Wearable Wednesday Givenchy

Hmm, now what drew me to this?g1

Are they wearing frosting bathing caps?g3

I love a biker jacket style. Lets see how many incarnations we can spot. g5

Sort of Mad Max prom? _ARC0431_450x675

Um, just- well…is that a bullet proof vest peeking out of the bottom? g7

Yay, more Bambi! g2

Zipper hem? g6

Ok, I just don’t know how to parse this collection. I’m open to some of these pieces, but I’m on total lock-down about some of them. Thoughts? g9

Crotch violets would be a no. g10

photo credits: style.com

69 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Givenchy

  1. I’m speechless. I don’t even know what to say about these.

    Okay, trying to be positive… I think I like the jacket fabric in the second picture. And the second to last outfit has potential.


  2. LOL…I actually got Style.com in the mail yesterday, saw this collection and thought of you! (Don’t ask me HOW I started getting that twice a year mag – it’s awesome, but I didn’t order it…must be my naturally stylish tunic/legging combos that ID’d me as a style obsessed fashionista …!)

    So happy to see that you discovered and covered this collection. I’m not sure what was up with the “just under the rear end with netting skirt” thing, but it seemed to be popular with a couple designers for fall. Not a fan of the unflattering swim caps…!


  3. None of this doing it for me, even the Bambi and Cinderella collage cannot save it. That last one looks like she’s got up in the middle of the night to go to the loo- it’s freezing so she’s thrown on a jumper – earlier that evening the mobile hairdresser (with her day course diploma) has came round and given her a screaming blue rinse! A waxing would have been of more benefit – unfortunate lace motif positioning.


  4. I like the shoes. Mostly. Some of the pieces are interesting and I have to say I like the floral biker jacket. The one that looks like a jacket. Ummm, that’s kinda it.

    I’m wondering what sort of work situation (!) / event / whatever you’d be able to wear any of these looks to ….. truly my mind is a boggle.


  5. There are some pretty bits. The collection seems to be following the trend of randomly throwing disparate elements into an outfit, so cosy pullover top with sheer skirt. To wear in an open topped sports car, with a fur rug over the knees?


  6. But the prints are really something special! The way the prints are mirrored in some of the designs (like the jacket over the bullet proof too-high cod piece and the printed with a face tunic) is masterful. And actually the tiered ruffled skirts are somewhat wearable. Overall I actually dig it.


    • It held my attention and I would gladly take some of these pieces or a huge gift of the collections fabrics- but if these are recommended wearing suggestions, I cant support it!


  7. I’m actually starting to warm up to the red ruffles. I’m not so sure about the jacket with that dress though. I can see the jacket over jeans and a t-shirt. Some of these clothes are actually okay; they just don’t go together. And they need linings. Embrace linings. They are our friends..


  8. mrsmole says:

    At least all these garments can be worn interchangeably. Did anyone else think that with the bathing cap hats these females looked more like like males? Folks at Prada must be going through a real depressing time as it shows in their choice of colors and fabrics. Nothing says” I am sad” like hemming a garment with a zipper. The shoes.boots might be the best feature of this collection…at least they could be worn UNDER a long skirt and not seen.


  9. Oh my! Once again, beautiful fabric that has been very ill used. So sad. Rather than abuse such innocent lovely fabric they should just send it all to ME! I’d give it a good home and make something beautiful from it.


  10. Excuse me – I need to go check the bungee cord on my fence, where it holds the gate closed so that the poodles can’t open it. Now I’m *really* afraid they’ll get out and try to hang with the local deer – and take the bungee cord with them.


  11. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    I like the collection because it’s different (“real differnt”) and unexpected. But it’s too bad the looks are either hit or miss (most of them being misses unfortunately, and maybe that’s the reason for the bulletproof vest – in case it was a hit).

    Some of the skirts are really great, but then there’s the zipper hem with a space-age poof that would be flattering on no one. The ankle-length hems on some of the outfits were a little much. And while I love the patchwork quilt look (second from last photo), it’s only from the waist up – once you get to those awkward ruffled cuffs and the pants with the odd placement of the patchwork it gets really ugly. It’s what I imagine an extra in Terminator would look like if it was filmed in the very early ’70s.


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