Wearable Wednesday The Innovators

Today is the 100th Wearable Wednesday. Seriously! So when I found this group show, I thought it would be perfect for us. So set phasers on snark and lets roll!


Oh, you need to show us more innovation that that- we’ve seen unlined garments, am I right?


Free-form zipper placement, check, please.


I like this print- looks like Bruder helped me paint.


Oh, snooze. Wait- it has a mudflap. Now I’m impressed.in5

I think this is a different designer from the group- either that, or during the runway show alot of people come out and wave periodically. Could just be that. Anyone know? Is this a game show or something? in7

Totallly different sheer vibe now.



I had a kite like this once.


Ok, designer switch- or did I really have to tell you that?


Fav so far- are you shocked?


Any thoughts?


Oh good. A Biker jacket with a growth extension.


Ok, your turn- in the comments:


Poe or Chaplin?


Oh, the little tramp, obviously.


Does my gargoyle distract you?


is that- no….in21

photo credits: Vogue Australia. All images remain the property of their original owners.

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday The Innovators

  1. Congrats on your 100th WW…you did good!!! Nothing really grabs my attention in this round…well, I like the “Chaplin” # … nice cut and print ..but Charlie himself needs to move. Also, the models seem healthier than usual…their legs are not sticklike!!


  2. I love your wearable Wednesdays and miss them when you don’t do them. Now .. Oh My .. some of these outfits remind me of the local design student parades, but I love the blue dress, third down. It is innovative.
    The charlie Chaplin dress with the mo on the woopsie is so bad …


  3. Shar says:

    I actually like pieces of things here. I like look 2 if I could redo the pants in a less tracksuit looking material. For look 10 I really like the skirt and think a refashioned crop top could work here. Love the illusion look on 14. And if you just removed ‘the mo on the whoopsie’ – (sorry Valerie, I just wanted to be able to write that once in my life) I would like look 15. Happy 100th Anne!!!!!


  4. jadesabre9 says:

    Those who can actually pull off the weird slinky dress that tries to make you look both skinnier AND curvier at the same time probably don’t need to look skinnier. I was also shocked by the contrast between the curves on that one, and the blockiness of the shoulders on the Poe/Chaplin dress that came next.


  5. Marsha says:

    100 already? How time flies when we’re having snarky fun!

    I’ve actually starting sewing more since I’ve been enjoying WW. My humble efforts look great compared to much of the “designer” stuff.


  6. Some of these are fun. The model in the sheer purple at least wore undergarments. That’s different. I sort of like the black curvy thing but I don’t think it would do me any favors. I actually like the Poe/Chaplin and gargoyle dresses but they’re a little short for me. Maybe with leggings?

    My favorite is the seafoam jacket. I really want that jacket. The rest of the outfit is okay I guess but I’d have to make some modifications before I would wear it.


  7. mrsmole says:

    That black hour-glass dress is just some interesting engineering feat! The rest…well what can I say about shorts that come with their own wings? The models were not wearing much make-up and as a result some looked very tired. Thank you for providing us with the WW posts for our amusement and education and direction as to wear fashion may or may not be headed. Gargoyles and crucifixes are not really my thing for clothes. The silver tin foil outfit is a dazzler though!


  8. I am in shock. One of the models has thighs! They have shape to their legs. All of them look like they are familiar with the use of a knife and fork! Just what is going on here? Models that eat! Blasphemy.


  9. Oh my, you’ve out done yourself for the 100th! So many to chose from, but I’ll keep my comments to a few. Thank heavens the gargoyle isn’t lower. Are you sure that’s a mud flap. I mean maybe models eat a lot of broccoli, cabbage or beans…..it could be protection against the dark farts….Since I am sinking in to totally poor taste I’ll stop right here


  10. Surely that blue dress with the zip is a rip off of Stuart on the Great British Sewing Bee.
    And the shoes all remind me of surgical supports.
    But most of all I’m wishing I’d coined the phrase “protection against the dark farts”.


  11. Congrats on 100 Wearable Wednesdays!! I think this collection was definitely worthy of much snark. 😉 And was that really a crucifix on those sandals in the last one? Tacky much?!


  12. The top shot demonstrates why your mom told you to always wear your best underwear. You never know who might see it, you might be in a car wreck… She was right.
    Big congrats on #100! We are the benefactors!!! Thank you 100 times!!!!!


  13. Happy 100th Wearable Wednesday Anniversary Anne! (I have a cake with 100 lit candles, tried to post it to you…..well…..let’s just say, it got ugly.) I want to like these clothes, the shapes are interesting and the fabrics looks so lush with great colour combinations. And, yet….I don’t like these clothes. I guess something got confused with the execution.


  14. Those are hilarious and horrible. Who wears that? No one who wants anyone who knows them to see them. Or maybe they are on drugs. I don’t know but that is not good design.
    Keep up the good work. I have been waiting for one of you new postings. You are hilarious and you think like I do………..or vice versa.


  15. Congratulations on 100 posts of hilarity and entertainment, occasionally featuring actual clothes! I have to sya that although there isn’t a lot for me here, I am seriously crushing on the little sholder shrug with sheer sleeves being worn over the gargoyle tunic dress thing. My repressed inner goth is quite taken by the mix of chiffon and pleather.


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