Wearable Wednesday Prada

Um, huh…..I feel like this could be special. Don’t fail me Prada.p1

Phew! The models have some good gripping soles on these shoes- safely first at team Prada! I love the sleeve details- no getting in the soup here. p2

I went thru most of junior high with my shoulders falling down- so glad this look finally caught on! I like most of these, tho not in the ways that they are styled here. Also, I recant that if the models really were off saving drowning nuns right before the show and that is why they had no time with the hair people. p3

Sort of Daisy Mae at the office- I of course like this hair best. Sort of Angry ‘Prada Don’t Preach’ Madonna.p4

The jacket is a bit Eddie Haskell until you get to the cuffs. Then look out gerbils! p5

I think that if I could see this- it would be my favorite. Just a hopeful feeling. It certainly isn’t the models favorite. p6

Maybe you wouldn’t be so chilled if you had a little lining, perhaps a nice flannel. You also shouldn’t run about with a wet head. Didn’t your Mother tell you that? p7

photo credits: style.com

55 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Prada

  1. Haha! Your comments…ooh boy. You know, I love the fabric but I’ve got my own wet hair so I don’t need that and the gerbils? They can keep those. I’ve got squirrels running around my backyard I can nab.


  2. Well, the styling sure doesn’t take the spotlight on this collection. It’s just pffft! I love a few of those looks and the fabrics are sumptuous, although I do hope that is good fake fur. Even gerbils look better in their own skin than we do. As to the off the shoulder look, someone should tell them it only looks alluring when you’ve got bunnies in the hutch, otherwise it looks like a ten year old wearing their Dad’s oversized t-shirt. Not a fan of the orthopedic sandals. I’m not sure I like the style in general that cuts the line from knee to foot. If it makes a models leg look shorter I know it would make mine look like one of your daschies, not quite as hairy though….


  3. The styling leaves a little to be desired, but I just love Prada. If I could just wear Prada, I would give up sewing!!!!! Well, that’s not going to happen, so back to the machine;)


  4. I’m not thrilled with any of these. #1 looks like she just came from her day job as a model for the cover of a bodice ripper. The Daisy Mae at the office dress would be nice if the shoulders fit, and the one right below it without the fur. I would really having a problem with those dragging in the soup.


  5. mrsmole says:

    Love the 3rd striped dress…although this poor girl looks like she had a real tussle with a groping co-worker at the water cooler and she needs to pull her shoulder back into position. I think the fabrics look tortured and they could do better sending us bolts to play with…great idea Anne!


  6. Marsha says:

    I like the grayish shirt dress, except for the elephantine lower sleeves. With arms down, they hit right across the widest part of the body. I don’t need help with width there. Also, I wanted to scream at the model, “Get your hair out of your eye!”


    • Do you think they used the product placement moments like on Project Runway? “I’m just going to use a dab of our ‘Pond-Shimmer wet gloss’ to give her a look of rich moist beadhead…”


  7. Intersting….take away the runway gimcrackery and there’s some nice pieces! Thank goodness there’s no huge paste on daisies and mink flip flops (ok I know those aren’t Prada) to be found


  8. The hair is dreadful, I don’t mind the shoes so much and why do the models all look like they’d rather be somewhere else? Is is the hair? And the amount of dead animals…ugh. That being said, I really like the first grey coat, the cuffs remind me of the cuffs on 18th dresses. May have to keep that one in mind!


  9. Hmmm…that first one is a bit “bar wench chic”, no? As for the unbuttoned look… I’m not feeling it. She looks like she had to put her clothes on in a hurry and get out the door.


  10. Jenny says:

    I actually rather like the lines of #4–minus the silly t-shirt and icky fabric. But I like the idea of the over-sized buttons down the front. And is that piping I see along the neckline? There’s potential there. . .


  11. These I covet… loose the ‘stuff’ at the cuffs and you’ll see me in these this autumn – if I could afford them! Love the drop shoulders too.


  12. rosyragpatch says:

    If you can ignore the styling I think some of these are really wearable. I like the teal jacket & skirt; I think I could wear that.


  13. I almost spit out my fizzy water when I got to “look out gerbils!) Srsly funny.

    Well that was an underwhelming collection. I like to look at them to get inspired. This one just fell flat. Too bad. Also, is it now ok to wear my cardie under my dress?


  14. I feel for the gerbils, snakes and generally any animal that’s been used on these models. It’s Prada girls – Get your do right. Bring back Marg Simpson hair.


  15. I am pleasantly educated by this post. Thank you Prttynpnk! I don’t ever take notice of Prada fashions but I’m loving some of these details especially the cuffs, 2nd down. Must be such a drag thinking up a new theme for the models. That ‘just stepped out of a shower’ look must have been a eureka moment for the team!


  16. Like the grey coat cuff detail, the skirt shape of the green ensemble with the pointless fur cuffs,what I can see of the brown and black dress or separates under the plasticky mock croc coat, the buttoned check dress if buttoned and with shoulders in place. Don’t like yet another transparent dress worn with a nice warm fur covering not enough to save the day,the droopy shoulder recycled fifties sofa fabric dress in tan and black or the indecisive black and grey overdress with that old pully fished out from the bottom of the washing pile and thrown on unbuttoned. So….. not very memorable for me. Sorry Prada.


  17. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    I concur with most other commenters, this was strangely underwhelming for Prada. There’s always at least one detail or construction throughout the collection that really makes you think, but all I could think about this one was that the models look like drowned rats…


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