A Sewing Surprises Reveal Post!


The SparklySupernova knows how to get my attention- in March she announced a swap and I love me a big old swap!!  As a person who just loves mail- I was instantly excited! Snoopy laughs at Linus

We sent out little questionnaires to our partners- not a surprise swap, so no dread that I would end up partnered with someone who didn’t understand nor appreciate the gentle art of gaudy as I do. I got to see who some of the participants were and I just couldn’t lose- not a beige beast among them! Look at who I got: outfit-final

Sew Busy Lizzy! I love this outfit of hers so much- go read about it- it’s gorgeous!

Now, want to see the loot? Ok: DSC08511

This lady knows me well,  I think! I love a notebook for musings and plotting- this will be going everywhere! I plan to take my rightful place at the cool kids table now with my own Tiramisu!! Here’s my plan fabric: DSC08517

Now, for the cotton print I plan to continue my romper bombardment of my God-babe, Callie with this little number: DSC08514

Oh, I can’t wait to get started!!! Lizzy, I thank you- you are a thoughtful and lovely swap partner and I wish you safe travels until you are home again-  I also direct much envy toward you for your journey- so cool! mabelcar

Happy Sunday everyone!

photo credits: little me, Sew Busy Lizzy, Sparkly Super Nova, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners

22 thoughts on “A Sewing Surprises Reveal Post!

  1. Gorgeous stuff. Lizzy is the best. Can’t wait to see your cool kid Tira!!! You’ll love it!! And I’d love to see a Callie romper compilation sometime.
    Also, I’m intrigued by Let’s Blog Some Shit… 🙂


  2. mrsmole says:

    That Tiramisu pattern looks so darn good on everyone so far and I am drooling to see what you can come up with! And a notebook that says it all…lucky you! Do you know whatever happened to the Pattern Pyramid? I just thought of it the other day…who has it now and where is it going?


  3. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this swap and now have your very own tiramisu pattern!! Ill be doing a post of everyone’s suprises when all the blogs are posted! I will defiantly be doing another swap in future!!


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