Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino


Ok, just who is this person? Who is the customer for this collection? There are some lovely bits here, but all so spun into fluffy clouds of sugar that they scream anime Goldilocks. va3

Does Madame Alexander have a corporate staff uniform? va4







This is like career day at Lollipop land.


Here are my favorites:


Just add 12 inches, please.


I solve tiny little pretty crimes! Involving missing teddy bears.


Take me seriously damn it, I’m a Nobel Laureate.


Yes, I am jealous. I want all of these shoes!


I’m a velveteen corporate shark in my Red Valentino! val15

As a gal who has made doll clothes alot, I am seeing someone familiar here.


photo credits: Vogue Australia. All images remain the property of their original owners.

82 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino

  1. What. the. halibut? My computer is positively dripping from all the sugary sweet whatever the heck that was…! Best comment: “Does Madame Alexander have a corporate uniform”…Perfectly describes this collection! I’ve definitely seen these on dolls before – the toy kind!

    Some bits have possibilities, but frankly, the whole thing is so kewpie doll looking, I just don’t have the energy or the inclination to sort through the mess!

    Until next time, Valentino…perhaps you’ll redeem yourself!


  2. Carolyn says:

    I do like some of the capes/coats- but I don’t get the coat and short shorts look. It may look interesting proportionally- but it’s not a wearable combo.


  3. mrsmole says:

    What is the point of wearing the cape with deep pockets to warm your hands when your va-jay-jay is so close to being exposed and frozen? Grown up Heidi fashions even Shirley temple could wear…how nice…guess we all will be wearing sheer knee socks this winter….cozy? The shoes are the saving grace…my teeth hurt from all this sweetness!


  4. Sarah says:

    Surely Valentino can’t be trying to save fabric by making everything too short? Or are the models extra tall?? Draughty springs to mind!!


  5. Marsha says:

    So now when the tops of my knee-hi hosiery peek out from beneath my skirts, it’s no longer frumpy, it’s haute couture!


  6. This all makes me want to break out in song. “The Good Ship Lollipop” maybe?
    Love the fabrics, love much of the outerwear, heck I even love the cute fairy land back
    drops, just not for a fashion collection for anyone over 10. Then I remember, I am 55 and haven’t played with dolls for quite some time.
    I will admit that sometimes I pet all of the horses in my Breyer collection, but that’s it! 🙂


  7. These are for a Russian oligarch’s twelve year old daughter! I agree odd pieces are great – still no real woman could wear them imho! The velvet trouser suit and shoes being the only redeeming features. Is that her legs or two threads hanging down? model picked to look like a raggy doll, all long legs and tiny torso! What next for high fashion’s depiction of women? Why have a woman at all, why not a sucession of automated broom handles sasaying down the catwalk! I’ve read this back sounds like a rant but I am falling out of love with fashion, now where is my comfy drindl and birkies!


  8. There are aspects of each outfit that are interesting,but I don’t understand the message that they were trying to portray. That back drop with giant mushrooms, dancing gingerbread men and squirrels, at least I think they are squirrels, having a tea party. Maybe it’s a reference to some kind of a trip?!! You know, one of those psychedelic trips 🙂


  9. Shar says:

    I didn’t think that I could accurately critique these, so I had my almost 13 year old review them for me. She loved looks 4, 5, 9, and 11 with 9 being her favorite. Looks 1 and 10 elicited an ‘EWWWW’ and look 2 was just OK.


  10. I guess I’m the odd one out here but I’m used to that. And I guess I’m not a “real woman”; I’m a 55 year old little girl. I can live with that. I love these, except for the length. (and the coat and shorts, WTF?, and the cape) Add 12 inches (at least) and I’d love to have every one of the dresses and that last pants suit, the pants of which could also use a few more inches.


  11. Twee. Twee-er. Twee-est. So good to know that you’re grammar is up to snuff, because there ain’t nothing here that’s worth the $$$ except the shoes. And I’ll take one of each pair, please!! 🙂 BTW, my 14 yr old wouldn’t want to wear any of these outfits, never mind my 9 year old.


  12. Leigh Ann says:

    I think they’re all very pretty, but they certainly seem targeted to a very young clientele! The irony is that most people young enough to wear those are not old enough to afford them.

    Still, at least they’re not ugly. That makes a nice change from many designer collections.


  13. Wow, I actually really like most of these outfits! But you’re right- add 12+ inches, please! That green plaid coat- *swooooooooon*. The shoes were adorbs, most of the dresses were super cute, and I loved the backdrop. Best yet, for me!


  14. Well, the shoes are nice? And I actually do kind of want the jackets. And maybe a couple of the capes (minus the roses). But yes, definitely a bit too “Blythe Doll” for me.


  15. Jenny says:

    Excepting the shortie-shorts, I actually really like this stuff! Maybe not the furry collars. But the plaids and the pleats–adorable!


  16. Squeee!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of these outfits!! Yes, they are intensely sugary cuteness and the skirts are dangerously short, but they just have such a strange mix of sophisticated charm and little girl loveliness.


  17. I’ll admit it, I really like about half the pieces here. No, I wouldn’t wear them that short but the plaid dress with the black organza overlay has possiblities as do the suits. At least I can use these ideas as a jumping off point, unlike the last few collections you’ve highlighted that have sent me into the depths of my pattern collection looking for pretties.


  18. Like them all with #1 being the exception. The extra 12″ would make them wearable in the real world. Velvet jacket with rose and shoes with rose …sweet. Background..oh well…


  19. Amie says:

    Put me in the I like the shoes category.
    There are a few items that are ok, but the sheer knee-hi’s are killing me, reminds me of 3rd grade in the ’70s. Yuck.
    Overall, I am reminded of Betsy Johnson’s stuff, which I really sort of dig.


  20. Everything’s too short, but some great colors and details in most of it. Not sure who wears a cape with hot pants, but I guess some people’s legs just don’t get cold.


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