A girl such as I…in Simplicty 2936


You know, sometimes a girl such as I, who basks in the luxury of a decadent, carefree lifestyle of hummingbird tongue niblets and having Colin Firth give me pedicures while Jeremy Northam makes me a frappe,  likes to shrug off her ocelot capelet and wear something everyday. It makes me feel ‘down with the people’ as they say.  So I tried Simplicity 2936- 2936

Such variations! I was giddy. Now the trick for me was to not segueway too far into a Daisey Mae zone.  Just- no.untitled

I liked it with a floral and the little tied off sleeves, but I skipped any other embellishment to keep it simple. This little pattern is a new favorite.rose4

Lately I’ve been sewing alot of tiny rompers for someone special and I have probably developed a little obsession with my snap press.  Seriously, I’m starting to think a little hammering will solve anything! It does get the GD cat off the sewing table, I’ll give you that! cats

So I blew off button holes and gave it black pearl snaps. I tell you, I’m thinking of installing a gong and then Bruderlein can strike it to announce my millionth snap hammered into innocent fabric. Hopefully this will happen before Liesl runs off with the striker or Mr B confiscates my hammer. Got to work fast!!rose1

Oh, but where to wear something so casual- it’s far too subtle for my Marie Antoinette lifestyle of tiny dogs and soirees.  Perhaps some pictures in the front yard of our servants quarters- this isn’t MY front door of course…..rose2

This has alot of collar and sleeve options, but my favorite option is to tuck or not to tuck the front and back. I did one on either side front and back and felt that it was just right- yes, not to baggy, not too constricting. Basically the fit is for me, the porridge that Goldilocks ate- just right.  Check out my dandy little sleeve rabbit ears. My underarms have gotten amazing reception today with this on. rose3

Well, I’d better go and dress for dinner. Thanks for popping by.


photo credits: google images, Pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

50 thoughts on “A girl such as I…in Simplicty 2936

  1. Oh man, putting in pearl snaps (or anytime you get to “sew” with a hammer) is incredibly fun. 🙂 And such good stress relief too, for when one of those pesky servants (can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!) does something untoward. 😉

    Love the little sleeve detail, I’m going to have to try that on a sleeve sometime–maybe that will even make it easier to fit my *ahem* “muscular” arms. 🙂


  2. Really cute top, the fabric & colors look so nice on you. Your roses are serious overachievers. What are you feeding them?! Or rather, what are your servants feeding them?


  3. “Check out my dandy little sleeve rabbit ears. My underarms have gotten amazing reception today with this on.” You make me laugh!!!!

    Love your top – very very pretty – a rose amongst the roses (beautiful roses btw).

    I must get myself one of those snappy things (press stud makers I mean!)


  4. mrsmole says:

    Hammers can do some great things…scaring felines and canines and husbands away from your workroom. I cover buttons and use this same technique. Snaps make me nuts as the stress of not getting the matching side just right…oh my…and then what? Your sleeves are just so you and so ready for summer and cool evenings sipping mint juleps on the front porch of the big house while the hired help whizzes around cleaning up and turning down the beds.You live such a charmed life!


  5. I love snaps. Hitting things with a hammer is such fun. The pattern envelope is pretty meh (have her arms been photoshopped super skinny, or is that just me? Her hands look giant), but your version looks great. I love the little ties on the arms.


  6. Such a clever notion, snaps, I am sure it makes for a speedy garment, eh? Anyhow, love the blouse and that fabric is AWESOME- you look MAH-velous!!!


  7. Martha says:

    I must admit I’m usually too snobby to by Simplicity patterns, but darned if you aren’t so polished and cute in this little number, I just may have to buy it. And use it, too!


  8. Too funny… so that is the secret of removing a cat from a sewing table.. must get me some snaps! I too have to make a “little” outfit and it requires snaps; was going to go for tape but no! I will go the Thor hammer..

    Top? gorgeous…. might see if I can get it as there are some lovely variations.



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