Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe


I feel like this may be a runway walk of shame. It feels like these pieces go, but not as a plan. More of a ‘run out to get jerky at 3am’ kind of thing. BY the way, that was not a euphemism.


I like this jacket- and so did Buster Pointdexter….


Stop- jammie time.


Explain in comments, please: pj7

Huh. pj5

Aunt Fester?


Couldn’t you just take off the squirrel for a minute?


photo credits: Vogue Netherlands

52 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Paul & Joe

  1. The only explanation, as far as I can see, is that they have snuck out in the night in their jammies to scrape up roadkill without being seen. Which would explain why they look sooooo pissed off too! Perhaps they’re hungry and should have cooked the road kill rather than wearing it. Squirrel soup anyone?


  2. Shar says:

    I think I may have resembled some of these when someone pulled the college dorm alarm in the early morning hours (but with much less stylish footwear).


  3. mrsmole says:

    All the parts of this collection seem nice but they don’t all have to be worn together. Why women seem to think they look good wearing pajamas out in public after Stella McCartney made that her life’s mission. The babydoll tops just are all wrong with the rest of the cozy components but maybe they all escaped from a BFF slumber party and ran out of celery and mineral water and headed out to the nearest convenience store for more. The rodent neck warmers are just a nice added touch!


  4. As always, you have an interesting take on this collection I.e. Aunt Fester!!! Too funny! I agree about the whole pj thing, but there are a few bits and pieces that I find interesting. Thanks for the morning smile.


  5. I kind of love these silhouettes, actually, along with the pattern and texture mixtures (minus the roadkill). I’m horrified by pajamas in public, but this kind of layering, not trying to be sexy but still making an effort, I love it.


  6. It looks like a re-boot of the Lagenlook. I do like the fabrics and the styles are unique but as others commented not all at once. As for the squirrel . . . well, I think enough has been said on that topic. LOL!


  7. Was it Coco Chanel who said you should get ready, put on all your accessories, and then take one piece off? I think they could have taken off 2-3 layers prior to walking on the catwalk.
    I like the A line of the Aunt Fester coat. The explain in comments dress reminds me of times where I only had one winter coat. And it was great 90% of the time, suitable for walking to school, going shopping, visiting friends… But there would be that 10% where I was dressed up (maybe a wedding?) and felt silly in this clearly casual coat but I had no other warm option. It really feels like there is a great dress under there covered up by an unsuitable coat.


  8. I agree with Mrs Mole items work in their own right not all mixed up together.

    I worked in an old folks home in my youth and residents would often take off in the night they too wore pyjamas, overcoat and handbag, I wish now I had paid more attention, not to them going awol (the older you get the more fleet of foot and cunning you become!) but to the satorial choices for their great escape. I would probably be a stylist to the stars instead of sitting in this lawyers office stealing a few moments of blog time!


  9. Looks like grabs from the thrift store gone wrong on the 3am run to the store for cigarettes & red bull (those models are not going for jerky, that’s for sure!) What a mish mash of stuff – looks like a giant bag of thrift store purchases was dumped backstage for the models to sort into outfits. “Make it work”!

    Sidenote: I’ve had to stop reading these Wednesday posts at night…the angry models are interrupting my sleep! Feed them or something, people!!!

    PS – LOVE those gray shoes in the first pic 🙂


  10. I like a piece on it’s own here and there- but the conglomeration of PJ’s, roadkill, and multiple prints hurts my brain… I do confess I am going to try a pair of heels tonight w/ my jammies! 😉 ~Laurie


  11. Leigh Ann says:

    Why are all the jackets so big? Maybe they accidentally made them in normal size and they just look big on the models? I quite like the Cossack looking dress and boots, though I’m not sure about the checked jacket on top.


  12. At least they’ll feel feel at home in Walmart according to some of the pics I’ve seen of shoppers there – jammies galore. Actually I kinda like the main items – just the dead squirrels are the put off here – oh And giant jaw bones!


  13. You know, I never really thought poking my head through a (skinned) deer butt was fashionable. Clearly, Paul & Joe disagree.

    And I loved the “Aunt Fester” comment, so accurate! 😀


  14. I love love love the horse print trousers!!
    The rest look like modern day Miss Havershams who’d be lucky to get any “jerky”. Though their paramours may be desperate to tear off the mountains of hideous clothes they’re wearing.


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