Wearable Wednesday Anrealage

Last month in Tokyo. tok

I think it’s a hat. tok2

Ok, this styling is just annoying and distracting. I’m going to ask everyone to put a tiny post-it note over the models faces so we can continue. Ok. Better? Now I see the shapes and I like them. tok3

Interesting color combinations. It’s ombre time…tok5

Ok, this time just put the post-it note wherever you think it needs it most. I think I’ll use 2. tok7

This one makes me think of a Cotton Candy Biker gang. They don’t have a lot of street cred. tok8

Do not adjust your sets…..tok9

I think they should have handed out aspirin at the show. This lighting probably gave everyone a migraine. I sort of hope thats a trap door they are standing on.


photo credits: Style.com, all images remain the property of their original owners.

68 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anrealage

  1. I think someone forgot to tell those grandmas that they were supposed to wash the “age reducing mud” off their skin and remove the spa robes before heading out…


  2. ellecsews says:

    (sarcastica font on) at least the models look happy, and the clothes are figure flattering, and the colours don’t burn your retinas. The hairdressers and make-up artists did nice work too, I see the hair catching on at the nursing home I work at. Just slap those suckers on and you are good to go. (sarcastica font off).

    What the flack? Doesn’t the designer know that Star Trek Next Gen DS9 and Voyager are all off the air and they don’t need costumes anymore? Same goes for Babylon Five.


  3. OK, I knew this was going to be a fun post when I saw the words “last week in Tokyo”…and it didn’t disappoint! From the ‘I think that’s a hat’ helmet hair to the stupidly weird styling and ‘are those my great-grandmother’s shoes?’ stuff on the models, this is yet another great post from one of my fav bloggers who leaves absolutely NO stone unturned in order to bring us the weirdest, most interesting, out there and occasionally outstanding fashion!

    Personally, I think this is another one of those ‘who gave this designer $$$’ situations, but that’s just me. After viewing this collection (and taking a couple aspirin for my stressed out eyes…!), I felt irritated and slightly depressed. I think it was that sad little baggy number with the sensible shoes (for a 90 year old!).

    Thanks for another great Wearable Wednesday post! (WHERE does she find these collections???!) 🙂


  4. Pleats, pinafores and pastels…what else goes with that? Knee high socks and cotton candy helmet hair of course! Throw in some ginghams and plaids and you have everything a modern woman should avoid. Sensible white Easter pumps just complete the look…oh my!


  5. “Brains” came to mind immediately….brain mapping on models…what insightful thoughts they may have!! Other than that, I like #1 very much. Also, plaid jacket on #2.


  6. I bet they have found where Godzilla keeps that clutch of eggs, just halve them and TADA, a big breakfast AND headgear! As to the fashion, two words come to mind, butt ugly.


  7. starryfishathome says:

    Ugh, ugh, ugh. Baggy styling only suits 6ft tall beanpoles, and the colours! you should rename these posts Unwearable Wednesday.


  8. cannot make my mind up if it’s a bad case of cradle cap or fondant icing on the heads. As for the clothes, not big and not clever (how scary are those velvet jacketed twins!?- zombie High School)


  9. When I saw the first one I thought, “This is going to be okay,” but then… I don’t know. I do like the colors and the styles are not bad but… just the way it’s all put together I guess.

    By the way, I want plaid tights but I think I will wear them with a denim skirt.


  10. BARF! Those head-pieces are horrible. They look like the molded/painted hair on a Ken doll. But, like most train-wreck-type situations, I couldn’t stop looking.


  11. 1. Nightie suitable for drafty nursing home/convent retreat 2. Least flattering culotte style possible in dullest print imaginable 3.Bag lady’s dayjob 4. Happy accident driven home 5. Spookily pastel clone failure 6. Wanted biker jacket Mum made me this 7. Wanted anything, Nan knitted a dress, it stretched 8. sisters….. Hair by left the perm lotion on half an hour, it melted my brain and then set solid.
    Thanks Anne, I like to keep up.


  12. Nice Butts Drive Me Nuts says:

    At first I would cover the models’ heads and just look at the clothes and then it made more sense. But then it stopped making sense when I tried to think of who the target customer is for these looks. I can’t picture any of them* being worn by someone on the streets of Tokyo and not looking kind of fugly. Don’t get me wrong, the shapes and silhouettes are nice, but those fabrics look like they were imported from the bargain bin of a Goodwill in North Dakota or something.

    *I love the ombre plaid look!!


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