Wearable Wednesday Stella McCartney

Ok, I’ll say it. I am not a fan of the Stella. I hold her responsible for jumpsuits returning. That was for clarity. We may proceed.st1

remember thinking how weird it was that Heather whats-her-x-Macca didn’t have her future daughter in law design her wedding gown. I think I understand now. st2

No. I’m not even sure this is finished.


Why is this model smiling? I’m not sure I could.


Mrs Mole- I ask you to explain.


How is this staying on?


I don’t….hate this. But it could just be that the other looks have worn me down. st8

Aha! I knew I’d find you here!


photo credits: Vogue.

Cannes is Swinton’d

Tilda 1

The airspace over the Riviera practically crackled with life-affirming Tildanian vibes last evening. In a suit specifically designed by Haider Ackermann to keep her fabulousness cool during her spacecrafts re-entry, the Swinton graced the red carpet and of course, lives were changed. Her minions wore their standard Tom Ford flight suits. tilda3

I wish this picture did the fabric justice-  altho, it may just be an aura of intergalactic lux that she is projecting, but I think it’s lovely. Her eyes are so bright- she must have fed recently. tilda2

photo credits: google images, celbitchy. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Simplicity 2025 meets the Sui

I started back to sewing for me about 3 years ago, after mostly sewing scrub caps and doll clothes and selling them on evilbay for years. My me sewing years before had  mostly been post-Home Ec budgety stuff that had all the style of….ok, I wasn’t the stylish beastie you see now, ‘nouff said. 2025

This pattern was one of the first I bought 3 years ago- it looked easy, it looked reasonably stylish and from what retail was telling me, it was sack-like  enough that I was entitled to it. Perhaps this is why I wasn’t over-upset when I read all the blogs this week discussing the lack of decent fit in the big4 patterns.border1

I’m a big girl. I know this. I wasn’t always, but I am now. I’m almost cool with it. Until I go into a chain retail store and hop around from rack to rack looking for my size like a needle in a fat stack. Finally in a dim recessed corner I find the size that I am currently- it’s boxy, it’s shapeless and if I’m lucky, it isn’t also doubling as maternity. I’ve let retail convince me that I don’t belong in anything else. Like the sight of fabric skimming too close to my hips would bring the villagers with torches and they would run me to the belltower to live alone, where only my cartoon rat companions have to look at my hideous form. Ok, it’s not that bad- it even sounds like I’m headed for a musical number.  border3

So this week I’ve been asking myself why I’m not more bothered by the lack of fit and over-ease I find in the big4. Well, I have been comfortable with the semi-fit of the styles I have chosen. I like a sheer floaty thing. I like a loosely belted business. I guess I lead a pull on over the head lifestyle. I am just not Ms Button down. Tho Lord knows I have been told to button up!

So for me, the ease issue is not a huge one (joke, did you see it? Go back and read it again) but I totally understand what it means to others.  I know bad fit when I see it. There is a strong possibility that my Bond Girl name is Boxy Le Smut, but I know that when I make a dressier dress, I want the option of having it fit me- dare I say it- like it was made for me. So I’m really in agreement that the ‘design for a 6, grade up 3 sizes,grade  down 3 sizes-sell!’ is not good enough- and shameful coming from companies that we use to express our creativity, solve figure problems, and find custom chic from. It is time for the big4 to stop resting on it’s laurels and bring in more designers with modern eyes and stop just repackaging the 80’s for us.IMG_7542

Now, complaining aside, lets get down to my latest boxy creation. I am thinking about install a paypal button on the side of my blog so that you can send me donations to help cover the cost of these divine Dr Martens that would totally suit this Anna Sui fabric beautifully- don’t you think? Is it not wrong that I don’t have these? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if I had these? Yes, of course it would. 15000701

photo credits: Dr Martens, meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Rochas

This makes me think of Betty Draper Francis in her ‘heavy’ disguise. Or, old man closet couture. She looks a little like Crispin Glover- do you think? ro1

hmm- I’m not so sure about these exagerated shapes. It takes me back to the 80’s when I would try to work some menswear into my wardrobe to look like Molly Ringwald and it really did not work out well. ro2

Now this goes in a totally different direction…. this doesn’t feel like it belongs, but I like it. Maybe she got lost and doesn’t belong here at all. Is she carrying a mat with her steak knives rolled up in it? Where is security? ro4

Oh, we’re back on Planet ill-fitting Tweed…maybe thats her diploma from the Wendy Ward Modeling school…ro5

I just can’t get a handle on how I feel about these- they clearly cannot be worn by real women- they are hugely out of proportion, but the ideas are good, but…no.ro6

This one is more proportioned but only the epaulets make it different than a sloper.


Ok, I think I’m done here. This is too confusing. What is the deal with the duvet active wear? Is that her arm or a realy weird ruffle? Oh great, I think I made her angry?! ro8

Is this oddly fitting 60’s wedding dress under the duvet? Is she wearing it with loafers… and backwards? ro9

Weigh in people, I’m still shaking my head on this one.

photo credits: Style.com

A girl such as I…in Simplicty 2936


You know, sometimes a girl such as I, who basks in the luxury of a decadent, carefree lifestyle of hummingbird tongue niblets and having Colin Firth give me pedicures while Jeremy Northam makes me a frappe,  likes to shrug off her ocelot capelet and wear something everyday. It makes me feel ‘down with the people’ as they say.  So I tried Simplicity 2936- 2936

Such variations! I was giddy. Now the trick for me was to not segueway too far into a Daisey Mae zone.  Just- no.untitled

I liked it with a floral and the little tied off sleeves, but I skipped any other embellishment to keep it simple. This little pattern is a new favorite.rose4

Lately I’ve been sewing alot of tiny rompers for someone special and I have probably developed a little obsession with my snap press.  Seriously, I’m starting to think a little hammering will solve anything! It does get the GD cat off the sewing table, I’ll give you that! cats

So I blew off button holes and gave it black pearl snaps. I tell you, I’m thinking of installing a gong and then Bruderlein can strike it to announce my millionth snap hammered into innocent fabric. Hopefully this will happen before Liesl runs off with the striker or Mr B confiscates my hammer. Got to work fast!!rose1

Oh, but where to wear something so casual- it’s far too subtle for my Marie Antoinette lifestyle of tiny dogs and soirees.  Perhaps some pictures in the front yard of our servants quarters- this isn’t MY front door of course…..rose2

This has alot of collar and sleeve options, but my favorite option is to tuck or not to tuck the front and back. I did one on either side front and back and felt that it was just right- yes, not to baggy, not too constricting. Basically the fit is for me, the porridge that Goldilocks ate- just right.  Check out my dandy little sleeve rabbit ears. My underarms have gotten amazing reception today with this on. rose3

Well, I’d better go and dress for dinner. Thanks for popping by.


photo credits: google images, Pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Ahoy, Simplicity 1651

I’m very, very behind. This was supposed to be my April Challis make, but things got in the way and I didn’t finish Simplicity 1651 until last week. Nice. I love the Project Runway patterns except for my tragic math skills trying to decipher yardage.1651

‘For dress with full skirt 3.5 yards. Add .78 yards for peplum, .3875 yards for 3/4 sleeves, only 1.78 yards for pencil skirt, add 6.75 yards for cathedral length and add 3.75 yards for matching duffel bag’. Oy! Luckilly I overbuy, so by midsummer a little top will also sport this tealy business. I chose the view with the keyhole front and did not choose to layer the cap sleeves. It felt weird. Why make a little jacket for the cap sleeves? It wouldnt have suited this fabric me thinks. The twisty business in front was alot of fun to make, tho I am having trouble keeping the facing from rolling over a bit. One less twist? A bit of stabilizer on the edge of the front upper facing? A voodoo charm? This never happens to Savannah Guthries twist fronts!!port

I also realized that it really didn’t need a zipper, I was slinging it over my pointed head just fine. Please note in the background another bizarre fish on a stick that our town proudly displays. I can’t explain. poop1

I really like this dress, I surely do. It’s girly, swishy and ok, semi-obscene. I have worn this to work- yes, yes, I have. BUT I created a little inset- call it a breastal dickie is you dare. Because as you can see- this is one major keyhole. port1

See? I totally love this fabric- I think they are angry roses. Thank you fabricmart, your deliveries fill me with much joy. IMG_5768


I was laughing at my husband here- when even he thinks I’m revealing too much cleavage, you know you have gone from keyhole to porthole. There was a lot of ‘No, don’t turn to the side so much’ in my posing instructions! Don’t worry, none of the bunnies escaped the hutch!


Seriously, I think I killed some ants with the concentrated glare off the bunnies. I really must remember to only use my powers for good. poop2

Look out, ducks!


photo credits: google images, meadhawg, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Logo my Eggo?

Ok, that was lame- but you know who isn’t? All of the amazing sewin’ folk who visited us to cast your vote on a log for the World Order of Sewcialists! We had a total of 191 votes. That’s wonderful! I know it doesn’t mean we had 191 individuals voting but it’s still nice to see that a lot of you voted multiple times. We appreciate you taking the time and hopefully making some new friends while you were at it.

Thanks to Make Magazine the winner will get: 

  • A 1 year subscription to Make magazine generously offered by our official sponsor Make

Thanks to individual donors (this is not coming from Make: Magazine), the winner will also receive:

  • A $100 cash prize
  • A custom ipad sleeve

I know you want to know who won. I am glad it was so hard for all of you to decide. That is a good thing to tell these awesome designers! They did such a good job it was hard for all of you to choose.

Winner: Joost
1st Runner up: Anne
2nd Runner up: Sabina
A big congratulations to Joost and all designers for their hard work.
What are you going to do with our new Sewcialists logo? First, head over to Joost’s site and choose your colors. Make it match your eyes! Or the cat! Or your favoriter pair of me made panties!  
Then what?
  • Put it on your blog
  • shave it into your husbands haircut for instant sewcialist street cred!
  • Put it on a jumper you made for the cat
  • Make an iron-on transfer and iron it on a t-shirt or a tote
  • Sketch it on your Trapper Keeper
  • Stencil it on your drum head
  • Deface local administration bulidings Ok, just proudly sport it in a civically-minded and responsible way.

The options are endless. What are you going to do with it?

Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe


I feel like this may be a runway walk of shame. It feels like these pieces go, but not as a plan. More of a ‘run out to get jerky at 3am’ kind of thing. BY the way, that was not a euphemism.


I like this jacket- and so did Buster Pointdexter….


Stop- jammie time.


Explain in comments, please: pj7

Huh. pj5

Aunt Fester?


Couldn’t you just take off the squirrel for a minute?


photo credits: Vogue Netherlands

Pattern Hoarding….who’s in?


So this was going to be a little rant post about how I suffered thru another bout of sewing for other people….BUT, I have to admit, Gaudy-Scouts honor, I totally enjoyed making Mommy and Me and Bitty Twin outfits for my friends little girl, the adorable Maggie. Here’s a look at my awwwww-someness. DSC08520

First up is actually the bonus outfit. I was supposed to make sleepwear, but I couldn’t resist this- especially with matching-ish doll overalls. DSC08521

I know, I know, I wish they were leopard too, but I had to go with the kids taste….sigh….DSC08523

I am goofily proud of this one- I created the pattern for the dolls top to match the tucks in the ‘Mommy’ top. Skills I have mastered on this scale, but not on me! I skipped the elastic on the dolls sleeves- because I’ve noticed the leading cause of real mom frustration with doll wear is the child not being able to dress dolly herself. Why do they make these doll hands so spraddly??

Ready for the last one, the Buffet homage? Yes, while Mommy and baby girl read Proust and do their taxes, baby boy attends a singles Lualua…..as you do. Look, you may have played differently than I did as a kid, but hey, we all had fun, right? DSC08525

Now. All fun aside. It’s time for the Public Service Announcement about pattern hoarding. When I was asked to do this, I went digging thru the kid pattern box (yes, I have one just for goats and small children) and was able to pull out 6 girly patterns for 6-8 and 5 doll patterns for this doll. People, I Don’t have any children?!  This isn’t even the size the dogs wear! It is one thing to be buying potential Anniewear patterns until the house goes up like a torch from one spark off my roller skates, but I’ve discovered I’m hoarding patterns I don’t even plan to use!? This is normal right? I’m just like you, right? Lucy-Therapist

Now, while I’m sharing my deep, meaningful thoughts, I’d like to direct you to the lovely Beajay– a lady who is fired up about the crappiness of plus sized Butterick this week and planning to do what they won’t- resize a stylish pattern collection to fit more than a small demographic. Yay Beajay- fight the sizist man!


She’s also been kind enough to throw a Versatile Blogger award to me. I thank thee kindly!typewriter

photo credits: little me, google images- all images remain the property of their original owners

Wearable Wednesday Valentin Yudashkin


Every New Years the peasants bring the Snow Queen a gift of Toilet tissue. It’s a beautiful ceremony.



Raise your hands if you’d secretly like to try this on inside out-


How to turn on Jack Frost-


Even tho her ear infection was almost too much to bear, Martina valiantly did the runway show.


Soon all the models were infected and no one would loan her cigarettes.

ok, this feels doable.


Abby secretly worried that she looked like a waffle cone.


Where did the models put all of their used cotton balls, the dressers wondered….


Careful- val13

photo credits: Vogue