Wearable Wednesday Elie Saab

I demand pretty today. Pretty dresses and well-cut gorgeousness. I think Elie delivers nicely, do you? Look at the detail on this skirt- el1

I’m also crushing on these little booties!


Ok, this is not the most practical outfit, especially with the crotch motif placement, but so pretty! el3

The cut of this dress is thrilling me- obviously more than it is thrilling the model.


Ok, who can we picture in this? The Kidman perhaps?


I think I could carry off this next one- altho that plunge deserves it’s own diving board?! el6

With only a few discrete slashes, this converts easilly to nursing apparel- how handy! el7

She did not want to wear black.


Hey, you know what? Wearable Wednesday is getting close to it’s 100th Wednesday- who can believe it? So, the 1st poster to remind us all of what designer started us off on our bitchy cruise gets a little Annelicious prize. Don’t let my taste scare you!!!


photo credits: Vogue

48 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Elie Saab

  1. Well, well, well, Elie sewed some wearable stuff! I’m crushing on it! ‘Cept for the last pic / outfit, I don’t quite get it. embroidery overload! And, congratulations, Anne, on your 100th Wearable Wednesday Post!!! In my ‘research” I found the oldest post to be one of Louis Vuitton (who I LOVE) to be on July 13, 2011.


  2. Why do the models always look so miserable, even when wearing beautiful clothes? Do their feet hurt perhaps? Are they contemplating global warming? All I know is I’d be smiling if I had that big teal purse in picture 4!


  3. Oh! I love all of this, especially the blue boootees and the second dress is gorgeous. Also that colour of blue with black is so lux. nice one. Congrats on your hundredth WW – it’s wearing well 🙂


  4. Shar says:

    Congrats and here’s to 100 more! Oooooh – I love all of these looks (my favorite being #5 if I can pry it out of Nicole’s hands). I’ll take everything including the shoes and purse!


  5. This is one of the few wearable Wednesdays that I actually consider wearable. I love the teal evening gown, aside from the unfortunate motif placement. I wonder if a matching teal slip would help disguise that?


  6. Congrats on your almost 100th Wearable Wednesday! That’s awesome!

    The fabrics & embroidery in these look wonderful – and the teal is beautiful. Some nice things to consider 🙂

    Can’t the models just adopt blank faces? Do they have to look like angry birds? Ooo,…new game! Mad Models…!


  7. Wow! Congrats on the 100th! I must say, WW is a much-welcomed perk in my mailbox each week! As for this collection, I just want to say that I love that blue colour that seems to be everywhere. Oh to need dresses like this on a daily basis…. *sigh*


  8. I so adore Elie Saab, and I love all of these! I started waxing poetic about the different pieces, but quickly realized this comment would turn into a book. Oh, Elie. ❤ You are so dreamy.


  9. I’m not usually one for “structured garments”, probably because they don’t fit my lifestyle, but I really like the first skirt and the green dress with the structured sweetheart neckline. Especially if I can have the matching green shoes. 😉


  10. Love the dresses and use of colour. #4, the teal with the curved neckline (kind of looks like she’s got a built in bolero) is probably my favourite. I’d wear that.

    Maybe that last model is worried about tripping over the massive amount of fabric right in front of her feet.


  11. Hurray! Some wearable items. I am trying to work out how to adapt a pattern using my Wild Ginger software to make that bolero attached thing. Like CGCouture, I love the look of structured clothes, but as I spend my working day looking after a bunch of feral 3-4 year olds, probably not practical.


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