap and I love me a big old swap!!  As a person who just loves mail- I was instantly excited! Snoopy laughs at Linus

We sent out little questionnaires to our partners- not a surprise swap, so no dread that I would end up partnered with someone who didn’t understand nor appreciate the gentle art of gaudy as I do. I got to see who some of the participants were and I just couldn’t lose- not a beige beast among them! Look at who I got: outfit-final

Sew Busy Lizzy! I love this outfit of hers so much- go read about it- it’s gorgeous!

Now, want to see the loot? Ok: DSC08511

This lady knows me well,  I think! I love a notebook for musings and plotting- this will be going everywhere! I plan to take my rightful place at the cool kids table now with my own Tiramisu!! Here’s my plan fabric: DSC08517

Now, for the cotton print I plan to continue my romper bombardment of my God-babe, Callie with this little number: DSC08514

Oh, I can’t wait to get started!!! Lizzy, I thank you- you are a thoughtful and lovely swap partner and I wish you safe travels until you are home again-  I also direct much envy toward you for your journey- so cool! mabelcar

Happy Sunday everyone!

photo credits: little me, Sew Busy Lizzy, Sparkly Super Nova, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners

Voting for Sewcialist Logo Starts!


Hey! Have you heard?  It’s time to vote on a Sewcialist Logo! We had 6 entries that met our design criteria – Now it’s your turn to pick your favourite! Goose flesh! I have Goose flesh! Please consider the following before you cast your vote:

We asked each designer to design an emblem that…

  • Relates to sewing and the social nature of sewcialists
  • Is modern, simple, recognizable and memorable
  • Is useable in black & white as well as in color

You can read the rest of the requirements on the Sewcialists.org site. On this site, you can also find the rest of the Jury Blogs. You are allowed one vote per jury blog. (The Jury itself will not be voting.)

When you vote on our blogs, please make your vote very clear, typing in the # of the entry and the designer’s name.

Included before each design is a portion of the designer’s cover letter to give you context.

Voting closes on May 8th at midnight Eastern time in the United States.

Entry #1- Bev- Here’s what she said about her design:

I chose my designs as a globe representing the world wide sewing community, needle and threads to represent sewing, threads of different colours to represent our differences and a computer mouse to represent our mode of communication. SewcialistSewcialist bw

Entry #2- Gareth- here’s what he said about his design:

I think that this design shows the close-knit (excuse the pun) nature of
Sewcialists. It places them within the circle created by the threads coming from the needles. I think this nicely sums up the idea of a community brought together by the hobby that they love.
Entry #3- Sabina- and her thoughts:
I basically wanted to keep the logo very simple and recognisable. Every sewcialist will at some point use a computer to communicate about their creations or engage with other sewcialists. Although there are lots of different hardware options to enable us to do this (smart phones, desk tops, tablets etc etc) I thought the world at large would be able to immediately recognise a standard laptop to represent how the online community interacts.The sewing machine in the middle was the obvious choice to represent what sewcialists do at the very heart of our creativity. It’s actually based on my Janome 525S machine! The dot and dash circle enclosing the logo represents to me the cutting lines on patterns!
sewcialist logo B&W no word sewcialist logo colour no word sewcialist logo final B&W sewcialist logo final
Entry #4- Joost- He says:

The design uses a button and bobbin to relate to sewing whereas the smiley face speech balloon relates to the social nature of sewcialists.

The button is slightly rotated. It makes it visually more pleasing and reminds us that sewcialists needn’t adhere to the stereotype of off-the-peg garments. The bobbin is half-filled with thread, indicating it’s being used. The friendly chatter that sewcialists engage in online is embodied in the form of a speech balloon/smiley face.

The emblem is simple in its design and its button and bobbin shapes breathe ‘sewing’. The combination of three basic elements makes it memorable, yet distinctive.

The black and white version at the bottom and the color version at the top prove that the logo ‘works’ regardless of colors.

But I don’t like the color!

You don’t have to. You may like the same dress pattern as another sewcialist, but that doesn’t mean you should make it in the same color, right?

The strength of the design is its shape. Only you can choose your prefect colors. So, pick your own colors and make this design your very own sewcialist emblem.

You can do so online at this address:: http://lab.decock.org/sewcialists/


Entry #5- Dylan



Entry #6- Anne- She shares:

My design is a patchwork globe revolving on an axis which is represented by the dress form. The needle and thread which changes to a computer mouse representing the lines of communication going round the globe linking sewing and the social media.

My idea for this came from the inclusive and diverse nature of the sewcialist community represented by the patchwork pieces of the countries – linked by a common thread – our sewing and means of communication. My favourite author is Anne Tyler who wrote the book A Patchwork Planet so a bit of me. I also wanted to represent all sewers, the dress form for the garment sewers among us and the patchwork, yes you’ve guessed it! for the patchwork community.
The text around the outside gives a vintage feel – I think – to the design. I mention the word Sewcialist at the top and I felt we should aim high – with a bit of humour so a bit tongue in cheek with the proclamation that we will unite the world with our stitches.
emblem as vector (1)
emblem as vector2 (1)
Good luck to the designers! Wow- must be cool to have skills!
Tell us your favorite with a comment below, including the # of the entry and the designer’s name.
Wanna vote again? Head over to one of these Jury members blogs for more voting. (Remember, one vote per blog!)

Phew! All this news has worn me out! Newsboy_it1950

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Wearable Wednesday Ariunaa Suri

Tokyo again- and it’s looking promising! ari1

Yes. This coat is a keeper. ari2

ooh. Now is there a stray gerbil running thru her tunic? BRave of her to continue on. ari3

Is this superhero active wear? It’s very sleek and would look good with a utility belt or a grappling hook accesory….


I don’t hate this. Not at all. Maybe I’m just scared to make this model mad. You look nice! I swear! Don’t use the ray gun on me! ari5

These shapes are all good, it’s wearable- for twigs. Hah! The boots make their feet look big. Theres my petty revenge! ari6

These pants are interesting. Altho I can see them making it difficult to get into ones invisible jet in them….ari7

Well, did we find wearable styles today in the league of Evil Leatherclad Vixens?

photo credits: style.com

Mccalls 6652- on being a reluctant dragon.

I have a need to keep buying top patterns. I never seem to find the perfect one. I have a few I’ve made multiples of-  Simplicity 3786 and 2059 are sort of go to,  but I swear, I will find the ultimate pattern and we shall roam these hills in sassy splendour evermore. The latest  new victim was Mccalls 6652- or, as I like to think of it: Mccalls, Curse of the Reluctant Dragon!!reluctantdragon

I know, I know- you are thinking why would I even pick this up? Its a prehistoric mullet top. Not exactly a thing to behold. Does anyone yearn for their tush to form a windsock?  I like how they threw a snowy background behind the model to keep you from picturing Charlie Brown and the kite eating tree.6652

But as usual, I tapped down my feelings of impending sartorial doom and cut into some pretty stuff to try this one sans tail. View B or as my husband thought of it: ‘DaVinci’s flight suit girly version’ – doesn’t feature the el camino design and looked nice and airy. Airy is good in SC in the summer. Naked in a dark air-conditioned room is better, but hey, I have to leave the house and earn the kibble money, you knows. Dig how full and flying squirrelly this back is: M6652

This went together like a plan- I french seamed it and used an Anna Sui print for the center panel- I worried that in just one color, I would in repose resemble a giant floral whoopie cushion. We all have our little fears, right?walk1

This pattern will not be the goto blouse pattern, the search resumes, but it’s doable. It’s frisky and different. Now here is the part I found amusing. I’m wearing it backwards. All that heavy gathering in the back to form your tail is still there on this view and the weight just drags it back and gave me a little strangled feeling- it’s crazy- I felt like Isadora Duncan. You can see how the shoulder seam is pulling backward on wind sock model. So I tried it on backwards- viola (and other stringed instruments!) it’s much more comfortable like this.walk5

Who knew? Don’t tell anyone- it gives it a secret Walk of Shame aspect, doesn’t it? In the dragon theme I give you my ‘Mother of dragons’ concept. Look at their fierce, fire-breathing selves! Grr! Look out Goffrey! Really, I don’t hate this. It’s comfortable, but less than flattering, but I knew that going in. Billowy and flattering are never used in the same ad, are they? walk2


photo credits: Pattern review, Meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Children of the Swinton, gather in rejoicing!

Ah, do you see the cartoon bluebirds? My Swinty senses are all atingle! The docent has released our Tilda her plexiglass fortress of Swintitude and she is gracing the cover of W mag this month and in a photo shoot with some of our favorite Wearable Wednesday designers. Shall we peek? Oh yes, lets!cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-08-l

The spread is exceptionally Swinton- otherworldy, regal and a teeny bit ‘huh‘. As you’d expect. There are 2 pictures in the spread that I am not even sure she is really in- she’s that amazing! cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-13-l

These are my favorites- they have a moody quality I just love. I can even see her antennae if I squint! Go see the rest here. cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-07-l

Alright Tilda, you have dazzled us again, you may return to freeing the people of Planet Swintargon from the tyranny of Ambassador Zurg.

photo credits: W Magazine. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Anrealage

Last month in Tokyo. tok

I think it’s a hat. tok2

Ok, this styling is just annoying and distracting. I’m going to ask everyone to put a tiny post-it note over the models faces so we can continue. Ok. Better? Now I see the shapes and I like them. tok3

Interesting color combinations. It’s ombre time…tok5

Ok, this time just put the post-it note wherever you think it needs it most. I think I’ll use 2. tok7

This one makes me think of a Cotton Candy Biker gang. They don’t have a lot of street cred. tok8

Do not adjust your sets…..tok9

I think they should have handed out aspirin at the show. This lighting probably gave everyone a migraine. I sort of hope thats a trap door they are standing on.


photo credits: Style.com, all images remain the property of their original owners.

Just a little announcement, no need to stop traffic on the boulevard…


I, Anne of the ‘Grievances am hereby pledging a more thorough commitment to Me Made May 2013! Last year I was not as ready for it, but digging out the spring clothing from last year, I am quite pleased with myself. So I plot to wear only me-mades- when I am out of uniform at work and at least 1 me-made piece daily. Phew!

Ok, return to your sleeping, eating, child-care, whatever….

photo credits: google images, all images remain the property of their original owners

Wearable Wednesday Givenchy

Hmm, now what drew me to this?g1

Are they wearing frosting bathing caps?g3

I love a biker jacket style. Lets see how many incarnations we can spot. g5

Sort of Mad Max prom? _ARC0431_450x675

Um, just- well…is that a bullet proof vest peeking out of the bottom? g7

Yay, more Bambi! g2

Zipper hem? g6

Ok, I just don’t know how to parse this collection. I’m open to some of these pieces, but I’m on total lock-down about some of them. Thoughts? g9

Crotch violets would be a no. g10

photo credits: style.com

Wearable Wednesday Prada

Um, huh…..I feel like this could be special. Don’t fail me Prada.p1

Phew! The models have some good gripping soles on these shoes- safely first at team Prada! I love the sleeve details- no getting in the soup here. p2

I went thru most of junior high with my shoulders falling down- so glad this look finally caught on! I like most of these, tho not in the ways that they are styled here. Also, I recant that if the models really were off saving drowning nuns right before the show and that is why they had no time with the hair people. p3

Sort of Daisy Mae at the office- I of course like this hair best. Sort of Angry ‘Prada Don’t Preach’ Madonna.p4

The jacket is a bit Eddie Haskell until you get to the cuffs. Then look out gerbils! p5

I think that if I could see this- it would be my favorite. Just a hopeful feeling. It certainly isn’t the models favorite. p6

Maybe you wouldn’t be so chilled if you had a little lining, perhaps a nice flannel. You also shouldn’t run about with a wet head. Didn’t your Mother tell you that? p7

photo credits: style.com