Ahoy, Simplicity 1651

I’m very, very behind. This was supposed to be my April Challis make, but things got in the way and I didn’t finish Simplicity 1651 until last week. Nice. I love the Project Runway patterns except for my tragic math skills trying to decipher yardage.1651

‘For dress with full skirt 3.5 yards. Add .78 yards for peplum, .3875 yards for 3/4 sleeves, only 1.78 yards for pencil skirt, add 6.75 yards for cathedral length and add 3.75 yards for matching duffel bag’. Oy! Luckilly I overbuy, so by midsummer a little top will also sport this tealy business. I chose the view with the keyhole front and did not choose to layer the cap sleeves. It felt weird. Why make a little jacket for the cap sleeves? It wouldnt have suited this fabric me thinks. The twisty business in front was alot of fun to make, tho I am having trouble keeping the facing from rolling over a bit. One less twist? A bit of stabilizer on the edge of the front upper facing? A voodoo charm? This never happens to Savannah Guthries twist fronts!!port

I also realized that it really didn’t need a zipper, I was slinging it over my pointed head just fine. Please note in the background another bizarre fish on a stick that our town proudly displays. I can’t explain. poop1

I really like this dress, I surely do. It’s girly, swishy and ok, semi-obscene. I have worn this to work- yes, yes, I have. BUT I created a little inset- call it a breastal dickie is you dare. Because as you can see- this is one major keyhole. port1

See? I totally love this fabric- I think they are angry roses. Thank you fabricmart, your deliveries fill me with much joy. IMG_5768


I was laughing at my husband here- when even he thinks I’m revealing too much cleavage, you know you have gone from keyhole to porthole. There was a lot of ‘No, don’t turn to the side so much’ in my posing instructions! Don’t worry, none of the bunnies escaped the hutch!


Seriously, I think I killed some ants with the concentrated glare off the bunnies. I really must remember to only use my powers for good. poop2

Look out, ducks!


photo credits: google images, meadhawg, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

95 thoughts on “Ahoy, Simplicity 1651

  1. I’m really not meant to be reading blogs right now but I so couldn’t resist this one when it popped into my mailbox! I can’t tell you how much I love this dress. The fabric for one is right up my street but the style of this dress is amazing and you look absolutely bloomin’ gorgeous in it!!


  2. Great little dress. At first I thought you were talking about the open back. I can be so dense!! That tiny little keyhole opening hardly counts as a porthole:) I see high school girls walking to school showing a LOT more cleavage. Sometimes it makes me wonder about what they are really studying.


  3. Shar says:

    Gorgeous! I love the print and the color is perfect on you! I’m so jealous – I wish I had bunnies big enough to fill a keyhole!


  4. I absolutely love this dress. I sort of wonder if I would feel too exposed if I made it to wear myself. I’m still tempted to pick up the pattern now that I’ve seen your version.


  5. mrsmole says:

    That dress is smokin’!!!! I’d bet that if they used you as their model and that fabric they would have sold out!!!!


  6. Kerry says:

    I think you need to make another one right away! That looks fantastic on you. In fact, I probably should make one too but it’s far easier to designate ya know…


  7. Day-um girl! You are a fox in this dress, your hubby needs to take you out on a hot date STAT!! πŸ™‚ I think this is officially my fave of your makes (so far), I love the style, the color, the print…everything!

    BTW, I’m totally jealous of your bunnies, I don’t think mine could fill out that hutch. (That euphamism totally makes me snicker every. time.) πŸ˜€


  8. Lovely, a great colour on you and very stylish. I have yet to sew with a Project runway Pattern but just looking at the addition that will be required because of the separate parts makes my head spin a little.


  9. breastal dickie. ROTFL. I will, sadly, never have need for such an insert; however, I wish I did, so I could drop that phrase into casual conversation. The dress is gorgeous and I LOVE the fabric.


  10. Fish on a stick… breastal dickie…. bunnies… you crack me up! I think the dress is gorgeous and there’s nothing wrong with showing off the bunnies every once in a while. Pretty, pretty fabric, too.


  11. I have this pattern in my horde, but I hadn’t really considered making it up for myself… now, however, I may have to reconsider.

    Yes, I have patterns that I don’t think I’ll ever make for myself. Before you start wondering if I’m a weirdo (I am) I thought I’d make it for my impossibly narrow best friend. πŸ™‚

    Oh wait, you buy patterns that you don’t plan on making either. πŸ™‚ It’s impossible not to when they’re on sale at Jo Anne’s for $1.00.


  12. Ooh la la – la la ooh – what a spectacular dress!!! Love love love it. I don’t think it too revealing – but then that may be because of hubby’s skillful direction. That fabric is beautiful and I say if you have bunnies – show them off! The shape of the dress looks great on you..


  13. Oh I totally got this fabric during that sale too!! Your dress is *gorgeous* as are you AND your bunnies, rock it girl. I hope I can do half the justice to this fabric as you have… after it finishes maturing in the stash for a while longer, natch.


  14. I am LOVING both the fabric (incredible!) and the pattern. We had a saying at faire “You can show the apple but not the stem”. I see no stems so you’re safe : ) It is truly lovely…and what is UP with the fish on a stick?


      • No, “stems” refers to nipples : ) Some women would have such low cut bodices that “things” that weren’t appropriate for either the faire or the era would show. Everyone who worked there had to go thru costume approval so they told you ahead of time what was accepted and what wasn’t. Bodice depth was one of those things that was repeatedly challenged. These were also the women that pulled their sleeves off their shoulders which was the HEIGHT of bad!


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