Wearable Wednesday Valentin Yudashkin


Every New Years the peasants bring the Snow Queen a gift of Toilet tissue. It’s a beautiful ceremony.



Raise your hands if you’d secretly like to try this on inside out-


How to turn on Jack Frost-


Even tho her ear infection was almost too much to bear, Martina valiantly did the runway show.


Soon all the models were infected and no one would loan her cigarettes.

ok, this feels doable.


Abby secretly worried that she looked like a waffle cone.


Where did the models put all of their used cotton balls, the dressers wondered….


Careful- val13

photo credits: Vogue

53 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Valentin Yudashkin

  1. kattheengineer says:

    Waffle cone INDEED.

    Seriously, I don’t think that much illusion mesh should be seen anywhere but the skating rink. I wonder if that’s where these ladies are going? Seems appropriate.


  2. starryfishathome says:

    Seriously, those models are verging on the completely gaunt. Hands up any of you whose thighs curve in like these. How can they present clothes that fit absolutely no one in real life.


  3. how to catch cold fashionably.
    I did like no. 2 and 3 apart from the toilet roll (which comment did make me laugh more than I have for a long time.) I also like Jack Frost and the final one but probably because I wish I had made them. Great wearable art!
    So here is a question – these are so pretty, what WOULD you wear under them to make them suitable for wearing without hypothermia (or drawing stalkers)?
    Sandy in the UK


  4. Shar says:

    I just love your running commentary each week! The toilet tissue is priceless! I do like the classic lines of quite a few of these.


  5. Well so much for wearing #5 and #11 to the birthday party, you would pop all the balloons. I think the reason they are all wearing cotton balls is to staunch the flow of blood from the inevitable wounds that these two garments would inflict.

    I actually like some of these clothes and could see myself wearing them during my next performance with the Ice Capades. What is a capade anyway?


  6. Someone really wasn’t thinking (or didn’t have your wicked sense of humor) when they chose those accessories, but I found most of this collection pretty, easy on the eyes, and creative in a non-insane way. 🙂


  7. I love Wednesdays, especially when there’s weirdness.

    I like the seventh dress. I’ll take it without the cotton ball earrings and the hat that’s sliding off the side of her head.


  8. Oooh I like this lot, mostly pretty, some look they were sewn onto the models seconds before they walked, but velvet, faux fur, snowflakes are all winners to me. Forget the cottonwool balls in the ears, why do some of them have white furry boob hats?


  9. There are some lovely parts of this collection. The first dress, I was scrolling down thinking, hmm, pretty, not too crazy, a bit loose in fact and then WHOA… what the hell is on her feet?!? I think those boots are wider than her waist.
    Minus the pom poms, boots and toilet paper rolls, there is an awful lot to like in this collection.


  10. “Every New Years the peasants bring the Snow Queen a gift of Toilet tissue. It’s a beautiful ceremony.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa ha ha!! Lol. I laughed :).

    And, is that real fur? Blech!!!!!


  11. Hi. Just letting you know I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Some people love awards, some people don’t. Please don’t feel any pressure to participate. It is entirely up to you. Just my way of letting you know I enjoy your blog.

    Your Wednesday line up was fun as always.


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