Just a little announcement, no need to stop traffic on the boulevard…


I, Anne of the ‘Grievances am hereby pledging a more thorough commitment to Me Made May 2013! Last year I was not as ready for it, but digging out the spring clothing from last year, I am quite pleased with myself. So I plot to wear only me-mades- when I am out of uniform at work and at least 1 me-made piece daily. Phew!

Ok, return to your sleeping, eating, child-care, whatever….

photo credits: google images, all images remain the property of their original owners

30 thoughts on “Just a little announcement, no need to stop traffic on the boulevard…

  1. mrsmole says:

    OK Girl…31 original fabulous scenes stealing outfits for May…you must be mad! Do you have to make new ones to add to the darling things you already have?


  2. Good luck with this, may I suggest surreptitiously running up a few infinity scarves if running low on dresses? Only twenty minutes and a yard each. Like Camelia C, I pondered participating, then woke up to what a photo a day would mean. Its not the clothes, its the tripod, remote, make up, shoes, weather, photoshop.


  3. Go for it! These days I have to search for items I haven’t made in my closet. And I have to say, I think I look better in my stuff than the stuff offered in RTW. You will too!


  4. The hardest part for me (actually the only hard part) would be taking pictures every day. I do wear something “me made” at least four days a week so MMM wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me.


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