Wearable Wednesday Ariunaa Suri

Tokyo again- and it’s looking promising! ari1

Yes. This coat is a keeper. ari2

ooh. Now is there a stray gerbil running thru her tunic? BRave of her to continue on. ari3

Is this superhero active wear? It’s very sleek and would look good with a utility belt or a grappling hook accesory….


I don’t hate this. Not at all. Maybe I’m just scared to make this model mad. You look nice! I swear! Don’t use the ray gun on me! ari5

These shapes are all good, it’s wearable- for twigs. Hah! The boots make their feet look big. Theres my petty revenge! ari6

These pants are interesting. Altho I can see them making it difficult to get into ones invisible jet in them….ari7

Well, did we find wearable styles today in the league of Evil Leatherclad Vixens?

photo credits: style.com

61 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ariunaa Suri

  1. I think there are some goodies in there, I love the jacket in the first picture, and the little jacket in the 2nd. The model can keep the gerbil! 😀 I rather like the top in the 3rd pic, but not for me, I don’t like high necklines, but I think it would look cool on someone else. Good stuff! 🙂


  2. I was thinking the boots would be good as rain catchers – if you happened to live where it doesn’t rain as much as it does here. Or you could keep your snowballs in them?
    The belt is pretty good! I think I have seen some like this from refashioners using men’s ties.
    Sandy in the UK


  3. mrsmole says:

    I’ll take that black outfit with the red gloves and the first coat…the rest..maybe not. Are those leather pants dip-dyed to produce 2 colors? Can they do that? The belts are nice but the models are sure looking sad….guess they were not being paid that day?


  4. Nothing in this group interests me at all. I don’t like the styles and the colors are very dull. (except for the greens and those multicolored pants) On the other hand, nothing to really make fun of either.


  5. I like this bunch for the most part. I agree, that jacket is awesome. Maybe I’m gonna be too serious here but I’d actually like to play with most of these elements, except for the gerbil-caught-in-top look. I already have two gigantic gerbils I have to contend with.


  6. I love the leather belts they’re wearing with the tunics. I also kind of like the concept of the tunics, but that much fabric wadded up near my face just kind of bothers me, you know?


  7. Love the juxtaposition of the drapey fabrics with the structured pieces! I would totally wear that green on green look and the leather jacket. The other styles are a bit too linebacker for me, but I still appreciate them.


  8. The first two looks I really really like, as you said, the coat is a keeper.
    The rest are a little hit and miss for me, some cool things, some a little ehh..
    In my heart there is a special place for this kind of Japanese fashion though 🙂


  9. Shar says:

    I really like looks 2 and 6. I agree with everyone else – there’s not much to complain about here except for the models themselves.


  10. I agree with you about that coat. And I like the arm details and the drapy bits of the #4 sweater — although the wonky shoulders are making me do that puzzled head-tilt thing.

    I think the models are glum because they have realized that hair style makes their ears stick out like Alfred E. Neuman.


  11. So I missed this yesterday…woke up this morning bright and early and took a look…and am completely intimidated by the fierce (not in a Christian Siriano way) looking models and their LONG 1″ wide hair things. I don’t know…clearly I am missing something with this wave of fashion from Japan…but I find little to relate to that would actually translate into wearable chic. That little #2 jacket is best in show…those pants with the extra “make it hard to walk/lift your leg/function” thingy are just off.

    Thanks for another glimpse into the world of fashion! I’m hoping I don’t meet any of these models anywhere…!


  12. Tania says:

    I think the draping/asymmetric thing could filter down to us mere mortals quite happily. Without the crazy shoulders and sleeves, and with added smiling 🙂


  13. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love! I think they are all wearable and want all of them! Even the gerbil running round the model’s top. I’ll name him Jimmy. 🙂


  14. I used to have a pet gerbil when I was a kid. One day I took him out for a play and he ran away, never to be seen again. Could he have run away to the fashion shows? Maybe that’s what gerbils dream of!


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