Wearable Wednesday Jan Taminiau

Today, in honor of the Dutch abdication, we’re covering a designer that according to one of my fav blogs is a fashion staple of the future Dutch Queen, Maxima. This is couture, but we make exceptions for royalty, right? jan1

Oh, shoulder pads for days! jan3

I’m smitten.


Yes, please. jan5

Wow. Is is just me or is this special? jan7

ok, not sure about this one. It looks like she got it caught on her something or other-jan8

A subtle, classic evening coat is a purchase you will never regret.


Is my bow distracting you? jan11

Huh. Too much? jan12

I think it’s sweet that the designer let his brother model.


Anyone else wondering if her nipples are really oddly low? jan14

photo credits: Vogue Netherlands

55 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Jan Taminiau

  1. Such fun. And we did get to see lots of bows and those now famous swoopy shoulder pads! That matched Maxima’s tiara perfectly. Oh, what a stunner…


  2. mrsmole says:

    Real high fashion for real women!!!! Yippee! So romantic and luscious! Couldn’t you just order up one of each?


  3. Leonie says:

    Thanks for finding these. Maxima was wearing something with an enormous bow on the shoulder for her husband’s big day.


  4. Love a bit of bow especially at the neck, tres chic (dunno dutch). I love all of these esp the big bow with the organza cape, haven’t a clue where I’d go with it. Thanks for sharing I will be adding this designer to my look-out list.


  5. Love the #2 blue..but would do away w/pads and long sleeve it. I was leaning toward print #3, but now all I can see are the underbelly of many frogs!?! And yes, the nipples are very low and seem to have their own leaning shelf. Fabrics are beautiful, but the huge bows and so much material at neckline just “choke” me up…


  6. Marsha says:

    Generally lovely, great fabrics. I’d calm down the bows and shoulder pads. Number six is a reminder to carefully check yourself after a bathroom visit to make sure your skirt’s not caught in your underwear.


  7. jadesabre9 says:

    I laughed out loud at your “subtle classic coat” comment! I do however, enjoy the gold floor length coat a few images above.


  8. The skirt got caught up the wazoodle when they wrapped the green tablecloth around that dress .. but there are definitely some good design ideas lurking in this collection.


  9. I love the first two (well, minus the shoulder pads and ginormous bow) and the 6th one (with pinkish chiffon). But I can’t say that I understand the jacket thing or the need for gigantic bows…*shudder*


  10. Beautiful! I’m not used to seeing garments on wearable Wednesday that don’t have a touch of wtf… I do think my fave is that very first one, the sequins and checkers are beyond chic!


  11. redsilvia says:

    Was I the only one unaware that the Netherlands has a royal family? That seems so weird to me. Anywho, it’s not my taxes so go for it. There are some gorgeous dresses there (and some look like they had an awful time with a salad spinner WTF) and like all couture I long to look at the insides to see how they did it! Thanks for the pics.


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